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CD:                                1.50 euro

A.C.T.H -"Maquillage" (Pop-Punk covers of Beach Boys,Beatles,Rolling Stones,...)
CRUNCH -"Worth Mentioning" (new CD, very powerful Post-Core-Noise)
JITTERBUGS -"Daily Cramps" (PostCore with Jane's Addiction touch)
MEGASTORE -"Appearance" (Noisy Post-Punk, ex-High Circle and Crunch)
V.A. -"Heartcoretrusters" (No More Fear,Kafka,For I Am Blind,Same Direction,...HC/Punk)
V.A. -"4 Ways One Thought" (No More Fear, Never Face Defeat, White Minority,... SxE HC)
V.A. -"Vibrazioni Violente" (Indigesti,No More Fear,Ouzo,No Choice,One Thirty Late,...HC)

CD:                                2 euro

5 MINUTES FAST -"Statement Of..." (melodic HC a là Face To Face/Strung Out)
ANAL BEARD -"Puffin' Billy Butlin" (original and fun Punk Rock from England)
BROCK PYTEL -"Second Choice" (melodic Pop-Punk, ex-Doughboys, full length!)
CORNFLAKES FREAKS -"Nora's Room" (fast Italianl HC with a melody)
MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY -"Time's Up" (Post-Core from Italy a là Rollins)
VAPURELLA -"Psicopatia" (rough fast/slow HC from Italy, 4 € / $ 6)
V.A. -"Boss Samplerage! #2" (Serpico,Pavers,Rise,Asexuals,Annalise,..Pop-Punk)
V.A. -"Faster, Pussy..." (Hellchild,Force,Y. Machinegun,..HC from Japan,full CD!)
V.A. -"Hokahey!" (Kina, Monkey's Factory, 99 Posse, Aut Aut, Yo Yo Mundi,...Punk,HC,Rap)
V.A. -"I Gave In" (Pressgang,Davenport,Caddies,Mr Yuk..Punk - full CD!)
V.A. -"Lubrificant Your Mind" (Six Minute War Madness, Mouseblasters,...HC/Punk)
WOOLWORTHY -"Blasted Into Ashes" (fantastic Pop-Punk! an instant hit!! great!)
W.O.R.M. -"Jugglin' With Poo" (tuneful UK Pop-Punk a là J Church)

CD:                                3 euro

AGENDA - s/t (great japanese Crust, well played and fast - 3" CD!!)
BRIAN JAMES -"New Rose 2001" (the original DAMNED guitar player, Punk Rock)
CIVIL DEFENSE - s/t (aggressive and powerful US NYC style HC, ex-Intent To Injure)
COSTA'S CAKE HOUSE -"Lighting Up The Night Sky" (MetalCore, Heaven Shall Burn / Zao)
CRICKBAT / HANDPLANT - split (good, fast oldschool HC vs. growling Grind-Core)
CRIPPLE KID / LITTLE DIPPER - split (GREAT Jawbreaker/Built To Spill/Get Up Kids sound!)
CRUNCH -"Trigger Happy ..." (great Post-Core-Noise a là Helmet)
DOWN BY LAW -"Yellow Rat Bastard" (nice melodic Punk from California)
HARKONEN -"Charge!" (heavy newschool SxE HC from Seattle, USA)
HIGH LO FI -"3 Sided Single" (melodic Pop-Punk, Samiam meets Descendents)
IKERASAK - s/t (melodic Emo, Jimmy Eat World/ Texas Is The Reason/ SDRE/ Samiam)
IRIDIO -"Per Catturare..." (original melodic HC between California & Italy)
JOSHUA -"The Teardrop Trio" (good poppy Emo from USA,  think Split Lip / TITR)
K-LINE -"In The Red" (great emotional stuff between At The Drive In & early Fugazi)
MAD BONES -"Mad In Italy" (melodic Punk/HC a là MxPx, Lag Wagon, NOFX)
MAILORDER BRIDES - s/t (good melodic US HC/Punk a là Funeral Oration,3"CD!)
NYMB - s/t (female led melodic Emo-Pop,Texas Is The Reason meets Samiam)
OVERFLOW / SEVEN HATE - split (2 great melodic Pop-Punk bands)
SCARPER! -"Wildcatstrike" (melodic UK Punk with a trumpet + Jawbreaker cover)
STUPID FAMILY -"Vivo Da..." (great melodic Punk,S. Weasel meets Lifetime)
THREE STEPS UP - s/t (Emo-Pop a là Promise Ring,Get Up Kids,Serpico)
UNFIGHT - s/t (powerful HC with melodic and emo influences, Italy)
UNKNOWN -"The Real Thing" (great Pop-Punk a là Descendents/All/Doughboys)
V.A. -"City Of..." (Man In The shadow, Entreat, Low Punch,...good HC)
V.A. -"Menos Mal Que..." (Futuro Incierto, 3 Al Hilo, Asmereir,...Punk from Peru)
V.A. -"Milano HardCore" (Shandon, Product, PHP, De Crew, Mach 5, Dint,...HC)
V.A. -"Milano HardCore II" (No More Fear,PHP,Minnie's,Mach 5,Cubre,Unabomber,...HC)
V.A. -"Wade Free Wherever" (Gus, McRackins, Wretched Ethyl, Haggis,...Punk/HC)

CD:                               4 euro

7 TIMES SUICIDE -"The Butterfly Factory" (Emo-Metal, Poison The Well / Boy Sets Fire)
8 CONTROL -"French Kiss" (brutal HC between Cataract, Maroon and Born From Pain)
17 STITCHES -"Closer Than You Think" (SxE HC between Battery and Vision)
25 TA LIFE / MORNING AGAIN -split (HC with Metal influence from New York & Florida)
AGHAST -"Consumer" (screaming HC between As Friends Rust, Grade & Day Of The Dead)
AGHAST / TEKKEN - split (Emo-Core vs. Grind/Punk from France)
AMMUNITION - s/t (raw, abrasive US oldschool HC between American Nightmare and Panic)
AMULET -"Daggers & Dynamite" (super modern and powerful HC, huge guitars, great!!!)
ANAL THUNDER -"Will Fuck For..." (melodic Punk Rock a là Vandals, 8 EURO / $ 10)
ANCHOR - s/t (modern, screaming, vegan SxE HC, Champion meets Strife meets Unbroken)
AND THE WINNER IS -"Earlier That Day..." (Alkaline Trio / Get Up Kids / Jimmy Eat World)
ANGRY FOR LIFE - s/t (melodic US Punk, Social Distortion / Bad Religion / Crimpshrine)
ANGSTZUSTAND -"Malen Nach Zahlen" (Emotional metallic HC between Uranus, Catharsis & Morning Again)
ANOTHER LIFE -"You'll Never Know" (modern HC between NYHC style and newschool HC)
ANOTHER LIFE / INTRUDER  - split (oldschool NYHC style vs. youth crew SxE HC)
ANTI OTPAD -"Radnicki San" (good fast HC/Punk NY style)
ANOTHER WAY -"Ridicule" (AWESOME tuneful HC with some Metal, Grade meet Shai Hulud)
APHASIE -"Rent A Friend" (all-girl Punk band between Bambix, X-Ray Spex and Nina Hagen)
AS HOPE DIES - s/t (California Death-Core between At The Gates, Himsa and Shai Hulud)
AT A GLANCE - s/t (melodic MetalCore between Poison The Well,Shai Hulud & Boy Sets Fire)
A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS -"Poems For A Dead Man" (Newschool,Heaven Shall Burn / Caliban)
AWAY FROM NOW -"Sic Semper Tyrannis" (FANTASTIC HC/Punk,Leatherface, HWM, Grade)
BEHIND THE SUN -"Targeting..." (brutal newschool HC from the East Coast,USA)
BENNY -"Finnish Road Junction" (melodic Punk with a punch,Stupids/Descendents)
BERMUDAS -"Sadomaso love" (the new CD, Ramones, Descendents, Man Or Astroman)
BERMUDAS -"Summer Punk" (melodic Punk between MxPx, Screeching Weasel and Tilt)
BETTER OFF -"Humanity Fails" (HC between Terror, Hatebreed, Madball and Throwdown)
BLOCKO -"Oimo" (catchy distorted Pop-Punk,think Leatherface meets MC4)
BLUEPRINT -"Making Headway!?" (Washington DC sound/Jawbox,full length)
BREAK ME -"Death Is Servant, Life Is Not" (fast, oldschool HC, Give Up The Ghost / 97A)
BRIAN JAMES & FLATPIG -"New Rose" (Punk Rock,  the ex-Damned member!!)
BRUCE -"Fight For Freedom" (melodic oldschool HC between Turning Point and 7 Seconds)
B.S.G. -"Singles Collection" (a mix of Punk, Pop and HardCore, with some cool covers)
CABLE CAR THEORY -"Fables And Fictions..." (great Emo, Samiam / Boy Sets Fire)
CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL / SILBATO - split (US Screamo vs Italian Emo a là Jr. Ewing)
C.G.B. -"I Giorni Della Merla" (old style Italian HC, Peggio Punx meets Bloody Riot, + videos!)
CHANGING FACE -"Our Last Chance" (furious US HC, Madball, Knuckledust, Terror)
CHINO -"Mala Leche" (Canadian guitar poppy Punk,ex-Nils, Husker Du meets MC4)
CIRCLE -"The Day Elvis..." (AWESOME melodic Punk/HC/Emo, Grade/Boy Sets Fire/Refused)
CLOSER THAN KIN -"Dead Flowers..." (good mix of oldschool and newschool, US)
COLD BEANS -"Fighting Together" (melodic HC a là early 7 Seconds)
CONSPIRACY -"The Day..." (newschool HC a là Poison The Well/Morning Again)
CONVICTION -"Undergrind" (brutal mix of Grind & Newschool, think of Dillinger Escape Plan)
CRISIS NEVER ENDS -"Where Hate Found..." (metallic New School HardCore)
CUBRE - s/t (new school metallic Post-Core; Neurosis meets Zao and Turmoil)
DEADBOLT -"The Mandark" (brutal, metallic & heavy HC a là Integrity/Converge)
DEAD EVEN -"Of Constant Rotation" (US Metal-Core, think Meshuggah meets Agnostic Front)
DECOMPOSING SERENITY -"We'll Stop When You're Dead" (brutal Grind-Core from the US)
DERAGLIO - s/t (awesome oldschool HC/Punk Italian style, raw and angry)
DESPISTADO -"The Emergency Response" (Post-Indie between At The Drive In / Q & Not U)
DIE MY DEMON -"Love The Game" (heavy & brutal newschool hardcore with growling vocals)
DIFFERENCE -"Speakers And Followers" (great oldschool HC between In My Eyes, Bane and Ten Yard Fight)
DOUGHBOYS -"La Majeure 1987" (melodic Punk Rock for these Canadian legends)
DRIVING THE SALT / STATIC 84 - split (HC, Poison Idea, Dag Nasty, As Friends Rust)
ENEMY OF THE SUN -"Eclipse" (noisy newschool HC a là Snapcase, Turmoil, Botch)
ERPICE - s/t (cool Post-Core/Emo between Fugazi, Frodus & Christie Front Drive)
EXCITEBIKE -"Beak..." (great Emo, mix Sunny Day Real Estate & Planes Mistaken For Stars)
FACELIKEMOSES -"Reckless Life" (melodic Punk, Toten Hosen meets NOFX)
FACING DOWN -"Foolish Non-Believers" (melodic Punk Fat Wreck style)
FAUX DEFEATED -"Burn In  Hell" (well performed,fast Metal-Core akin to Avenged Sevenfold)
FIFTYARDSMORE -"Work Number One" (Post-Core between Embrace, Fugazi and Faith)
FINAL PRAYER / CRISIS NEVER ENDS - split (good Newschool Metal-Core/Mosh)
FINE BEFORE YOU CAME -"Cultivation Of Ease" (Get Up Kids meet Eversor)
FLAM -"For Vip Only" (melodic Punk between Green Day,Blink 182 & Lag Wagon)
FLESHPRESS / BUD JUNKEES - split (2 brutal metallic bands from Finland)
FLOWERS AND COPS -"The Invasion..." (Propagandhi meets Strike Anywhere meets Fifteen)
FREON 12 / SLAPSTICKS - split (powerful and heavy new school HC)
GANGWAY MAN -"Muri Di Virtù" (a mix between Hellacopters and NoMeansNo)
GOD'S HERITAGE -"True Story" (MetalCore between Mourning Again, Unbroken and Culture)
GONNA FALL HARD -"Slap By Gandhi" (fast HC, mix Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags and WHN?)
HACHAZO -"Segunda Parte..." (political HC between Dead Kennedys, Kortatu and Vandals)
HARDTIME -"Nothing To Prove" (metal tinged HC for fans of Madball, Merauder & Cro-Mags)
HEADCRAMP -"Mind-Blowing..." (Ramones meet Dayglo Abotions)
HEADED NOWHERE - s/t (rough oldschool, N. Approach / Judge, ex-By All Means / Reprisal)
HEARTFELT -"The Plague Of Today" (aggressive HC,Nerve Agents/Paint It Black/In My Eyes)
HEROD -"Sinners In The Eyes Of An Angry God" (MetalCore between Hatebreed / In Flames)
HOBOPHOBIC -"Rabbia E Rancore..." (HC Italian style! Fast, angry and melodic)
HOLD TRUE -"Crossroads" (fast oldschool HC with melody, between Champion and Atari)
HUMAN DEMISE -"Whitechapel Demise" (heavy HC between Integrity, Ringworm and Strife)
IMPLICATE -"Sworn Anomie" (heavy SxE HC like Integrity and Hatebreed)
IMPLOSIONE -"Diciasettesimo Parallelo" (screamy SxE HC, 108 / Integrity style)
IN ARCADIA -"All Green Lights" (screaming, melodic Emo, Anasarca / SDRE / Boy Sets Fire)
INCARNATE -"A Dark Age Of Lies" (MetalCore: Shattered Realm, Born From Pain, Congress)
INFERTIL -"Dischoreography" (mid 90's political HC/Punk between Born Against and Filth)
IPANEMA -"Me Me Me" (melodic stuff between Husker Du,Posies & Replacements, ex-MC4)
IPANEMA -"Je Suis Un Baseball Bat" (great Pop-Punk led by Wiz, ex-Mega City 4)
ISOLATED -"Deny" (HC/Metal from ex Earth Crisis and Path Of Resistance members)
JAN AG / TEKKEN - split (Electro-Mince-Punk, an Agathocles member vs French Grind/HC)
JET MARKET -"Freedom Slaves" (melodic HC, Strung Out / NOFX / Good Charlotte)
JEWELED HANDLES - s/t (Indie/Lounge instrumental music from USA)
KERSEY -"Bloodshot" (modern metallic HC between Comeback Kid & Chokehold, ex-Strain)
KEVLAR / NO COMPLY - split (metallic, heavy Newschool HC for both bands)
KID WITH MAN HEAD -"Fond Memories..." (melodic Pop-Punk a là Gameface)
KILLED BY THE BULL -"Princess..." (Armchair Martian / Against Me / Violent Femmes / X)
KISS OF DEATH - s/t (cool mix, HC/Metal/Rock, Atreyu meets Fu Manchu & Death By Stereo)
K-LINE -"Lessons Learned" (good Punk/HC between AOF, early Black Flag & Dag Nasty)
KRITICKA SITUACE - same (powerful, fast, yet still melodic HC) 
KURORT -"Stachanov" (great, complex HC from Austria)
KONFETTURA -"Son Qui" (ultra-melodic HC in a Fat Wreck style)
LA MOTTA -"Love California" (melodic Pop-Punk from California, ex-Asexuals, + a video!)
LAST YEAR -"Pictures, Letters & Memories" (Emo-Pop-Punk, Gameface / New Found Glory)
L CAGE - s/t (grungey guitar Pop a là Superchunk / Dinosaur Jr / Husker Du)
LIABILITY OF MY OWN -"Vengeance Before Forgiveness" (Emo,Thursday/Further S. Forever)
LINE OF DEPARTURE -"Ixora" (GREAT Emo,Thursday/Further Seems Forever/Boy Sets Fire)
LOMBEGO SURFERS -"All Strung Out" (Surf-Rock'n'Roll, mix Link Wray & Radio Birdman)
LOVESTRESS -"Light Melts Into Nothing" (heavy newschool SxE HC)
LUCA BRASI -"Fear" (metallic HC between Hatebreed, Integrity, Agnostic Front and Judge)
LUCIDA FOLLIA -"Oltre L'Orizzonte..." (old style HC, Negazione, Indigesti, Sottopressione)
LYON ESTATES -"Tutto O Niente" (Oldschool HC, ex-Ban This, LEARN, Difference...)
MANIFESTO JUKEBOX - s/t (a collection of their early 7"s, Rites Of Spring meet Leatherface)
MAN VS HUMANITY -"In The Line Of Fire" (chaotic HC, Catharsis meets His Hero Is Gone)
MILWAUKEES -"Angel With A Knife" (VERY melodic EmoCore,Samiam,Farside,Boy Sets Fire)
MILWAUKEES -"Bland Comfort..." (guitar driven Emo-Pop-Punk,Samiam/TITR)
MISCREANTS -"Welcome The..." (MetalCore between Haunted and Carcass, ex-Shai Hulud)
MOCKERS -"Worthless Coins" (melodic Punk between NOFX & Less Than Jake)
MORAVAGINE -"Vizi" (very melodic Punk Rock between Green Day & NOFX)
MY FAVORITE CHORD -"Red Eyed Reality" (melodic Punk a là Saves The Day)
MY QUIET PLACE -""Five Years Forward" (Emo-Pop,Jimmy Eat World,Thursday,Further S.F.)
NEILA - s/t (insane newschool Metal-Core, Unbroken meets Caliban)
NEVER FACE DEFEAT -"Human Weapons" (Heavy HC, mix Madball, Kickback and Born From Pain)
NEVER FACE DEFEAT -"Remember Your Heartbeat" (MetalHC, Hatebreed/Madball/Merauder)
NIL - s/t (heavy HC with female vocals and Rage Against The Machine influence)
NIPPER -"Psalms ..." (oldschool HC a là Vision/Crivits/Dag Nasty/Up Front)
NO INFO -"Nothing 'Till Now" (a cool mix between NYHC style & Wretched / Negazione)
NONE SHALL BE SAVED -"Knowledge Is The Key..." (NYHC, Madball, 25 Ta Life, Hatebreed)
NOTHING TO PROVE -"Erase The Metronome" (crazy harsh screamo Emo)
OKBAN -"Hiperestesia" (screamy Emo HC between Ebullition bands and French Emo)
OMERATA -"Consciousness..." (Converge / Dillinger Excape Plan / Refused, + video tracks!)
ONE FINE CAST -"Pride Of Humility" (good HC, Death By Stereo meets Ignite meets Shelter)
ONE FINE DAY - s/t (screaming chaotic HC in the vein of Botch and Swing Kids)
ONE MILLION THOUGHTS -"Still" (hardhitting brutal metallic Newschool HardCore)
ONE THIRTY LATE - s/t (cool melodic HC a là Samiam / Dag Nasty / Texas Is The Reason)
OPERATION CLIFF CLAVIN -"Who Needs Electricity?" (great acoustic Punk a là Against Me!)
OPPOSITE FORCE -"Near" (heavy metallic SxE HC,Strife meets Earth Crisis)
OUT OF REACH -"Neverending" (an incredible mix of Punk, HC & Emo, melodic & emotive,
but with a HC edge, think what you get blending Face To Face, Grade and Boy Sets Fire )
OVERLORD -"Second Coming" (good R'n'R Punk from Italy)
PAIN -"Ground" (chaotic, noisy & heavy new school HC with lots of Metal parts)
PAVERS -"Beautiful" (ex-ALL singer's new band, melodic Punk, Descendents/All)
PLEDGE ALLIANCE -"Trummer Einer..." (aggressive metallic Screamo with growling vocals)
POCKET GENIUS - s/t (Power Pop-Punk from USA, Discount meets Dillinger 4)
POINT AT OTHERS - s/t (urgent HC between Give Up The Ghost and Paint It Black)
PURPOSE -"Art As A Weapon" (a great mix of early DC sound and oldschool HC)
RATOBLANCO - s/t (good Combat-Rock/Ska from Italy)
REJECTED -"Heat Of The Night" (street Punk from Finland, Business / Dropkick Murphys)
REVIVE -"What Is Your Answer?" (oldschool HC between Ensign, Strife & Chain Of Strength)
RIP ROARING -"Innocent" (HC/Crust in the Swedish tradition, akin to Intensity, 11 songs!)
RITUAL -"Wolves" (raging modern HC between Suicide File, Unbroken and Hope Conspiracy)
ROPE -"Birdsong" (Pop-Punk similar to Mega City 4/late Husker Du/Lemonheads)
RYDELL / HUNTER-GATHERER - split (cool Emo,HWM alike first/DC style latter)
SAILENCE -"Another Chance" (brutal HC between All Out War, Sentence and Arkangel)
SAME DIRECTION -"Fotografia Di Un'Età" (furious angry oldschool HC from Italy)
SANDINISTA! -"Libertad..." (dark, heavy HC between Unbroken, Tragedy & His Hero Is Gone)
SCARECROW -"La Morte Vivante" (Horror Punk between Misfits, Zeke and Exploited)
SEQUOIA -"The Forgotten Link" (Emo-Metal, Atreyu / As I Lay Dying / Hopesfall)
SEQUOIA / LIU KANG - split (Emo-Metal a là As I Lay Dying vs HC/Metal a là Terror)
SHIMMER -"Moonshine" (very nice melodic Punk from Canada)
SHORTCUT TO NEWARK -"Heads In Hands" (Indie-Pop a là Promise Ring /Jimmy Eat World)
SICK OF IT ALL - s/t (great debut for this NYC HardCore band, on Revelation)
SIRENS -"Calling" (oldschool HC,80's youth crew meets Killing The Dream / With Honor)
SISMA -"Faceless Enemy" (Metal-Core between Hatebreed, Pantera and Sepultura)
SIX & VIOLENCE -"X-mas Pigs" (hillarious NYHC with a Black Sabbath cover)
SLEDGEHAMMER -"Your Arsonist" (HC supergroup,Dwid /Integrity + Liar/Congress members)
SLEDGE HC -"Strong In My Hate" (metallic Newschool HC a là Brightside / Ryker's)
SOLVENT DRAG -"Insentient" (tuneful Post-Core, produced by Butch Vig)
SON OF THE MOURNING -"Forest Bank" (heavy Emo, Poison The Well/Converge/Boy Sets Fire)
SPARK -"Il Lungo Addio" (old style Italian HC between Indigesti and Sottopressione, 8 songs)
STAB BACK -"Breaking Out" (brutal NY influenced HC, think Cro-Mags, Terror, Hatebreed)
STATIC 84 -"Inner Wall" (excellent Emo-HC-Punk a là Lifetime/Dag Nasty)
STELLAR -"Electrocolor" (nice melodic Indie Pop with female vocals)
STRAIGHT OPPOSITION -"Gathered Against Mediocracy" (oldschool HC between Terror / Turmoil)
STRENGTH WITHIN -"We Deliver" (tough oldschool HC, Terror meets Madball meets Strife)
STUPID FAMILY -"Nancy" (awesome original melodic HC/Punk, a must have!!)
SUMMER LEAGUE -"Winners Don't Know..." (great SxE HC between Turning Point & Ignite)
SUMO -"La Libera Danza Quotidiana" (Ignition meets Kina meets Rites Of Spring)
SUNCHILD -"There She Goes" (melodic Emo-Pop between Piebald and Jimmy Eat World)
SUPERCHUNK -"Hit Self-Destruct" (awesome punky guitar Pop, must hear them!)
TANK -"Demonstrating Potential" (melodic Pop-Punk with Gameface members!)
TEARS EVICTION -"Once Again..." (brutal newschool HC/Death Metal)
THE KING -"Heart BIT" (amazing HC between Refused,Endstand,Jr Ewing, ex-Face The Fact)
THE WAGE OF SIN -"A Mistaken Belief..." (all-girl HC,ex-Most Precious Blood/Indecision) 
THINK ABOUT / ALL TRUE - split (GREAT fast but melodic oldschool HC from Rome)
THINKING STRAIGHT -"Positive Crew" (oldschool HC, Gorilla Biscuits / 7 Seconds / T. Point)
THIS SIDE UP -"Caught By Surprise" (HC/Punk with lots of melody, sounds like a cross between old Dag Nasty, 7 Seconds, Bad Religion, Pennywise and Gorilla Biscuits)
THUMBS DOWN -"Motion" (good melodic oldschool HC between H2O, Ensign, Civ and Avail)
TRIGGER TRAVIS -"The Zoo" (great female vocals Punk, early Black Flag / Zeke)
TRUTH IN MY HANDS -"A Place..." (oldschool HC between Ignite & Gorilla Biscuits)
TRY TO WIN -"All Is Illusion" (oldschool HC between Comeback Kid, Champion and Terror)
TURN AWAY -"Today Is The Day" (powerful & melodic oldschool HC akin to Comeback Kid)
TURTURROS -"Lazy And Idiot" (Punk Rock a là Queers/Mr. T Experience)
UNSUNG -"Tetsu" (heavy newschool HC with metallic guitars & screaming vocals)
V.A. -"Better Tomorrow Vol.2" (Wind Of Pain, Totuus, Kastraatio,...finnish HC)
V.A. -"Crises" (Rhythm Collision,Wat Tyler,Moral Crux,...melodic Punk/HC)
V.A. -"Crossroad Project" (Max Rebo Kids,Dead End,Staircase,Kassandra,..HC)
V.A. -"Exeter Punk 1977-2000" (Pop Vandals,Useful Idiot,Annalise,Scabs,...Punk)
V.A. -"False Identity" (Vision, Lifeblood, Right For Life, Dysphoria,..SxE HC)
V.A. -"Got Punk?" (Attentat Sonore, Naked Lunch, Rippers, M. Condo...Punk/HC)
V.A. -"HardCore Latino" (Xmilk, Alarma Social, Escuela De Odio, Milkhouse,..HC)
V.A. -"Indonesia Thrasher Attakk!!" (Standar Ganda,Positive Outlook,No To Violence,...HC)
V.A. -"Losing Face" (Bane, Indecision, Inner Dam, Withstand, Section 8, Cipher,... HC)
V.A. -"KDS Crew" (Right 4 Life, Slamface, Stormcore, As One, Straight Up,... Newschool HC)
V.A. -"Life Is Nothing But Trouble And Desire" (Fiday Star,A Day In A Life,Sundae Milk,...Emo)
V.A. -"Molotov Cocktai #2" (Blubberheads, Coming Soon, Killstrom,...Pop-Punk)
V.A. -"No Slow, All Go" (Code 13, Misery, Impetus Inter, Threadbare,...HC/Crust)
V.A. -"Nothing To Believe In" (Naked Aggression, Rhythm Collision, Horace Pinker,...Punk)
V.A. -"Primsrock Vol.1" (Turbo AC's,Miozan,Not Available,Steakknife,...Punk/HC)
V.A. -"Spiderweb" (Disconnected,X Double Minus,Surfaholics,...melodic HC)
V.A. -"Spirit Of '99" (Carlisle, Shyster, Peterbuilt, Backhand,Pistis,...Emo/HC)
V.A. - s/t (Divide & Conquer, Eterna Inocencia, J. Juggulars,...melodic HC)
V.A. -"The Killing Fields" (Narzis, Destiny, Self Conquest,... heavy HC)
V.A. -"Tribute To Our Parents" (5 Mins To Steve, Diverzant, Analena,...Punk)
V.A. -"We Might Fight..." (X-Acto,By All Means,Personal Choice,...SxE HC)
VILIFICATION - s/t (oldschool HC Boston/NY school, think Judge, Madball, SOIA, Slapshot)
VISION OF DISORDER -"Still" (furious NY HC between Madball, Earth Crisis and SOIA)
VULTURE CULTURE -"Hau' dju du:?" (melodic Pop-Punk with female vox)
WALK THE PLANK - s/t (ex-Voorhees, this band is raging mid 80's HC style)
WEEKLY CAROUSE -"Too Young To Die" (melodic HC/Punk,No Use For A Name meets Wizo)
WEI JI - s/t (Emo similar to Fugazi/Soulside/SDRE/Promise Ring, ex-Six Pack)
WELCOME TO MIAMI -"The (Silent) Cathodic Chaos" (Emo, At The Drive In / Jr. Ewing)
WONKY MONKEES -"Blood Save Your Soul" (R'n'R-Punk-Garage with style!)
WOOF -"Pride, Passion, Memories" (fast oldschool HC, Sick Of It All meets Minor Threat)
WOOLWORTHY -"Recycler" (super melodic Pop Punk, you'll sing this along!)
W.O.R.M. -"Mullet In The Head" (cool Pop-Punk a là J Church, 21 songs!!)
WORTH THE PAIN -"Sacrifices" (metallic HC between Hatebreed, Sworn Enemy & Kickback)
YOUNGANG -"Canzoni Ribelli" (fantastic tuneful Street Punk / Oi from Italy, a must have!)
YOUTH IN ASIA -"EP" (melodic Punk between Lag Wagon, NOFX and No Use For A Name)

CD:                         5 euro

BABY LITTLE TABLETS - s/t (very melodic but still rough Punk Rock from Japan, original!)
BAREFOOT -"Only Souvenirs" (Pop-Punk between Weezer, Jimmy Eat World & Doughboys)
B.D.I. -"Mas Que Vivir Sonar" (melodic emotional Punk a là later Dag Nasty)
BEDFORD -"Smiles Are The..." (Pop-Punk between Doughboys, Lag Wagon & R. Collision)
BEDFORD -"Spaceships, Sex & ..." (melodic Punk like Doughboys / Rhythm Collision)
BEEZEWAX -"South Of Boredom" (cool Pop a là Lemonheads, Weezer, Superchunk)
BEN GRIM -"Retro" (fantastic happy go lucky Pop Punk between Doughboys, Zoinks and All)
BENNY -"Our True Intent Is All For..." (melodic Fun-Punk between Snuff, Toy Dolls & Stupids)
BIBLICAL PROOF OF UFO's - s/t (ace heavy Post-Core,Don Caballero meets AC/DC)
BIG RAY -"Business Class" (great! between Weakerthans & Dashboard Confessional)
BIG SHAVE -"Just Flip The Page" (melodic HC/Punk between Bad Religion and Adolescents)
BLUEPRINT -"Hello Jesus" (post Rock between Mogwai, Tortoise, June of 44 & B. Redhead)
BONNIE PARKERS -"Sweaty Shirts & Bloody Fingers" (melodic Punk between Ramones and Buzzcocks)
BOUNZ THE BALL -"Companeros De Vida" (tough HC beween SOIA, Madball and Biohazard)
BRAMBILLA -"Little Terror Creek" (melodic Punk between Buzzcocks, 7 Sioux & Rites Of Spring)
DEAD HEARTS - s/t (powerful HC with slight R'n'R influence, The Suicide File / A. Nightmare)
DEAD MAN WALKING -"Screaming Past" (screaming HC, A. Nightmare / Hope Conspiracy)
DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS -"Undercurrents" (great melodic HC, Lifetime / Kid Dynamite)
DECADENCE WITHIN -"Reality Wake-Up Call" (political MoshCore)
EESCH -"Candy Store" (melodic Pop-Punk with cool harmonies, Doughboys/Rise)
EGG EBB -"God Bless Us" (melodic Punk Rock a là Screeching Weasel/Squirtgun)
EASTFIELD -"Keep It Spikey" (Agit-Pop-Punk from UK, MC4/Lurkers/Ramones)
EASTFIELD -"Fanàticos Para Trenes" (good male/female vocals upbeat Pop-Punk)
FACE THE FACT -"The Safe Place" (newschool HC, Earth Crisis, In Flames and Meshuggah)
FACE YOUR ENEMY -"By Force In Your Face" (NY style HC, Madball/Agnostic Front/SOIA)
FLOWERS IN CONCRETE -"Aufrecht" (Emo-HC a là Life...But How To Live It)
FLU -"Sensei Sillo" (oldschool Italian HC, Peggio Punx meet Indigesti meet Crunch)
FRANGAR NON FLECTAR -"Parte Di Un'Eco" (wavish Punk from Italy)
GAS -"Flexible Heads" (Pop-Punk with female vocals, Hard Ons meet Muffs)
GASCOIGNE -"Massive Assault" (energetic HC in the vein of Modern Life Is War)
GASH -"Virgin' On The..." (melodic HC alike No Use For A Name & Lag Wagon)
GREEDY MISTRESS -"Your Shoes, My Tongue" (raw Punk between Circle Jerks and Motorhead)
GREEN ARROWS -"The Sky" (brutal metallic HC influenced by NYHC, A. Front / Biohazard)
GRIDE -"1996-2003" (complete discography of this Grind-Core band, contains videos!)
GORILLA BISCUITS - s/t (12 songs of great, witty HC from New York, contains their debut 7")
GROOVIE GHOULIES -"Freaks On Parade" (Punk Rock from California, Ramones/S. Weasel)
HATE FUCK TRIO -"Good Songs To Fuck To" (melodic Punk, ex-Descendents)
HATEPINKS -"Sehr Gut R'n'R" (raw energy Punk Rock between Briefs and New York Dolls)
HATE PM / NCID / WEDA - split (3 bands playing raging HC between oldschool & Crust)
HAYMARKET -"Prospect And Enslave" (political HC/Punk a là Dead Kennedys, Rites Of Spring cover)
HEADCHARGER - s/t (Metal-Core between Poison The Well, Turmoil and Entombed)
HIGGINS -"Who The Fuck Are You?!" (Punk Rock between Rancid, Misfits and Casualties)
HIGH HOPES - s/t (good oldschool HC between Gorilla Biscuits and Fastbreak)
INDIGESTI -"Sguardo Realtà" (fast & furious HC from Italy, the first demo and split 7")
INDIGESTI -"Osservati Dall'Inganno" (the first album of these HC legends, dated 1985!)
INDIGESTI -"In Disparte" (great last album of this fast and furious HC band from Italy)
INDIGESTI -"Live In Lubeck" (great live show of this amazing HC band)
INGEGNO -"Il Visionario" (oldschool HC between Indigesti and Sick Of It All)
JAPS - "Powerpunkhoodoos" (melodic Pop-Punk from Belgium)
JASON -"Odeia Eu" (oldschool HC between Agnostic Front and SOIA)
JASON -"Eu Son Quase..." (powerful oldschool HC with a big NYHC influence)
JERSEY LINE -"The Old Days" (excellent Emo/Indie Pop, Farside / Dashboard Confessional)
JOKERS -"The Only Way" (melodic Punk Rock between Clash, Ramones and Ruts)
JONES -"Gravity Blues" (melodic Punk similar to Leatherface,exLeatherface/HDQ)
JUSTICE -"Looks Alive" (10 songs of great oldschool HC, Youth Of Today / Straight Ahead)
KAFKA -"Truths" (heavy new school HC with sreaming vocals, Italy)
KEN ARDLEY PLAYBOYS -"City Of Westminster" (UK garage art Punk similar to the Fall)
KOKOSHKAR -"Allah Akbar Overdrive" (lo fi Punk, ex Sleater Kinney)
KOMBAT -"When Silence Makes..." (brutal Metal-Core, Arkangel, Buried Alive & Disciple AD)
KONTATTO / P.H.P. - split (italian HC style / fantastic oldschool HC, Italy)
LUNA : SUIT -"Controlled Noise" (female fronted melodic Punk a là Discount)
LUNCHBOX -"Juggernaut" (melodic HC/Punk a là Dag Nasty, Gray Matter)
MILLENCOLIN -"Da Strike" (great melodic Punk-Core from Sweden,a must have)
MISFATTO -"La Fine Del Giorno" (melodic punkish Rock from Italy)
MULLIGAN STU -"Do The Kids Wanna Rock?" (melodic Pop-Punk from USA)
MY WAR / LEGS UP - split (chaotic Screamo-Core vs. screaming HC - Kid Dynamite / GUTG)
NIGHTPORTERS -"Roller Coaster" (Garage/Rhythm & Blues from UK, on Indigo records!)
NO FOR AN ANSWER -"You Laugh" (oldschool HardCore from California, pre-Ignite, 411)
OUTBREAK -"Eaten Alive" (fast & furious US oldschool HC a là Give Up The Ghost)
PAUL CARTER -"Old Enough To Know..." (acoustic Punk, Attila The Stockbroker / A. Upstarts)
RADIO BAGHDAD -"Hooked On Ebonics" (witty melodic Punk/HC from USA)
RAGGITY ANNE -"Rascal Soup" (melodic snotty Punk,Ramones,S. Weasel,Manges,23 songs)
REBEL DES -"Margini" (great Ska / Rocksteady, Mano Negra meets Madness)
RIGHT IN SIGHT -"Motionless..." (powerful, metallic new school SXE HC)
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES -"Rotting..." (great British 80's Punk)
PHILIPPE -"The Essence In Numbers" (complex Emo-Core like 400 Years,Kurt)
PHILIPPE -"The Essence Continues" (great Emo-Core, 400 years meet Fugazi)
PIEBALD -"Just A Simple Plan" (melodic Emo-Pop-Indie from the US, really good!)
PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS -"Fucking Fight" (excellent screaming but melodic US Emo) 
POISON THE WELL -"Distance Only Makes..." (powerful and emotional Metal-Core from USA)
SELKKAUS -"Ylos, Kos Kapna" (the 1st album, good political Punk, Finland)
SEVERED HEAD OF STATE -"No Love Lost" (US CrustCore,ex-His Hero is Gone,Detestation)
SHORT MILLIE -"An Attempt To Document..." (ace Punk between Against Me & Operation Ivy)
SHORT TERM DIARY -"Between..." (great Emo similar to Dashboard Confessional)
SHORTY -"Thumb Days" (Noise band from Chicago, Amphetamine Reptile sound)
SPACCIATORI DI MUSICA STUPEFACENTE -"Dove..." (great HC, Dag Nasty / Kid Dynamite)
SPACEBOY -"The Force That..." (HC from California,ex-Bl'ast!, ex-Champs)
TIME FOR LIVING -"The Cheat Is Not Dead" (aggressive metallic oldschool NY style HC)
V.A. -"Barricaded Suspects" (Septic Death,Roach Motel,Decry,Mad Parade,.80's US Punk/HC)
V.A. -"Better Known As HC" (Striking Distance, Negative Impact, Useless ID,...HC)
V.A. -"Brainhard Heartpunk Vol.2" (Strength Approach, Vanilla Sky, Multiball,...HC/Punk/Emo)
V.A. -"Magic Weekend" (Ink & Dagger, The Enkindels, Metroschifter. unreleased & rare tracks)
V.A. -"Trustkill..." (Brother's Keeper, Shai Hulud, 18 Visions, Endeavor,...SxE HC)
V.A. -"United We Can" (Crunch, No Info, Arturo, Goonies, Scruigners, Confusione,...HC/Punk)
VALUES INTACT -"Here Hearts" (screaming Oldschool HC, Give Up The Ghost / Carry On)
VALUES INTACT / ALONE - split (2 amazing oldschool HC bands you need to check out!)
WILLIAM -"Amplify The Cry" (great melodic Punk, mix Alkaline Trio, Samiam & Leatherface)
WIND OF PAIN -"Mutilated Mankind 1995-1997" (heavy Crust from Finland)
WITHOUT -"Right There" (melodic Punk/Indie, Ned's Atomic Dustbin / Manic Street Preachers)

CD:                         6 euro

3rd DEGREE BURN / WOOF - split (2 excellent European oldschool bands)
24 IDEAS -"Discografia Completa" (fast HateCore in the vein of Negative Approach / SSD, + video!)
100% COTTON -"Creatures Under My Bed" (Pop-Punk between Green Day and The Jam!)
ACAO DIRETA -"Revolta, Repudio,..." (excellent Crust-Core with huge Grind influence, Brasil)
ACAO DIRETA -"Intervencao" (fast political HC from Brasil, between Agnostic Front / Madball)
ADJUDGEMENT -"Human Fallout" (HC between Comeback Kid, Gorilla Biscuits and Bane)
AFFRANTI -"Lontano Da Qui" (the newest album, between Negazione, At The Drive In, Kina, Fugazi)
AIRESIS -"Spettri" (political and melodic Punk/HC from Rome, Italy)
ANANDA - s/t (brutal, intense and metallic Screamo-Core in the vein of Hydrahead bands)
ANARCRUST -"Smooth As A Motherfucker" (heavy Crust-Core akin to Jingo De Lunch)
ANGELS NEVER ANSWER / DEADLOCK FREQUENCY - split (US newschool a là Cave In vs US oldschool HC)
ANGRY FOR LIFE -"Sharks And Roaches" (melodic Punk between Social Distortion and Bad Religion)
APPEND X -"9 Collapsing Emotions" (really good emotional HC with lots of screaming)
ARGETTI -"In My Shoes" (12 songs of greatly produced and simply amazing tuneful HardCore
that resembles the best moments of Strike Anywhere, Rise Against and At The Drive In)
ARMAGEDDON CLOCK -"Armageddon Macht Frei" (Tragedy / From Ashes Rise Crust/HC/Punk)
ARMSBENDBACK -"The Waiting Room" (Poison The Well/Thrice/Coheed & Cambria, on Trustkill)
ARSENICO -"Nottide" (melodic emotive HC/Punk between Kina and Avail)
ASEXUALS -"Fitzjoy" (melodic poppy Punk from Canada, living legends)
ASEXUALS -"Greater Than Later" (best of this melodic Punk band from Canada)
A SHROUD CAST OVER -"Melodies From My Heart..." (US Metal-Core between Shai Hulud and Zao)
ASIDE / SHORTCUT - split (Crust-Core between Infest, Electro Hippies and Heresy)
ASTPAI -"Corruption Concealed" (Kid Dynamite meets Paint It Black)
AS WE FIGHT -"Black Nails And Bloody Wrists" (Metal-Core similar to Heaven Shall Burn / Arkangel)
A TASTE FOR MURDER -"Italian Girls..." (think Shai Hulud meets Hope Conspiracy + Unearth)
AT HALF-MAST -"Alive, Alone And Waiting" (FANTASTIC heartfelt modern HC that puts to shame
bands like Comeback Kid and Chain Of Strength. The best record of 2007! This is a classic!!)
ATOMIC LEAF -"Ordinary Language..." (a mix between NOFX,Good Riddance & street Punk)
A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS -"The Black Chronicles" (powerful Metal-Core like At The Gates)
AT WITS END -"Platinum" (Metal-Core with melody a là Poison The Well, from Cleveland, USA)
AWAY FROM NOW -"Blackout" (GREAT melodic HC between Leatherface, Face To Face, Hot Water Music & Grade)
AWOKEN -"Death Or Glory" (Newschool HC; Buried Alive,Hatebreed,Death Before Dishonour)
BACKSIGHT -"See The Damage" (NYC style HC, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front & Madball)
BACKSIGHT / KIDS ON THE MOVE - split (Oldschool HC like Comeback Kid/Verse/Champion)
BAD DAY DOWN -"If This Is How..." (melodic political Punk, Propagandhi / Bad Religion)
BAD INFLUENCE -"Last Cries" (Anarcho Punk/Crust, think Amebix, Anti Sect, COC & Neurosis)
BALANCE -"Truth Respect Spirit" (fantastic modern oldschool / newschool SxE)
BETERCORE -"Youthcrust DISCOgraphy!!" (ultra-fast thrashy oldschool Straight Edge HC)
BETWEEN THE LINES -"Wake Up Call" (oldschool HC with NY influence, Sick Of It All meets Ensign)
BOYSCLUB -"At The Edge Of Silence" (think Hot Water Music meets Small Brown Bike)
BROTHER'S KEEPER -"Ladder" (heavy metallic Newschool HardCore from USA)
BROWBEAT -"No Salvation" (heavy HC akin to Integrity, Earth Crisis,etc.)
BUNKUM -"Still Drunk" (NY style HC, think Sick Of It All / Madball / Blood For Blood)
BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN -"It Shouts And..." (crazy R'n'R/HardCore, Refused meet Hives meet Catharsis)
CAPITAL SCUM -"100% Guilty" (aggressive HC/Punk between Agnostic Front, GBH and Varukers)
CARNIVAL OF SHAME -"Tortured" (Danzig/Damned influenced Punk, USA)
COCHE BOMBA -"1995-1997" (53 songs of raging, fast and furious Thrash-Core)
COSTA'S CAKE HOUSE -"555" (heavy metallic HC like Heaven Shall Burn / Caliban / Zao / Meshuggah)
COUCH POTATOES -"Outweighed" (melodic Punk a là Dag Nasty/All)
DEH PILLS -"Perfect Day?!?" (awesome melodic Punk, Screeching Weasel / Queers)
DIE KUNST -"Sweden" (think Fugazi meets the Ex meets Public Image Ltd.)
DEUCE -"The Organisation" (excellent strong HC with lots of melodic parts, cool)
DIAS FELICES -"Colores" (emotional melodic Punk/HC between Millencolin and Ataris)
DISCO LEPERS -"The Girls Of Cholera" (KBD style raw, angry, snotty Punk from England)
DISPLASIA -"Hasta La Victoria Siempre" (political Oi/Street Punk band from Spain)
DRIFTNET -"What We Seek" (Oldschool HC, Ensign, Good Clean Fun, Reach The Sky)
DRIVING THE SALT -"The Ghost Stopped Watching" (GREAT HC,think Betrayed,Dag Nasty,Poison Idea)
EASTERN STAR -"Bitterending" (Hardcore-Punk-R'n'R, think Enstand / Turbonegro / As Friends Rust)
EASYWAY -"Forever In A Day" (melodic Emo-Pop-Punk between Ataris & Millencolin, feat: Lag Wagon singer!)
EL CORAZON DEL SAPO -"La Casa Magnetica" (crazy HC between Jingo De Lunch, Ripcord & Peggio Punx)
EMPATHY -"Burning From The Inside" (HC/Metal: Integrity, Ringworm, Arkangel, ex- Liar / Congress)
ENEMY SOIL -"The Ruins Of Eden" (political Grind/Trash that reminds of Napalm Death)
ENRAGE -"The Definitive..." (The discography with 21 songs of furious, hard NYC HardCore!)
ERANTZUN -"Burmuinak Astindu" (fast, catchy Punk/HC between Funeral Oration and RKL)
ESCUELA DE ODIO -"El Sueno De Los..." (powerful HC a là SOIA/A. Front)
ETERNA INOCENCIA  -"Recycle" (awesome warm melodic emotive HC/Punk)
ETERNA INOCENCIA / BODA - split (great emotive HC bands, Argentina/France)
EZIN IZAN -"Nora Goaz" (good HC from Basque country, like Kina, Funeral Oration)
FALSIES -"Theory & Motion" (great US HC between Leatherface,Endpoint & Hot Water Music)
FAT PREZIDENT -"Through The Eyes..." (Boy Sets Fire + Descendents + Hot Water Music)
FEAR MY THOUGHTS -"Smell Sweet Smell" (2 albums on 1 CD, Metal-Core at its best!)
FEAR MY THOUGHTS -"Vitriol" (Metal-HC between Converge, At The Gates and Shai Hulud)
FIRE SEASON -"Return" (DC sound between Fugazi, Soulside and Monorchid)
FOLKCORE -"Petazetak" (Punk/HC with melody between Verbal Abuse, RKL, and Meatmen)
GERDA - s/t (chaotic Screamo-Core between Breach, Neurosis, JR Ewing and Botch)
GHOST CHANT -"Resurrection" (really GREAT stuff between melodic Emo-Core and Screamo-HC-Metal)
HAPPY NOISE / MINNIE'S - split (California influenced super-melodic Italian HC/Punk)
HARDLIFE! -"Victimas Del Odio" (fast HC with NYHC influence a là Sick Of It All)
HOBOPHOBIC -"I Sogni A Naufragare" (warm, desperate HC between Avail, Tragedy and Dag Nasty)
HOBOPHOBIC / S.F.C. - split (Italian HC, Indigesti meets Tragedy vs Italian HC/Punk)
HOMER -"The Punkrock Verses" (quality dark tinged Emo-Punk between AFI and Jimmy Eat World)
IGNITE -"Past Our Means" (a classic! oldschool HC that kicks ass. on Revelation)
INTENSE MOSH -"17 Susurros..." (NY style Mosh-Core from Argentina)
INTENT -"Double +" (oldschool HC between H20, Sick Of It All, Gorilla Biscuits and Pennywise)
ISRAELITES -"Washaway" (Ska/Rock Steady a là Specials/Bad Manners, USA)
ISRAELITES -"Jamaican Persuasion" (Ska/Rock Steady, Specials/Madness)
JELLY GUN JACK -"Zarse" (melodic Pop-Punk between Samiam & Jawbreaker)
JET MARKET -"The Reverse Of The Medal" (melodic Skate-Core, Strung Out / Propagandhi)
JETTISON -"Search For The Gun Girl" (Pop-Punk like All/Gameface/Descendents)
KARTOONS -"Undelivered" (60's Pop mixed with Lounge, Psycho and Mod, Birds/Kinks/Who)
KELVINS -"Shake Your Ass, Baby" (great Punk'n'Roll;Ramones/Queers/Hellacopters/NY Dolls)
KEVLAR -"Enduring Scar" (newschool HC between Madball,Biohazard & Integrity)
KNEEJERK / ABJURE - split (very good melodic Emo from UK, good!)
KOVER -"Assembly" (cool emotional Punk between Leatherface, Samiam and Hot Water Music)
KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERZ -"Everything..." (great melodic HC/Punk from California)
LAHDON AIKA -"Tuomittu" (Finnish doomy metallic HC a là Bolt Thrower, digipak)
LAMBDA LAMBDA LAMBDA - s/t (melodic HC/Punk between All, Descendents and Cringer)
LA MOTTA - s/t (melodic Pop-Punk,Doughboys meet Social Distortion,ex-Asexuals)
LARIAT -"Means Of Production" (New School metallic HC, ex-Coercion/Tripface)
LEAP FOR JOY -"Bloodties" (modern melodic HC, Good Riddance meets As Friends Rust)
MADIDO RESPIRO - s/t (fast HC between old Italian HC and NYHC, Indigesti / Warzone)
MASO -"Insanity Over reality" (fast metallic HC-Crust, DRI,COC and some Grind)
MASSICK - s/t (19 songs of pure madness, Grind/Punk/Rock'n'Roll, good crazy stuff!!!)
MAXIMILIAN D & THE JAILBREAKERS -"Escape From San Quentin" (a tribute to Johnny Cash)
MIRACLE -"Not Just Words" (oldschool HC with Metal influence, Judge meets Comeback Kid)
MIXELPRICKS -"Complete The Grain" (ultra-melodic Punk Rock a là Screeching Weasel)
MUDLARKS - s/t (Punk Rock between Dead Boys, Stooges, NY Dolls & early X, female vocals)
MULTIBALL -"Endless Journey" (melodic Punk between Alkaline Trio & Saves The Day, new)
MULTIBALL -"At Last!" (incredible melodic Punk, Alkaline Trio, Strung Out, Saves The Day)
NEEDONE -"Con I Piedi Per Terra" (melodic HC, Pennywise, Good Riddance, NOFX)
NETTEZZA UMANA -"Allo Stremo" (Agnostic Front meets SOIA & Good Riddance)
NOT WAVING BUT DROWING -"If It's Too Cute..." (really cool Emo-Metal combination, USA)
NUDE PUBE BANGLERS -"New Wave Of..." (Punk'n'Roll,Turbonegro + Poison Idea + Dead Boys)
OUZO -"Cliche' Revolution" (melodic HC, think Good Riddance, Kid Dynamite & 7 Seconds)
PARANOIA KOLECTIVA -"El Reflejo..." (political HC/Punk from Spain)
PARANOYA -"No One" (powerful and angry Crust-Core/Anarcho-Punk)
PAUKI -"Eto To,..." (Punk Rock between Sex Pistols, Sham 69, Subhumans, Adicts and MDC)
PAUKI -"Fenka R'n'R" (good old style Punk Rock similar to Toten Hosen, MDC, Subhumans)
PAUKI -"The Holiday At The Lunatic Asylum" (old style Punk Rock, Subhumans / Sham 69)
PEARD -"Somewhere?..." (happy, melodic Punk, think Samiam meets S. Weasel)
P.H.P. -"Delirio Urbano Collettivo" (modern melodic oldschool HC with newschool influences)
P.H.P. / HAPPY NOISE / RIFIUTI / WENDIGO - split (Italian HC/Punk, oldschool to melodic)
P.H.P. / MACH 5 - split (awesome oldschool HC sung in Italian for both bands)
PORTER HALL -"Everything I Know.." (melodic Punk between Jawbreaker & Hot Water Music)
PUBBLICO OLTRAGGIO / MESS MESS MESS - split (2 Italian Anarcho/HC/Punk bands)
PUNCHBUGGY -"The Great Divide" (Pop-Punk-Rock,Doughboys/Chixdiggit style)
PURE STEMS PACK -"Score Is Not Even" (powerful mosh Core NY style)
RADIO DAYS - s/t (Screeching Weasel have definitely left some tunes in heritage to these
guys! 12 songs of an AWESOME Pop-Punk that you won't be able to get out of your head!)
RAT PATROL -"Painkiller" (Gorilla Biscuits meet Spermbirds,aggressive HC)
REDSHIFT -"I Scream" (fast, powerful HC a là Gorilla Biscuits/Battery)
REDSHIFT -"Shadowless Citizen" (strong HC, Sick Of It All meets Refused)
RENCILLA -"Pies De Loto" (NYHC style from Panama!, Biohazard meets Sick Of It All)
RENO DIVORCE -"Naysayers & Yesmen" (US Punk Rock like Social Distortion)
RENO DIVORCE -"You're Only Making It Worse" (Social Distortion meets Husker Du)
RHYTHM COLLISION -"Clobberer" (the 3rd album, melodic Punk from California)
RHYTHM COLLISION -"Crunch Time" (awesome live album with lots of cool pics)
RHYTHM COLLISION -"All Bombs Away" (the newest album, melodic Punk)
RISE -"Jack" (Canadian emotive melodic Punk similar to Samiam/Asexuals/All)
RISE -"Freezer Burn" (best songs by this great melodic Punk band a là Samiam)
SAY GOODBYE - s/t (fast/slow thrashy '80s style HC,Black Flag / Minor Threat / N. Approach)
SCHLEPROCK -"Out Of Spite" (melodic Pop-Punk from USA, on Dr. Strange)
SECONDHAND -"Droppin' The F-Bomb" (melodic Punk/HC between early Offspring,J Church)
SECOND RATE / FLYING DOUNTS - split (Samiam / Milwaukees vs Pegboy / Naked Raygun)
SERPICO -"Everyone Vs. Everyone" (melodic UK Pop-Punk ex-Mega City 4)
SEVEN JAY / KISS ME EMILY - split (Emo-Punk, Vanilla Sky, Get Up Kids, Saves The Day)
SEVEN SIOUX -"Argue Again" (great Emo-Punk,think Rites Of Spring,Embrace & Gray Matter)
SIN DRIVEN TIDE / NO MORE FEAR - split (Gothic-Metal / Sentenced vs Death /In Flames)
SINDROME DE ABSTINENCIA -"Evolucion?" (melodic Punk-Ska-Oi from Spain)
SINKHOLE -"Space Freak" (melodic Punk a là Descendents/Parasites on Dr. Strange)
SLEDGE HC -"Mud" (brutal, metallic NY influenced HC, Madball, Cro-Mags, Hatebreed)
SOLSTICIO / LARUSSO - split (Thrashy,fast HC, think The Swarm, Left For Dead, Final Exit)
SOMMERSET -"More Songs..." (UNBELIEVABLE melodic HC similar to Lifetime!)
SOMMERSET -"Fast Cars, Slow Guitars" (great melodic HC between Lifetime / Kid Dynamite)
SPLEEN FLIPPER -"Istinto..." (Italian HC old style, think Raw Power, Peggio Punx, Wretched)
STAND GT -"Good On The River" (Canadian Pop-Punk,Doughboys meet Weezer)
STRAIGHT OPPOSITION -"Step By Step" (hard kickin' oldschool HC between Terror / Turmoil)
STRANGE CORNER -"Schism" (NY influenced HC, Agnostic Front / SOIA)
SUMMER LEAGUE -"Supposed To Trail" (oldschool HC, think Ignite, Turning Point, Purpose)
SUMMER LEAGUE / EYELESS VIEW - split (emotional oldschool HC vs HC a là Grade)
SUMMER'S LAST REGRET -"Understanding" (Punk/Emo,Saves The Day / F. Seems Forever)
SUNDAE MILK -"Downcast Lies Break..." (GREAT Emo,Christie Front Drive/Jimmy Eat World)
SUNDAY INN -"Heroes When We..." (nice melodic Emo-Pop with female vocals)
SUPERSLEUTH -"...And Still It Beats" (melodic oldschool SxE HC, Gorilla Biscuits / Crivits)
SURFAHOLICS -"Side Show..." (melodic HC Californian style,Pennywise / 7 Seconds)
SYLVIE -"I Wish I Was Driving" (Texas Is The Reason meets Jawbox, slow & melodic Emo)
TAIHO -"Chugalug" (HardCore/Metal from Japan with a female drummer)
TERMINUS -"Graveyard Of Dreams" (Punk between Misfits, Normahl, DK's, New Model Army)
TEXAS THIEVES -"Killer On Craigs List" (melodic US Punk like MIA, The Freeze, JFA)
THEE FLANDERS -"Back From Hell" (Horror-Punkabilly-Pshychobilly from Germany)
THE INFARTO SCHEISSE! - s/t (excellent Screamo, think Ebullition meets Gravity)
THEMA ELEVEN -"The Great Misanthrope" (heavy Core between Neurosis and Envy)
THEMA ELEVEN -"Choose Your Beast" (great Ebullition/Reiziger/Still Life/Isis type HC-Emo)
THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SKY -"Rorschach" (heavy US Post-Core, Isis, Neurosis, Mogwai)
THE SHATTERING -"The Shattering Begins" (Death/HC, Spawn Of Posession / Suffocation)
THE WAKE / SEARCHING FOR CHIN - split (metal-screamo HC with Grind parts)
THIRD DEGREE -"Outstay" (furious Grind-Core between Napalm Death, Neurosis, Godflesh)
THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE -"A Plan To..." (good raw melodic Punk)
THREAT OF RIOT -"Seasons" (oldschool/crust, Youth Of Today, Strike Anywhere, Discharge)
THREAT OF RIOT / F.P.O. / MILKADD - split (Thrash/Crust/HardCore from Italy & Macedonia)
THY KINGDOM COME -"Through Bleeding Eyes" (fast Metalcore,mix Terror,Madball & Slayer)
TOKYO ADVENTURES -"One Kiss For Luck" (awesome melodic UK Pop-Punk)
TORN APART -"Ten Songs For The..." (screaming Mosh-Core between Grade and Converge)
TORQUEMADA -"L'Essere Umano..." (screamo-HC, Indigesti meets Submission Hold)
TO THE ANSAPHONE - s/t (good New Wave/Post-Rock; Fall, Joy Division, PIL, Ex, Fugazi)
TOXIC BONKERS -"Seeds Of Cruelty" (metallic Grind, Napalm Death,Bolt Thrower,Sepultura)
TOXIC YOUTH / CALIBRO 9 - split (2 HC bands from Milan, Italy; SOIA style vs Rap-Core)
TREPAN NATION -"Banish Gods.." (oldschool melodic HC/Punk from Chicago)
TROTTEL -"The Final Salute..." (Punk/HC with a melody)
TRUMMER SIND... -"Welch..." (raw Punk a là 7 Sioux / Life...But How To Live It)
TWENTY INCH BURIAL -"The Void We Carry" (metallic HC,As Friends Rust/Poison The Well)
TWENTY YEARS OLD -"Cracklin'..." (melodic Punk,mix Screeching Weasel + Saves The Day)
UNAVOIDABLE - s/t (HC/Street Punk between Rancid, Circle Jerks and Swingin' Utters)
UNDER PRESSURE -"Come Clean" (HC, mix Black Flag,Leatherface,Motorhead,Poison Idea)
UNDER SIEGE -"Days Of Dying Monuments" (very technical and melodic Metal-Core)
UNDER SIEGE -"After The Flood" (Newschool, Earth Crisis / Fear Factory/ Killswitch Engage)
UNFIT -"Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell..." (HC between Madball & Blood For Blood)
UNION SPRINGS / SUNSET BLVD. - split (Emo-Pop w/ female vox vs. Emo, SDRE / JEW)
UNKNOWN -"Change" (cool Pop-Punk from USA, similar to Parasites/Squirtgun)
UNKNOWN -"Still Unknown" (Pop Punk between Green Day, S. Weasel & Parasites)
UNKNOWN -"Pop Art" (upbeat US Pop-Punk between Parasites, Weezer and Jam)
UNKNOWN -"Radio Lied To Me" (the newest album by this Pop-Punk combo)
UNLEASHED ANGER -"Straightforward" (good Metal-Core a là Hatebreed / Terror)
UNSUNG -"Nail In The Hand..." (amazing Death-Core / Grind from Italy)
URBAN BLIGHT -"1998-2001" (pissed off straight forward political Punk w/ various influences)
USE OF ABUSE -"I'd Rather Close My Eyes" (very fast oldschool HC)
UZIEL -"Pulse" (heavy Metal-Core between Converge, Botch, Himsa and Cave In)
V.A. -"No Time To Panic"(NOFX,Rhythm Collision,Squirtgun,This Side Up,...melodic Punk/HC)
V.A. -"Our Roots Our Pride" (Growing Concern,Think Twice,Open Season,Maze,...90's SxE)
V.A. -"Questa E' Roma Mica..." (Strength Approach, Die!, Face The Fact, Phoenix,...HC/Punk)
V.A. -"Scratches & Needles" (Down By Law, Doc Hopper, Rise, Stand GT,...Punk)
V.A. -"70 Mins. Full Time HC" (Chixdiggit, This Side Up, Your Mother, White Frogs,...Punk/HC)
V.A. -"Suck City" (Die...My Demon, NJ Bloodline, Sidekick, Born From Pain, Kombat,... HC)
V.A. -"Take No Heroes" (Pointing Finger, Mutiny, Only Way Out, Razlog Za,...SxE HC)
V.A. -"The 49th Parallel" (Submission Hold, MK-Ultra, 3 Studies For A Crucifixion,...Crust-Emo)
V.A. -"The Way It Is" (Liar, Mainstrike, Congress, Separation, Comrades,...SxE HC)
V.A. -"Tribute To HHH" (32 songs tribute to this great old fast Spanish HC band)
V.A. -"What We Built" (The Change,Break Me,Cause And Effect,Between Us,...Swedish HC)
V.A. -"Youth, Bloody Youth" (Values Intact,To The Embers,No More Fear,LEARN,Payback,...HC)
VEHICLE DEREK - s/t (melodic poppy Punk between Snuff and Mega City 4)
VENDETTA -"Terror Nation" (hi energy Punk'n'Roll, The Hives, Motorhead, Zeke, Black Flag)
VENDETTA -"Amici Dei Inemici Mundi" (tough NY style HC a là Madball, 25 Ta Life, Integrity)
VENEREAL DISEASE -"Mondo Macabro" (Gore / splatter Grind-Core with a Crust touch)
VIBRAFINGERS -"They Vibrate" (Garage Punk between Cramps, Oblivians & Teengenerate)
VIIMEINEN KOLONNA -"Aistien Juhlaa" (Finnish HC a là Terveet Kadet, 23 songs!)
VIOLENT BREAKFAST -"Nient'altro Che Tempo" (scaotic Screamo-Core, think Gravity sound)
WHEN MIDNIGHT KILLS / FOOT TO FACE - split (two brutal and heavy Death/HC bands)
WHEN MIND REFLECTS -"And Don't..." (oldschool HC with a fair NYHC influence)
X-STATE RIDE -"The Great Rebirth" (melodic HC/Punk, Strung Out / No Use For A Name)
X-STATE RIDE -"Against Me" (melodic HC/Punk with some Metal influence, the new album!)
XXL -"Bingo" (FANTASTIC melodic HC/Punk band from Basque country)
ZINC -"Old Mundo Punk!" (old style HC with female vocals, mix RKL and Black Flag)
ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW -"Ten Moment" (emotional HC, Verbal Assault,Outspoken,S. League)

CD:                         7 euro

ABDUKTIO -"Discography" (furious Refused inspired HC sang in Finnish, really cool!)
A.D.T. -"Movement For Tomorrow" (US HC/Crust, think Discharge, Doom, Varukers, Crucifix)
AGAINST -"My Hate, My Choice" (oldschool/newschool HC between Sick Of It All, Hatebreed and Madball)
AGATHOCLES -"To Serve...To Protect" (ultra-fast Grind-Core legends from Belgium)
AGENT 86 -"Discography" (2 LP's + EP on 1 CD, political HC/Punk from USA a là MDC/DOA)
ALL THE HATS -"No Signal" (melodic HC/Punk, think Pennywise, Bad Religion, Offspring)
ALTERAZIONE -"Complete Discography 1995-1999" (Italian style HC a là Negazione / Impact, 26 songs!)
AMBITION MISSION - s/t (good Punk Rock from Chicago with male/female vocals)
AMERICAN WEREWOLVES -"We Won't Stay Dead" (US Horror Punk a là Misfits, Damned and Undead)
ANALENA -"Carbon Based" (screamy melodic Emo with female vocals,Further Seems Forever/Boy Sets Fire)
ANTILLECTUAL -"Testimony" (GREAT melodic HC, think Strike Anywhere/Leatherface)
ANY GOOD REASON - s/t (old style Italian HC between Indigesti, Negazione and Sottopressione)
APERS -"Teenage Drama..." (super-melodic Punk Rock between Screeching Weasel and Queers)
APERS - s/t (melodic and energetic Punk Rock a là Screeching Weasel, Queers, Squirtgun)
vs. manic Grind a là Locust / Jenny Piccolo, a must have!!)
A RADIO WITH GUTS -"Beat Heart..." (good US Punk between Social Distortion & Armchair Martian)
ARGETTI -"Flags Of Karma" (raging HC/Punk with melody, Jawbreaker meets Rise Against)
BLACK PANTHYS PARTY -"Punk Will..." (melodic HC/Punk, As Friends Rust/Propagandhi/Zero Boys)
BLOODPACT -"01101" (furious fast SxE HC like Youth Of Today, + video material)
BLUE WATER BOY - s/t (melodic Emo similar to Embrace / Ignition / Rites Of Spring)
BOMBRAID -"Destinations" (legendary Swedish D-Beat/Crust-Core band with 80's influences)
BOMBSHELL ROCKS -"The Conclusion" (Street Punk between Dropkick Murphys, Rancid & Blitz)
BREAK -"Idols In The Shape Of Falling Angels" (heavy metallic Post-Core between Botch and Turmoil)
BRETHREN -"To Live Again" (heavy NY influenced US Newschool,think All Out War/Morning Again)
BRIDGEBURNER -"What Do You.." (As Friends Rust/Speak 714 members,US HC)
BRIDGE TO SOLACE -"Of Bitterness And Hope" (great HC between Strike Anywhere and Shai Hulud)
BROKEN PROMISES -"Dying Before The First Step" (dark and chaotic Metal-Core from Belgium)
BUCK -"Hello Holland" (Power Pop/Punk/Indie with a R'n'R feel,mix Weezer,Superchunk & Archers Of Loaf)
BY MY FISTS / IN PROGRESS - split (NYHC a là Agnostic Front vs oldschool Good Clean Fun/Youth Of Today)
CAF FIENDS -"Dissonance Is Beauty" (good HC,7 Seconds/G. Biscuits/A. Front)
CALL TO ARMS -"Dead End Youth" (US Street-Punk/Oi/HC, Warzone / Blitz / Agnostic Front)
CAMERAN -"A Caesarean" (Post-HardCore, think Refused / At The Drive In / Snapcase / Mogwai) 
CANDY SNIPER -"Low Art" (noisy screamed Post-Core between Policy Of 3, Fugazi and Shotmaker)
CAST IN FIRE -"Apology" (slow, metallic US SxE HC a là Madball, Merauder, ex- Earthmover)
CATALYST / CALM MURDER - split (2 US newschool HC bands, Unearth vs Dillinger Escape Plan/Zao)
CATHETER -"Dimension 303" (an 18 song masterpiece of intense Grind-Crust from USA)
CATHETER -"Preamble To Oblivion" (US Grind-Core, Phobia/Napalm Death meet Eyehategod)
CATHETER / FUBAR - split (US Grind-HC/Punk vs Dutch full on oldschool Grind, 23 songs!)
CHANG FFOS -"Trust This Arcane Device" (Neurosis / Today Is The Day / Converge / Kyuss)
CHILDREN OF FALL -"Riding A Broken Vehicle" (great HC between Ignition, Embrace, Refused and Zegota)
CHIMAERA -"Passion Sets The Killing" (heavy Metal-Core between In Flames,Meshuggah,The Darkest Hour)
CHIMAERA -"Stygian" (super heavy and brutal Metal-Core, think Caliban meets The Year Of Our Lord)
CHIMNEY-SWEEPERS -"What...?" (Ska-Core, think MxPx meets Less Than Jake)
CHRISTDRIVER -"Everything Burns" (heavy post-Core from US A là Neurosis)
CHUBBIES -"Sleeping In His Tee Shirt" (melodic US Pop-Punk with female vocals)
CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT -"And The Rest..." (Punk'n'Roll, MC5 / Dead Boys / Stooges)
CINDER -"Sneaking Out" (great fast oldschool HC, think Life's Halt / Negative Approach)
CINDER -"Two Years Of Ripoffs..." (30 songs + videos, great fast oldschool HC, N. Approach/Life's Halt)
CLENCHED FIST / DAY OF MOURNING - split (Madball/Neg. Approach vs Integrity/All Out War style)
CLUSTER BOMB UNIT -"You Can't Kill..." (collection of their 7"s, brutal Crust-Core)
COBRETTI  - s/t (metallic oldschool HC between Ensign, Sick Of It All & early Bad Brains)
CODE BLUE -"Pay Your Dues" (oldschool HC between Minor Threat and A. Front)
COHESION -"Lovely Hate" (oldschool/newschool, think Bane meets Stretch Armstrong meets Snapcase)
COJOBA -"Sin Excusas" (female led old style HC/Punk, Jingo De Lunch / Life...But How To Live It?)
COMITY -"The Deus Ex-Machina..." (chaotic Metal-HC, 55 minutes!, digipak)
COMMON ENEMY -"T.U.I." (Thrasy Skate-Core, Bones Brigade / Circle Jerks / Vitamin X)
COMMON ENEMY -"Late Night Skate" (fast, crazy, pissed of thrashy HC 80's style from USA)
COMPLETE -"Adjusting The Perpetual..." (heavy Metal-Core between Shai Hulud,Poison The Well & Voivod)
CONCRETE CELL -"Out" (melodic skate Punk similar to No Use For A Name, Strung Out, Lag Wagon, Snuff)
CONFESSION -"What About The Kids?" (Street-Punk'n'Roll, Bombshell Rocks meets Rancid)
CONTRA -"Boys Club Anthems" (fast, abrasive US HC/Punk a là Kid Dynamite)
CONTRA / SPLURGE - split (fast rough HC/Punk vs. melodic Punk a là Crimpshrine)
CONVINCED -"The Carnival" (Swedish female led HC with big Metal influence, akin to Doughnuts)
COPPER -"Drag Queen" (Emo / Pop with female vocals on Equal Vision records)
COREY -"Sacro Niente" (over 50 minutes of superlative Grind Core, 33 songs!!)
CORNFLAMES -"The Farewell Drive" (excellent Emo-Punk, Piebald, Jimmy Eat World, Hot Water Music)
COUNT THE HOURS / EMPTY VISION - split (oldschool HC US vs Germany,Comeback Kid/Chain Of Strength)
COURSE OF ACTION -"Carving Our Way..." (heavy Metal-Core, Cave In/Converge/Morning Again)
COWBOY KILLERS -"Thank You, Fuck You..." (crazy, fast HC between Dead Kennedys & early Black Flag)
CRADLE TO GRAVE - s/t (melodic Punk between Against Me, Screeching Weasel and Crimpshrine)
CRANCK -"Gas Guzzlin' Girls" (excellent Pop-Punk between Ataris, Blink 182 and Weezer)
CREEPS -"All American" (metallic HC, Suicidal Tendencies meet Agnostic Front meet Pantera)
CRISIS NEVER ENDS -"A Heartbeat Away" (Metal-Core: Darkest Hour, In Flames, Unearth)
CRUCIAL UNIT -"Everything Went Strunk" (ultra-fast HC/Thrash from the US)
DARK DAY DUNGEON -"By Blood Undone" (Metal-Core reminiscent of Darkest Hour and In Flames)
DA SKYWALKERS -"The End Of A Chapter..." (street Punk between Rancid, Snuff, the Clash)
DAVID PEEL -"King Of Punk" (NYC Punk Rock, with GG Allin on drums!!)
DAY OF CONTEMPT -"See Through The Lies" (heavy Metal-Core between Earth Crisis and Hatebreed)
DAY OF THE DEAD -"Old Habits Die Harder" (GREAT rough oldschool, Give Up The Ghost)
DEADLY / DISGRAZIA LEGEND - split (Refused/Swing Kids vs Botch/Orchid/Yaphet Kotto)
DEAD VOWS -"Bad Blood" (Swedish HC between Refused, Abhinanda and Final Exit)
DEADWEIGHT -"Itinerarium" (Newschool HC, think Shai Hulud / Refused / Boy Sets Fire)
DEAF PENALTY -"Eleven Hours To Go" (cool HC between Good Riddance & SOIA)
DEARLY DEPORTED -"Watching From A Distance" (Pop-Punk, Rise Against/Face To Face/Alkaline Trio)
DEATH BEFORE DISCO -"Party Bullet" (Metal-Core, Shai Hulud, Poison The Well, Converge)
DEATH BEFORE DISCO / SEVERANCE - split (Converge / Cave In vs. Refused / Nine / Circle)
DEATH BEFORE DISCO / WHAT LIES WITHIN - split (Poison The Well/Converge vs Shai Hulud/Boy Sets Fire)
DEFACTO OPPRESSION -"Screen..." (fast political HC in the vein of From Ashes Rise)
DEFDUMP -"David Versus Corporate Society" (Newschool HC between Snapcase & Turmoil, contains videos!)
DEHUMANIZE -"Animi Motus" (gloomy chaotic post-Core between Neurosis, Breach, Isis and Botch)
DELOREAN -"Silhouettes" (very melodic Emo between Sunny Day Real Estate and Brit Pop) 
DIEHARD YOUTH -"Four Years..." (Posi-Core from California, Uniform Choice, 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits)
DIE MY DEMON -"Smell The Rat" (NY style oldschool HC between Madball, Sick Of It All and Terror)
DIGNITY DIES FIRST -"With Our Blood..." (brutal Metal-Core, Shai Hulud / Killswitch Engage)
DIRECTED CREW -"Am I Happy" (heavy HC with male/female vocals)
DIRT BIKE ANNIE / POPSTERS - split (melodic Pop-Punk between J Church, Discount and S. Weasel)
DISCARGA -"Happy Night..." (ultra fast HC, has covers of Doom, Larm, Ratos De Porao...)
DISHONOUR SQUAD -"Century Of Fear" (street Punk between Casualties, GBH and Varukers)
DISOBEY -"Wrong Turns Don't Count" (NY influenced HC, Agnostic Front meets Biohazard)
DISTANCE IN EMBRACE -"The Consequence Of Illusions" (metallic Emo a là Boy Sets Fire / Thursday)
DISTURB -"The Worst Is To Come" (heavy HC between All Out War, Sworn Enemy and Kickback)
DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS -"Los Dias..." (Post-Rock,Milemarker/Godspeed/Mogwai/Nick Cave)
DOWN AND AWAY -"Set To Blow!" (great Street Punk between Rancid, US Bombs and Dropkick Murphys)
DOWN AND OUTS -"Boys From The Blackstuff" (Punk/Oi a la Cockney Rejects / Partisans)
DOWNRIGHT -"La Battaglia Del Silenzio" (raging pissed off oldschool HC with female vocals)
DREAD - s/t (31 songs from this HC/Punk band from California, Athena of 6 Weeks records on bass)
DREAD -"Bonnie & Clyde" (Circle Jerks meet Anti-Flag meet Crimpshrine, ex-Anti-Flag)
DRUNK -"... again" (cool melodic Punk from Norway, ex-Life...But How To Live It)
EMBRACE THE END / THE END OF 6000 YEARS - split (Poison The Well meets At The Gates/End This Day)
ENDSTAND -"Fire Inside" (rockin' HC between Kill Your Idols, Strike Anywhere & Nerve Agents)
ENDSTAND / KAFKA - split (2 top HC bands from Finland and Italy, oldschool vs newschool HC)
ENDZWECK -"Strange Love" (Japanese HC act with Metal influences akin to Shai Hulud)
EVERYTHING WENT BLACK / AS GOOD AS DEAD - split (heavy HardCore, USA / Portugal)
EVOLUTION SO FAR "The Armies Of Bitterness" (Strike Anywhere / Good Riddance / As Friends Rust / Grade)
EVOLUTION SO FAR / FOR I AM BLIND - split (excellent melodic HC, NUFAN / Face To Face)
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND / MISERY - split (2 legendary US Crust-Core bands)
FABULOUS DISASTER / OC TOONS - split (all-girl US Punk/HC vs French Punk/HC + videos!)
FACE OF CHANGE -"Keep The Balance" (positive oldschool HC between Youth Of Today and Ignite)
FACING DOWN -"A Road Less Traveled" (melodic Punk a là Face To Face, Ten Foot Pole & Strung Out)
FAILURE FACE -"Total Failure" (ultra-brutal US HC with Negative Approach influence, 40 songs!)
FALL OUT -"AmericanAnti" (one of the earliest HC/Punk bands from Italy, their newest album)
FALL RIVER -"Lights Out" (US metallic HC with female vocals a là Walls Of Jericho)
FAR TO CLOSE -"True Ways" (between street Punk and HC/Punk,Dropkick Murphys meet Neg. Approach)
FEUD -"Battling Bastards Of Freedom" (rough oldschool HC, Minor Threat meets GUTG)
FINAL PRAYER -"Right Here, Right Now" (brutal HC, Born From Pain / Terror / Throwdown)
FIRESTONE -"Aim For A New Tomorrow" (melodic Metal-Core with female vocals, ex-Liar)
FIRST FAILURE -"The Option" (oldschool HC, Champion/Bane/Turning Point/Values Intact)
FIVE BOOTS - s/t (great melodic Street Punk/Oi/HardCore, mix Partisans and NYHC)
FIVE DAYS OFF -"Deerfoot Trail" (FANTASTIC melodic Punk, mix Bad Religion & Alkaline Trio)
FIVE DAYS OFF -"Coast To Coast" (very melodic HC/Punk between Bad Religion and Weezer)
FIVE FOOT NOTHING -"Pretty Nuclear" (Pop-Punk a là All/Big Drill Car/Doughboys)
FIVE KNUCKLE -"Balance" (tough HC between Ensign, Sick Of It All and No Means No, really good!)
FLYING LUTTENBACHERS -"1996-2000" (incredible band, Black Flag/Discordance Axis/Immortal)
FLYSWATTER -"Repeat In Pattern" (melodic Pop-Emo-Punk between Samiam, New Found Glory and TITR)
FORCE OF CHANGE -"In The Shadow..." (oldschool HC, think Sick Of It All / Kid Dynamite)
FOR NO ONE -"Falling Down" (melodic HC/Punk between No Use For A Name and Lag Wagon)
FOR SCIENCE -"Way Out Of Control" (Pop-Punk from US, ex-Doc Hopper, Sinkhole,...)
FOR THE LIVING -"Bridges Burned" (excellent oldschool HC from Washington DC, In My Eyes / Battery)
FORTY WINKS -"To The Lonely Hearts" (Blink 182 meets Big Drill Car meets Ataris)
FOUR LETTER WORD -"Like Moths To A Flame" (great Punk HC, Leatherface / SLF / Snuff)
FOUR LETTER WORD -"A Nasty Piece Of Work" (melodic but political UK Punk/HC)
FOUR SQUARE -"Three Chords...One Capo" (the new album, Pop Punk, Gameface meets Doughboys)
FOUR SQUARE -"When Weeks..." (very melodic Pop Punk between Doughboys and Gameface)
FOURTH SIN -"Anger" (the new album, heavy NYHC style, Madball / Cro-Mags / Leeway)
FOURTH SIN -"That's Why I Hate" (NYHC style, Madball meets Cro-Mags meet Sheer Terror)
FREE LIVING INSANITY -"Add Fuel To Fire" (melodic Punk/HC, AFI/Social Distortion/Doughboys)
FRUMPIES -"Frumpie..." (female led Punk Rock, ex-Bikini Kill & ex-Bratmobile)
FUCK ON THE BEACH -"Endless Summer" (superfast Japanese Power Violence-Thrash-Core, Slap A Ham)
FUERZA DE VOLUNTAD -"Valor Humano" (NYC influenced oldschool SxE HC from Chile!)
F.U.G. -"Can I Have Your Skull?" (80's style HC between Stalag 13, Dr Know and Circle Jerks)
FUMBLES IN LIFE -"A New Way To Play" (oldschool HC, Youth Of Today / Chain Of Strength)
FUMBLES IN LIFE -"Communication Wins" (oldschool HC between Youth Of Today and Insted)
FUORI CONTROLLO -"10 Anni Sulla Strada" (Oi/Street Punk between Nabat & Klasse Kriminale)
GASP -"Drome Triler Of..." (US Power Violence a là Man Is The Bastard, on Slap A Ham)
GEEKS -"Every Time We Fall" (AMAZING fast Oldschool HC, Youth Of Today meets Battery)
GHOULIES -"Reclaim The World" (high energy, fast R'n'R/Punk a là Hives/Zeke/New Bomb Turks)
GIUIS / H-NITI - split (great Good Riddance/Strung Out type HC vs Anti-Flag style Punk Rock)
GIVING CHASE -"A Cheap Print..." (US HC/Punk, Kid Dynamite/Paint It Black/Refused)
GOB SQUAD -"Call For Response" (melodic and powerful Punk Rock between Rancid & Bouncing Souls)
GOOD OL' BOYS -"2nd Round" (good Rock'n'Roll / Punk / Garage, ex- Dead Boyz Can't Fly)
GROWING -"Closer" (Emo/Indie between Sunny Day Real Estate, The Smiths and Lemonheads)
GUERILLA -"Virus Macht" (political Punk/HC between Conflict, GBH and Violent Society)
GUILT SHOW -"Before They Know..." (10 tracks of furious HC, American Nightmare meets Cro-Mags)
GUILTY METHOD -"Ink" (quite good Post-Core / Indie Rock, now recording for Sony!)
GUTS -"Sometimes You Just Can't Win" (Pop-Punk, ex-Queers, ex-Nobodys, 33 songs!)
HEADED NOWHERE -"Hey PunK Stay Punk" (rough oldschool a là N. Approach/Judge, ex-By All Means)
HEARTBREAK KID -"Life Thrills" (screaming HC, think Comeback Kid / Terror)
HELLCHILD -"Circulating Contradiction" (Grind/Death from Japan, brutal!!!)
HELLCHILD -"Bareskin" (more of this brutal Grind combo from Japan!!!)
HELLNATION -"Thrash Wave" (36 songs of fast US HC/Thrash from their 7"s and compilations)
HERE TO STAY -"Circular" (Emo-HC between Alexisonfire, From Autumn To Ashes and Thrice)
HIRAX -"The New Age Of Terror" (great Thrash/Speed Metal/HardCore from California)
HITCH -"We Are Electric!" (Post-Core, Unwound, Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Milemarker)
HIT LIST - s/t (brutal hardhitting HC with lots of NYHC influence, Cro Mags / Sick Of It All / Terror)
HIT ME BACK -"Life" (thrashy California HC between Life's Halt, Circle Jerks and Heresy)
HOW IT ENDS -"Beloved" (Metallic HardCore from Philadelphia, ex-Shattered Realm))
ICEPICK -"Goldrush" (NYHC inspired stuff between Bad Brains and Cro-Mags!)
I EXCUSE -"Burn The Empty To The Ash" (melodic Japanese Punk/HC a là Leatherface / Snuff)
INANE -"Zeitraffer" (crazy heavy and growling Metal-Grind-Core on Alveran records)
IN ARCADIA -"If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It" (melodic Emo,Piebald/Anasarca/SDRE)
INFERNO -"Sci-Fi Grind'n'Roll" (extreme HC between Locust and Dillinger Escape Plan)
INFORMERS -"Mondopoly" (melodic Punk/HC between Burning Heads and Bad Religion)
INGEGNO - s/t (fast oldschool HC between The First Step, Battery, Sottopressione and PHP)
INHUMAN -"Black Reign" (heavy but melodic NYHC between Cro-Mags, Misfits, Biohazard and AFI)
IN NAME AND BLOOD - s/t (brutal mixture between HardCore and Metal, mix Grade, Merauder & Boy Sets Fire)
INNER CONFLICT -"Compilation '96-'02" (melodic female led Punk between Creamers, Tilt, and Bambix)
INNER DAM -"When Angels Fall" (heavy, metallic NYHC a là Hatebreed, All Out War, Earth Crisis)
INSANIA -"Crossfade" (HC Thrash/Crossover, with a 24 page  booklet)
INSIDE CONFLICT -"Unearthed From Wonderland" (metallic Newschool between Earth Crisis and Congress)
INSURGENT KID -"Paranoia" (fast Punk a là Regulations, has DS-13 members, good!)
IN THE FACE OF WAR -"We Make Our Own Luck" (urgent screaming HC,Modern Life Is War/LLT)
IN THE SHIT -"A World Of..." (tough, growling, pissed off HC/Punk/Crust from Wales)
INZIRLI -"1990-1996" (excellent HC,DC school, think Dag Nasty,Government Issue)
IRE -"I Discern An Overtone..." (very heavy, gloomy HC, Bloodlet/Overcast/HHIG)
I STILL BELIEVE -"Guns, Bitches & Drugs" (80's style HC between Boston bands & SNFU, female vocals)
I WALK THE LINE -"Badlands" (energetic stuff between Social Distortion, Welt and Pogues)
I WALK THE LINE -"Black Wave Rising!" (good Punk between Murder City Devils and Social D.)
JANUARY STAR -"Home Without A Heart" (Emo-Pop between Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World and Farside)
J CHURCH -"Travels In Hyper-Reality" (awesome album by these SF Pop-Punkers)
JEFF CUNNINGHAM -"The Poems Stuck..." (acoustic stuff between Dashboard Confessional and Ani DiFranco)
JHAI ALAI - s/t (Emo-Violence, think Ebullition bands meet Palatka and Reversal Of Man)
JIHEART - s/t (angry female fronted oldschool SxE HardCore that takes no prisoners)
JOHN BALL -"Society Vs. Community" (screamo-HC/Emo between Econochrist and Spitboy)
JUNIOR ACHIEVER -"All The Litle Letdowns" (great Indie Pop/Punk a là Weezer / Wheatus)
JUNTA - s/t (Metal-Core think Candiria, Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, Voivod)
KAFKA -"A Will That Never Must Stop" (crazy Screamo-HC-Metal, Snapcase meets GUTG)
KAFKA -"Retrospettiva 1994-2002" (discography album, living legends of Screamo-HC-Metal)
KALASHNIKOV -"Music Is A Gun Loaded With Future" (Anarcho-Punk, new album, digipak)
KAOS GENERAL / SITUACION HOSTIL - split (legendary 80's HC bands from Peru)
KEEP THE FAITH -"Not A Wall But A Bridge" (great Emo, Boy Sets Fire / Taking Back Sunday)
KEEP THE FAITH -"See Your Tears" (melodic HC, mix Shelter, Propagandhi & Sottopressione)
KEVORKIAN -"Relief Through Scream" (chaotic, screamo Metal-HC,Refused meets Gluecifer)
KID POETRY -"A Way Back Home" (HC between Comeback Kid, Bane and Have Heart)
KIDS GO FREE -"Dobra" (Emo/Indie between Braid, Jawbox, Get Up Kids and Engine Down)
KIDS GO FREE - s/t (Emo/Indie between Texas Is The Reason, Thursday & Dischord bands)
KIDS ON THE MOVE -"Kids Who Kick" (oldschool HC a là Youth Of Today/Battery)
KID WITH MAN HEAD -"Cassius..." (melodic Punk, All /Big Drill Car /Descendents)
KILLDADDIES - s/t (melodic Punk Rock between Screeching Weasel and early Retarded)
KILLED BY THE BULL - s/t (US Punk Rock between Armchair Martian, Against Me! and X)
KILLING CALIFORNIA -"Goin' South" (Orange County HC, early Black Flag/Zeke)
K-LINE -"How You Gonna..." (think Rites Of Spring, At the Drive In and Fugazi, has 3 videos!!)
KNOWITALL -"Detach" (catchy emotive US HC between Lifetime and Samiam)
KONTRAATTAQUE / LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER - split (2 superfast bands, Crust,HC,Grind)
LA CRISI - s/t (old Italian style HC between Indigesti and Bad Brains, ex-Sottopressione)
LADY LUCK / FULLY - split (melodic stuff for these bands ex- Agnostic Front / Quicksand)
LAGHETTO -"Pocapocalisse" (crazy HC between Refused, Dillinger Escape Plan & Fugazi)
LAST HOPE -"My Own Way" (Madball NYHC style, guest vocals by Jimmy Gestapo, + videos)
LAST HOPE / HITMAN - split (NYHC style, has covers of Gorilla Biscuits, YOT, Slapshot...)
LAST MAN STANDING -"Still The Same..." (oldschool HC between Ignite and Battery)
LAWSTREET 16 -"Off The Sidewalk" (NY style HC, Warzone, Token Entry, Uniform Choice)
LEFTOVERS -"Party Tonight" (awesome Pop-Punk a là Screeching Weasel / Queers)
LET IT DIE -"Stick To Your Guns" (ex-Black Dahlia Murder,Mosh-Core, Hatebreed/Throwdown)
LIAR -"Deathrow Earth" (one of the most famous Metal-Core from Europe)
LIGHTNING DAZE -"Caught In A Frame" (Emo-Pop, Get Up Kids, Samiam, Jimmy Eat World)
LIGHTSOME -"The Essential Thing..." (Emo-Indie-Pop, Jimmy Eat World & Hot Water Music)
LIVE BY THE FIST -"No End In Sight" (fast SxE HC, between Integrity & Path Of Resistance)
LOBOTOMY REFUSAL -"Gabbie Di Sbarre" (Italian HardCore 80's style, + Negazione cover)
LOMBEGO SURFERS -"Seven Pleasures" (Surf/R'n'R, between Link Wray & Radio Birdman)
LOMBEGO SURFERS -"Friendly Fire" (Surf'n'Punk/R'n'R, + bonus tracks)
LONELY KINGS -"The End Of Forever" (US Punk,think Jawbreaker,Social Distortion, Samiam)
LOST -"Fear Strach" (evil metallic heavy HC between Liar, Neurosis and hell itself!!)
LOVE SONGS -"Behind Enemy Lines In G# Minor" (fast US HC, ex-What Happens Next?)
MAKE OR BREAK -"Think About It" (oldschool HC with 80's feel,Chain Of Strength/C. Jerks)
MAKE THE DIFFERENCE -"I Still Believe" (AMAZING Champion / Turning Point oldschool HC)
MANIFESTO JUKEBOX -"Desire" (HC/Punk a là Leatherface / Rites Of Spring)
MANIFESTO JUKEBOX -"Strain" (great Leatherface / Hot Water Music melodic Punk)
MAN WITHOUT PLAN -"Futility Metaphors" (Descendents / Hellbender / I Spy stuff)
MANY MEN HAVE TRIED / END OF A SEASON - split (Newschool HC,Shai Hulud vs Poison The Well)
MAPLE -"Another Side..." (Emo/Indie with female vox between Monochrome, Denali & Bjork)
MAPLE ROOM -"Uncover Everyone" (metallic Emo, From Autumn To Ashes/ Poison The Well)
MARSHES -"Pox On The Tracts" (the 3rd album, melodic Punk, ex-Dag Nasty)
MASS SEPARATION / UNHOLY GRAVE - split (US Grind w/ fem vox/Grind Japan)
MAXIMILLION - s/t (heavy US Sludge/Metal/Doom/Trash, ex-16)
MCRACKINS -"Eggzit" (fantastic Pop-Punk, new album by this legendary band!)
MEINE KLEINE DEUTSCHE -"Dirty Dancing" (electroPunk a là Le Tigre or a punky Kraftwerk)
MEMORIES OF APOCALYPSE -"Bleeding Through The Past" (Metal-HC,Atreyu,At The Gates)
MESRINE -"Going To The Morgue" (brutal Grind-Core from Canada, ex Dahmer)
MESSYHAIRS -"Dead Scene" (awesome Skate HC/Punk with melody, USA)
METAMORPHOSIS -"Solo En Mi" (GREAT HC between As Friends Rust, Endstand and Leatherface)
MICO -"Standing Inside..." (melodic Emo,TITR meets Planes Mistaken For Stars)
MID CARSON JULY -"Wound Up Down South" (poppy Emo a là Get Up Kids)
MILEMARKER -"Changing Caring Humans" (Math-Core/Emo/Wave from USA, has a Pixies cover!)
MILEMARKER -"Future Isms" (innovative Emo-Core/Math-Core/New Wave from the US)
MILWAUKEES -"Missile Command" (AWESOME Emo-Punk,Samiam / Farside / SDRE)
MILWAUKEES -"Sunset And Sunrise" (melodic and emotional, Boy Sets Fire / Thursday)
MILWAUKEES -"This Is A Stickup" (fantastic Emo-Punk a là TITR / Jawbox / Farside)
MIND POLLUTION -"Spalone..." (Crust-Core between Tragedy, Neurosis and His Hero Is Gone)
MINION -"Exile Of Fear" (Death/Thrash between In Flames, Converge and Shadows Fall)
MINUS45DEGREES -"Mute" (metallic HC in the vein of Zao, Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan)
MIRACLE MILE -"Where The Heart Is" (fantastic fast/slow US oldschool HC between GUTG and Bane)
MIRRORMEN -"Breaking Class" (angry HC/Punk between Agnostic Front, SOIA and H2O)
MISCONDUCT / H.S.D. - split (good, quick melodic HC, Pennywise/Millencolin/7 Seconds)
MISERY -"The Early Years" (political Crust-Core from USA, collection of their early 7"s)
MISS MOFET -"An Island Of Reality..." (fast,chaotic Metal-Core between Converge & His Hero Is Gone)
MISTAKE -"Opium" (melodic moody Emo like Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, Christie Front Drive)
MOKSHA -"Ansium" (Metal-Core between Converge, Isis, Zao and Dillinger Escape Plan)
MONKHOUSE -"The Final Indignity" (Punk Rock, Snuff, MC4, Leatherface, Social Distortion)
MORDA -"Azerion" (Metal-Core between Heaven Shall Burn, Arkangel and Bridge To Solace)
MORK -"Cardo Maior" (tough newschool HC between Hatebreed, Earth Crisis and Biohazard)
MORNING AGAIN -"Hand Of Hope" (powerful MetalHC,great lyrics,Culture meets Earth Crisis)
MURDER-SUICIDE PACT - s/t (fast, angry 80's style HC from US, ex-Failure Face, EBS)
MY MINDS MINE -"48 Reasons To..." (ultra-Grind-Core like S.O.B,Napalm Death & Heresy)
MY PRECIOUS - s/t (furious Emo-Core between Ebullition school & Anomie, 2 female vocals)
MY SO CALLED LIFE -"On Phonelines And Letterheads" (Emo, New Found Glory/Jimmy Eat World)TAKE SHIT BACK -"Too Late For Apologies.." (HC, Agnostic Front, Warzone, Blood For Blood)
NATIVIST -"Ghost Empire Of The Dead Horses" (metalHC,Poison The Well,Today Is The Day)
NATIVIST -"From..." (newschool heavy chugga-chugga HardCore from Italy)
N.B.P. -"...And The Plot Thickens" (great SxE HC a là Turning Point/Crivits)
NEON MANIACS -"Bambina Trapiantata" (US Punk Rock, Circle Jerks meet Adolescents)
NERDS -"...Just Because She Didn't Wanna Fuck" (Punk Rock between Germs and Dwarves)
NERDS -"Murder Is Now" (Punk'n'Roll between Antiseen, Angry Samoans and La Piovra)
NEVER FACE DEFEAT -"Justice Will Break Down" (newschool, Hatebreed/Madball/Merauder)
NEVER THE MORE - s/t (Emo, Appleseed Cast, Promise Ring,Chamberlain,Deep Elm bands)
NINE / LIKE PETER AT HOME - split (Swedish super heavy MetalCore / Spanish metallic HC)
NINE CURVE -"Discography" (Thrash/HC from Japan, has stuff on 625 records, 21 songs!!!)
NO COMPROMISE -"6 Billions Failures" (HC between Biohazard, Madball and Earth Crisis)
NO MORE FEAR -"A Matter Of Choice" (classic oldschool SxE HC inspired by Ignite, Chain Of Strength, Youth Of Today and Bold. Feels like 1988 again, with lots of youth crew choruses)
NONE SHALL BE SAVED -"Those Days Are Gone" (NYHC style,Madball,25Ta Life,Hatebreed)
NONSENSE -"Nothing Nice To Say" (melodic HC a là NUFAN & Face To Face)
NO REASON WHY -"Can't Stand The Dark" (cool oldschool HC, Youth Of Today, Slapshot)
NOT ENOUGH -"Still Old School And Pissed" (screaming oldschool HC with lots of anger)
NOT FOUND -"Fable" (super melodic HC between No Use For A Name and Lag Wagon)
NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY -"Love Is..." (screaming HC between Bane, Give Up The Ghost)
NOTHING MORE -"Absurdities Of Our Times" (melodic emotional HC/Punk)
NO TIME TO LOSE -"Free-Edge Hardcore" (oldschool HC, Sick Of It All / Gorilla Biscuits)
ODYSSEY -"Eleven Reasons To Live..." (great rough, heavy and screaming oldschool HC)
OF NOBLE BLOOD -"Let Glory Be" (metallic oldschool HC,mix Avenged Sevenfold,25 Ta Life)
OIL -"The Glory Of Honour" (US Oi ex-Workin' Stiffs/ex-Bodies in the vein of Anti-Heros)
ONE CAR PILE-UP -"Worst Episode Ever" (Propagandhi / Strung Out / No Use For A Name)
ONE FINE DAY -"Synapsis" (Newschool HC, Botch, Dillinger Escape Plan, Today Is The Day)
ONE FINE DAY / LOW-F - split (Pop-Punk/Emo,between New Found Glory, Vanilla Sky,SDRE)
ON FALL -"Through These Days Of Steel" (Metal-Core, Hatebreed / Purification / Sentence)
ON FIRE -"Truckstop Armageddon" (AWESOME HC with 2 vocals,Strike Anywhere/Champion)
OPUS DEAD - s/t (ultra-fast political HardCore between Discharge and Destroy)
OPUS DEAD -"Perros De Presa" (new album, still fast and trashy like before)
ORANGE MAN THEORY -"Riding A Cannibal..." (Metal-Core, Converge/Dillinger Escape Plan)
OUT COLD -"Goodbye Cruel World" (fast, uncompromising, 80's style HC from USA)
OUT TO WIN -"Beg For Life" (US Metal-Core between Terror, Hatebreed and 100 Demons)
OUZO -"Support Your Local HC" (fast melodic HC think Good Riddance & Good Clean Fun)
OVERSIZED -"Are You One Of Them?" (Pop-Punk between Millencolin / No Use For A Name)
OWNFIGHT / MANO A MANO - split (heavy, NY influenced HC, Madball, Terror, Integrity)
PAVERS -"Return To The..." (melodic Punk, ex-All singer, ltd. edition double CD!)
PAYBACK -"Kings Of Nothing" (the new album, NYHC style, Madball/Sick Of It All)
PAYBACK -"Don't Break The Bloodpact" (NYHC style between CroMags,Madball,Sick Of It All)
PERMANENT STYLE -"Not Like You" (NYHC style in the vein of Sick Of It All,Madball,Ryker's)
PESTONIA -"Adorabile Veleno" (Emo between Sensefield, SDRE and Christie Front Drive)
PETROGRAD -"Trigger Happy" (melodic Pop-Punk between Husker Du,J Church & Discount)
PHOBIA -"Get Up And Kill" (incredible heavy and destructive US GrindCore)
PHOBIA -"Grind Your Fucking Head In" (shredding Grind from California)
PHOENIX -"Snow In August" (heavy stuff like Poison The Well / From Autumn To Ashes)
PHOENIX FOUNDATION -"These Days" (ace tuneful Punk/HC,Leatherface,Husker Du,HWM)
PICCOLO GRUPPO INTIMO -"Non Esistono Grandi..." (great Punk/Power-Pop/Emo from Italy)
PIREXIA -"Cronicas..." (melodic HC/Punk from Uruguay a là Bad Religion/Samiam)
PLAKKAGGIO HC -"Il Nemico" (Oi/NYHC between Nabat,Warzone, Colonna Infame, Madball)
P.N. -"Through Satin Veils..." (excellent Post Emo Between Poison The Well and Thursday)
POCKET GENIUS -"Tundra Rock" (melodic Punk between Samiam & Husker Du)
POGO MACHINE -"Pogo Without A Cause" (great Japanese Pogo Punk, Adicts / Casualties)
POINDEXTER -"Falar E' Facil" (Post-Core a là Rage Against The Machine)
POINTING FINGER -"Milestone" (12 brand new songs in the vein of Battery, Better Than A
Thousand, In My Eyes. Mature, tuneful, aggressive oldschool HC that takes no prisoners)
POINTING FINGER -"Best Bruises Collection" (awesome oldschool HC with great melodic parts, total circle pit style! has 5 video tracks & covers by Gorilla Biscuits and Uniform Choice)
POISONED SCROTUM / N.N. - split (Grind/PowerViolence vs. Crust/HC, ex-Dia)
POLLUTION -"Rompiendo El Silencio" (excellent fast oldschool HC, In My Eyes / Champion)
POLLUTION -"SigloXX" (oldschool HC between Ignite, Chain Of Strength & BTAT)
POLLUTION / FUERZA DE VOLUNTAD - split (oldschool SxE HC from Spain and Chile!!)
POPSTERS -"Our Bites Bring You Back" (Queers/S. Weasel type melodic Pop-Punk)
PRAY FOR REDEMPTION -"Purification..." (MetalCore between First Blood and Bolt Thrower)
PRAY SILENT -"This Was Not My War" (heavy metallic newschool SxE HC)
PREMONITIONS OF WAR / BENUMB - split (Metal-Core / GrindCore,Victory / Relapse bands)
PRICKS -"Maximum S&M" (crazy, dirty, fast Punk/R'n'R, Zeke / New Bomb Turks / Hives)
PRIMADELLAPIOGGIA -"Tesis" (heavy, metallic, screaming Post-Core like Himsa / Botch)
PRISON 11 -"Sidekicks" (good melodic Punk, Leatherface meets Misfits & MC4)
PROTEX BLUE / XIOLA BLUE - split (melodic Punk vs Mano Negra Ska-Punk)
PROZACS -"Questions, Answers..." (great Pop-Punk, think Queers/McRackins/Ramones)
QUESTION MARKS -"Late Night Response" (melodic stuff, think Rufio / Satanic Surfers)
RACETRAITOR / BURN IT DOWN - split (US newschool Metal-HC, on Trustkill / Good Life)
R.D.T. -"El Culto A La Mierda" (fast angry Punk with melody, Spain)
REALIGN -"The Urban Rock Addiction" (screaming Newschool / Post-Core, Jr Ewing/Refused)
REAL SWINGER -"Rubber Ball" (the Italian Punk Rock legends are back, melodic Punk Rock)
REBELDE -"Fratelli Di Sangue" (honest HC in the vein of Agnostic Front + some Oi influence)
RECOVER -"Won't Fade Away..." (oldschool HC between Judge, Bold, Highscore and Strife)
RED BLOOD HANDS -"8 Spots On..." (newschool HC a la Shai Hulud)
RED ROCKERS -"Condition Red" (US Punk between Naked Raygun, Toxic Reasons & Clash)
REDRUM - s/t (old Italian style HC/Punk a là Indigesti/Negazione/Declino/CCCP/Peggio Punx)
RED TAPE PARADE -"Ballads Of..." (GREAT Rites Of Spring / early Black Flag / Spermbirds sound)
REIZIGER -"The Kitten Becomes A Tiger" (Belgian Emo/Math-Core, Promise Ring / Karate)
REJECTED YOUTH -"Angry Kids" (great Street-Punk between Rancid, Partisans and Blitz)
REJECTED YOUTH -"No Police State Coalition" (Street-Punk, Clash/Rancid/Blitz + a video!)
RELEASING HATE -"Don't Forget Dreams" (HC between Modern Life Is War, Verse & Bane)
RELIANCE -"All Good Things To Those Who Wait" (Newschool Mosh; Integrity, All Out War)
RELIEF -"The Great Indifference" (FANTASTIC melodic Emo, SDRE / Jimmy Eat World)
RENTOKILL -"Back To Convenience" (melodic but political HC, Good Riddance / Propagandhi)
REPRISAL -"Mail Order Knife Set" (Metal-Core in the vein of Arkangel, Biohazard, Converge)
REPULSA SOZIAL -"Hasta Cuando?!" (Spanish Punk/HC similar to Dead Kennedys)
REVEAL -"To Explore..." (metallic Newschool between Will Haven and Unbroken)
RIOT BRIGADE -"Here's Our Answer!" (Street-Punk between Anti-Flag and Casualties)
RIOT CLONE -"Success" (legendary British Anarcho-Punk band active for 27 years!)
RIP ROARING -"Excluded But Undervalued" (fast Italian HC in the old style!)
RIVER CITY HIGH -"Won't Turn Down" (melodic Pop-Punk from US,Piebald/Jimmy Eat World)
ROGUISH ARMAMENT - s/t (Rap/Hip-Hop from NYC on SFT records)
ROID - s/t (fast, raging old style Italian HC between Negazione / Indigesti / Kina)
ROVSVETT -"1984-1987" (angry Swedish HC from mid 80's, this CD has 50 songs!)
RYDELL -"Hard On The Trail" (great Emo-Punk between Samiam, HWM, Get Up Kids, Braid)
RYDELL -"ANchors & Parachutes" (discography release,Jawbreaker/Hot Water Music,22 songs!)
SAD ORIGIN -"A Double Edged Sword..." (metallic Newschool a là Morning Again)
SAINTE CATHERINES -"The Art Of Arrogance" (Jawbreaker / Leatherface / Hot Water Music)
SANTANTONIO - s/t (screaming, raging HC from Italy between Poison Idea & Sottopressione)
SAVING THROW -"Never Race With Time" (heavy HC,Shai Hulud / Poison The Well /Cave In)
SAW THROAT -"Indestroy" (Crust-Industrial a là Amebix/Contropotere, ex-Doom, Sore Throat)
SCARECROW -"Deadcrow" (Horror Punk between Misfits, Zeke and Dwarves)
SCARPER -"Every Turn" (AWESOME melodic Pop-Punk with a trumpet!!)
SCARS OF TOMORROW -"Design Your Fate" (metallic HC like Atreyu / Killswitch Engage)
SECOND AGE -"The Tides Have Turned" (modern oldschool HC,Pointing Finger / In My Eyes)
SECOND AID -"Never Break Us Down" (NY style HC a là Agnostic Front meets Biohazard)
SECOND COMBAT -"What Has Inspired Us?" (Youth Of Today/Minor Threat inspired SxE HC)
SECURITY THREAT -"The Truth Is Out" (US D-beat Crust-Core, Disrupt, ENT, Wolfbrigade)
SEE HER TONIGHT -"It's All Over..." (melodic Pop-Punk between Dinosaur Jr & Mega City 4)
SEEIN RED / F.P.O. - split (legendary fast Political HC,ex-LARM vs political HC/Thrash)
SELF HATE -"At The Beginning..." (fast, political oldschool Grind)
SENATA FOX -"The Acracy Discourse" (Thrash-HC, DS-13/Los Crudos/Charles Bronson)
SENTENCE -"War" (brutal Metal-Core, mix Earth Crisis, All Out War, 25 Ta Life & Hatebreed)
SEVENTHATE -"The Cooper Test" (moody HC between Converge & Jr. Ewing, ex-Cinder)
SEVERANCE -"Godspeed" (HC/R'n'R between Endstand, As Friends Rust & Boy Sets Fire)
SEWN SHUT -"Rediscovering The Dead" (29 songs of fierce, heavy Scandinavian Grind-Core)
SHACKLED DOWN -"The Crew" (80's TrashHC style between Sick Of It All,DRI,Septic Death)
SHADOWS FALL -"Somber Eyes To The Sky" (Metal-Core/Death,In Flames, Metallica, Slayer)
SHANDON -"Not So Happy..." (Ska-Punk,Less Than Jake / Lag Wagon / Voodoo Glow Skulls)
SHANK -"Coded Messages In Slowed Down..." (PowerViolence, Crossed Out / Left For Dead)
SHEDDING SKIN -"Protection" (incredibly brutal, heavy political MetalGrindCore that IS scary)
SHEREGANO -"Field" (screaming Emo-Core between Boy Sets Fire and Refused)
SHORTCUT / ASIDE - split (2 fast, political oldschool-Thrash HC bands, WHN? / DS-13 style)
SHORT FUSE - s/t (fast,raw HC/Punk, think 80's Boston school, Minor Threat & Circle Jerks)
SHORTLIFE - s/t (brutal metallic oldschool/newschool SxE HC)
SILBATO - s/t (screaming chaotic Emo between Ebullition school and San Diego sound)
SILBATO -"5.4" (Ebullition/Gravity sound, Emo-Core, Orchid, Angel Hair, Portraits Of Past)
SILENCE AFTER TRAGEDY / PHOENIX - split (Metal-Core USA/Italy between Zao/Converge)
SINCE BY MAN -"Pictures From..." (US Post-Core,Refused/Dillinger Escape Plan, Revelation)
SINKING SHIPS -"Meridian" (US oldschool HC, Champion/Turning Point, ex-Stay Gold)
SIX & VIOLENCE -"Petty Staycheck" (joking newschool/oldschool HC from NYC)
SIX REASONS TO KILL / ABSIDIA - split (brutal stuff, Death Metal/HardCore,for Carcass fans)
SIX TOYS -"Forbidden War" (melodic HC/Punk between Bad Religion and Propagandhi)
SKANKIN' PICKLE -"The Green Album" (really cool Ska-Punk from USA)
SKETCH -"Best Kid In Town" (melodic Emo-Pop a là Jimmy Eat World/Weezer/Saves The Day)
SLIGHT -"Everything Starts..." (heartfelt HC between Boy Sets Fire and Refused, 15 songs)
SLIT -"Cronaca Nera..." (Death Metal-HC between Shadows Fall, Suffocation and Biohazard)
SLUP -"Escalator" (fine melodic Punk Rock with Ska and Reggae influences)
SNOT ROCKETS -"Liberty Blues" (melodic Punk a là Guttermouth/Youth Brigade)
SOAK -"Kaos" (great Street Punk with melody + Ramones/Sex Pistols covers,7 euro)
SOFA KING KILLER -"Midnight Magic" (Sludge/Metal/HC, mix Down, Eyehategod, Entombed)
SOLID -"Total Rush" (Metal-HC as Hatebreed from H800 scene in Belgium, ex-Spirit Of Youth)
SOLID GROUND -"Can't Stop Now" (NY style HC, Madball / Judge / Killing Time)
SONIC DOLLS -"I'm A Flower, Too" (Screeching Weasel meets The Queers, the new album!)
SONIC DOLLS -"Bionik" (super-melodic Punk Rock between Screeching Weasel and Queers)
SONIC DOLLS -"Riot At The Sheep Dog Trials" (Punk Rock,Screeching Weasel / Queers)
SONS OF CYRUS -"Monkey Business (Singles & Rarities)" (20 rare / unreleased songs here)
SONS OF SLAUGHTER -"The Extermination Strain" (MetalGrind,Morbid Angel/Napalm Death)
SPARKLE OF HOPE -"It's Calculated Murder" (Mosh-Core a là As I Lay Dying / Darkest Hour)
SPINA NEL FIANCO -"Sulla Cattiva Strada" (Oi/Street Punk a là 4 Skins / Oxymoron)
SPINKICK -"Giving It Back" (heavy HC like Donnybrook / Terror / Hoods)
SPRING OF RAGE -"The Glory Of Nothing" CD (screaming, horror inspired HC with melody & choruses. Incredibly mature and unlike anything else. Artwork by Kevin Cross / Pitch Black)
S.S.S. -"Short Sharp Shock" (Thrash-Metal-Core between Cro-Mags,SOD,Black Flag,Anthrax)
S.S.S.P. -"For Life" (New York Oi/Street Punk/HC, ex-Warzone and Kill Your Idols)
STAKES -"Real Tigers" (great US Oldschool HC, Champion/Carry On/Internal Affairs)
STANDING STRONG -"Oro E Merda" (New York style HC with a touch of Oi, for Madball fans)
STANDING TALL -"Swallow The Gods" (crazy Metal-Core, Botch / Coalesce / Starkweather)
STATE OF DISGRACE / OFF MY CHEST - split (oldschool from USA/NL,G. Biscuits,Carry On)
STEAM -"70 Time 7" (excellent SxE HC between Stretch Armstrong, Strife and Ignite)
STEP AHEAD -"There's Always Hope" (oldschool HC, 7 Seconds / G. Biscuits / H2O / Civ)
STEREO -"Rewind + Record" (very melodic Pop-Punk-Indie, Jimmy Eat World / Piebald)
STOCKYARD STOICS -"Catastrophe" (melodic US Punk, Leatherface, Rancid, US Bombs)
STOCKYARD STOICS -"Resistance" (US Punk,Rancid/US Bombs,ex-F-Minus,Leftover Crack)
STRAIGHT CORNER -"Bad Heroes" (HC/Punk between old AFI, Nerve Agents & Poison Idea)
STRENGTH APPROACH -"Sick Hearts Die Young" (great oldschool HC, cover by Mike Bukowsky)
STRIPED BASSTARDS -"Di(y)scography" (fast,rough,melodic Punk/HC to sing along)
STRIVING HIGHER - s/t (oldschool HC like Sick Of It All, Gorilla Biscuits, Warzone, Bane)
STRONG INTENTION -"What Else..." (Thrash-Core, What Happens Next? / Negative Approach)
STUBBORN -"Settling Of Scores" (powerful HC a là Kickback, Sworn Enemy)
SUBTERRANEAN KIDS -"Ya No Hay Tiempo" (HC a là SNFU/early Dag Nasty)
SUDARSHANA -"La Rebelion Del Corazon" (ace melodic HC/Punk, best S. American band!)
TAXI -"Yu Tolk Tu Mach" (rockin' Punk Rock a là Dictators / Dead Boys)
TERMINUS -"Graveyard Of Dreams" (Punk between Misfits, Normahl, DK's, New Model Army)
TERVEET KADET -"Sign Of The Cross" (legendary Finnish HC band with their 90's release)
THAT VERY TIME I SAW... -"Observing Life..." (Emo a là Get Up Kids / Jimmy Eat World)
THINGS WE SAY -"Our Decisions" (EXCELLENT Oldschool HC, Youth Of Today / First Step)
THINKTANK -"Here Is The Moment" (Alkaline Trio meets Rival Schools meets Gameface)
THIRD DEGREE -"Outstay" (furious Grind-Core between Napalm Death, Neurosis, Godflesh)
TOASTERS -"Enemy Of The System" (the longest running US Ska band from New York)
TOM AND BOOT BOYS -"30s Punx Go For It!" (Japanese Punk, Exploited meets Partisans)
TODAY WE RISE-"Overcoming The Archetype" (HC between Comeback Kid / As I Lay Dying)
UNTIL THE FALL -"Enslaved" (from US, mix Slayer, DRI, Testament and Sepultura)
V.A. -"Fiesta Comes Alive!" (Man Is The Bastard,C. Casualties,His Hero Is Gone,..Crust/Grind)
V.A. -"Generations" (Go It Alone,Internal Affairs,Mental,Sinking Ships,Righteous Jams,...HC) 
V.A. -"Go!" (Propagandhi,I Spy,Grade,Submission Hold,M-Blanket,...Punk/HC)
V.A. -"I Giorni Della Rabbia" (Bedboys,Disper-Azione,Kobra,Rappresaglia,...80's HC/Punk)
V.A. -"Memories Of Tomorrow" (Carry On, WHN?, Holding On, Life's Halt, Vitamin X,...HC)
V.A. -"There's No Place..." (Good Clean Fun, Jr. Ewing, Catharsis, Endstand, Leiah,...HC)
V.A. -"The Thought Remains The Same" (Offspring,AFI,Vandals,TSOL,Guttermouth..US Punk)
V.A. -"Tribute To Agression" (DI,Verbal Abuse,MDC,Channel 3,JFA,Retching Red,McRad,...Punk)
V.A. -"Tribute To GG Allin & The Jabbers" (Antiseen,Nerds,Cocksuckers,...+ 4 GG Allin songs!)
V.A. -"Tribute To Warzone" (25 Ta Life,Values Intact,Strength Approach,Backsight,...HC)
VALUE DRIVEN -"Back Where It Starts" (oldschool SxE HC, Youth Of Today,In My Eyes,BTAT)
VALUES INTACT -"Dear Hometown" (furious, angry, screaming oldschool HC between Carry On, Battery, Give Up The Ghost and Youth Of Today. Lots of new tracks & a bonus SSD cover)
VANILLA SKY -"Waiting For Something" (super-melodic Pop-Punk, Good Charlotte / Blink 182)
VEGAS -"Wake" (Metal-Core inspired by Integrity, with Dwid from Integrity on guest vocals!)
VOORHEES -"13" (fast, raw HardCore assault from UK)
WAKING KILLS THE DREAM -"Standing..." (US Metal-Core, Shai Hulud / Boy Sets Fire)
WASTED -"Down And Out" (wild Street Punk a là Dropkick Murphys and Rancid)
WASTED -"Here We Go Again" (crazy Street Punk between Partisans and Dropkick Murphys)
WASTED -"Heroes Amongst Thieves" (cool Punk Rock, Rancid meets Social Distortion)
WASTED -"Suppress & Restrain" (Rancid meets Anti Flag meets Voice Of A Generation)
WEEKLY CAROUSE -"We Ain't Shit!" (melodic & powerful HC/Punk, Millencolin / Toten Hosen)
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? / OVERTHHHROW - split (US Thrash-Core vs fast metallic HC)
WHERE FEAR AND WEAPONS MEET -"The Weapon" (HC,Gorilla Biscuits / Good Clean Fun)
WHITE FLAG -"Eternally Undone" (Punk-Rock/Power Pop,mix Green Day,Muffs & Doughboys)
WHOREHOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES -"Decay" (US Crust with female vox)
WORDS AWAY -"These Past Weeks" (melodic Emo-Punk a là Small Brown Bike / HWM)
WRATH - s/t (US Metal-Core, Earth Crisis, Terror, Bury Your Dead and Cast Aside)
ZOINKS! -"Stranger Anxiety" (real good Pop-Punk from USA, on Dr. Strange)
ZOINKS! -"Bad Move Space Kadet" (great Pop-Punk from California)

CD:                         8 euro

ALEXISONFIRE -"Crisis" (the newest album by this GREAT Canadian Emo band!)
ALEXISONFIRE / MONEEN - split (great Emo from Canada, aggressive and melodic)
ALEXISONFIRE -"Watch Out!" (melodic, screaming Emo, Thursday meets Avenged Sevenfold)
ALEXISONFIRE - s/t (the debut album of this screaming but melodic Canadian Emo band)
ALLIANCE -"Time Heals Nothing" (tough newschool HC with NY influence, ex-Earthmover)
AMANDA WOODWARD -"Ultramort" (cool Emo, Alcatraz, Jasmine, Yaphet Kotto, Fingerprint)
AMANDA WOODWARD -"La Decadence..." (great Emo/HC, Yaphet Kotto, Off Minor, Hot Cross)
BLACK UNIFORMS -"Splatter Punx On Acid" (Swedish Horror-Core, pre-Driller Killer)
BOLD -"The Search 1985-1989" (the complete discography of this US SxE HC band)
BREAD AND CIRCUITS - s/t (screaming, political Emo-HC from California,ex-Fuel/Torches To Rome)
B.U.S.H. -"New American Century" (80's style HC a là Wasted Youth/JFA, ex-I Shot Cyrus)
CAN'T DECIDE - s/t (80's HC between Bad Brains, SNFU and Government Issue, ex- Heresy / Ripcord)
CAPITAL -"Homefront" (great HC, As Friends Rust / Dag Nasty / Black Flag, Revelation)
CASSETTES -"O'er The Mountain" (Indie Pop from Washington DC, ex Frodus / Dead Meadows)
CERVELLI STANKI -"Street Rock'n'Roll" (legendary Street Punk/Oi/R'n'R band from Italy)
CHAMBERLAIN -"The Moon My Saddle" (really good Emo-Indie from the US, 11 songs)
CHAMBERLAIN -"Exit 263" (good Indie-Emo from USA, ex-Split Lip)
CHRISTIANSEN -"Stylish Nihilists" (Post-Core between At The Drive In, Jawbox and Ink & Dagger)
COMIN' CORRECT -"Straight Edge Or Not" (22 songs,NY HC-Metal,covers by 7 Seconds,YOT,Warzone,A. Front)
COMIN' CORRECT / CAIN / ON FALL -"Worldwide HxC..." (brutal HC from NYC and Italy)
CRIPPLE BASTARDS -"Almost Human" (50 tracks from 7"s and compilations, ultra Grind-Core)
CURL UP AND DIE -"The One Above All,..." (innovative Emo/Post-Core/Metal mix, Revelation)
DRONGOS FOR EUROPE -"Hotline To Hades" (legendary Punk Rock band from England)
DUKES UP - s/t (fast US Oldschool HC in the vein of Ruiner or Sinking Ships)
END OF A YEAR -"Sincerely" (DC style Emo-Punk, Rites Of Spring,Embrace,Dag Nasty,Braid)
EXTERNAL MENACE -"The Process Of Elimination" (legendary Scottish Punk band, 22 songs!)
GAMEFACE -"Every Last Time" (super-melodic Pop-Punk from California, on Revelation)
GAMEFACE -"Always On" (more great tunes from one of the most melodic Pop-Punk bands)
GRACER -"Voices Travel" (calm Emo between Sunny Day Real Estate / Sigur Ros,Revelation)
GROOVIE GHOULIES -"Go! Stories" (melodic Punk Rock between Ramones, S. Weasel and MTX)
HARD-ONS -"Most People Are A Waste Of Time" (the newest album, super melodic Pop-Punk)
HOT WATER MUSIC -"Forever And Counting" (one of the best Emo-Punk bands on this great CD)
ICEBURN -"Land Of Wind And Ghosts" (the last album, VERY original Post-Core from USA)
JOHNNY ANGEL -"...They Have Lift Off..." (chaotic, spastic US HC a là Swing Kids, ex - Unbroken)
JUDAS FACTOR -"Kiss Suicide" (screamo PostCore,Assfactor 4/Torches To Rome,Revelation)
JUDAS FACTOR -"Ballads In Blue China" (screaming HC/Post-Core, ex-108, Resurrection)
KAOSPILOT -"Discografi" (chaotic Emo-HardCore, includes even their rarest tracks)
KILLING FLAME -"Nine More Lives" (California HC supergroup, ex-Ignite,No For An Answer,..)
KILL YOUR IDOLS -"Live At CBGB's" (in your face East Coast HC/Punk with an 80's touch)
LEFTOVER CRACK -"Fuck World Trade" (Ska-Punk between Operation Ivy and Sick Of It All)
NERVE AGENTS -"Days Of The White Owl" (angry and furious Horror-Core-Punk, Revelation)
NEVER SURRENDER / FACE THE ENEMY - split (US HC supergroups; ex- YOT, Battery)
NEW WINDS -"This Fire These Words 1996-2006" (oldschool HC, 30 rare/unreleased songs!)
NOTHING DONE -"Power Trip" (aggressive 80's style HC, A. Front/Black Flag/Shark Attack)
NOTHING DONE -"Everybody Knows" (Black Flag/Circle Jerks/Negative Approach, new CD!)
OTOPHOBIA -"Malignant" (fast political Crust-Grind from Philadelphia, on Slap A Ham)
OUTBREAK -"Information Overload" (great HC between As Friends Rust, Grade and Randy)
PHYSICAL CHALLENGE -"I Quit" (US oldschool HC with melody, Suicide File / Stay Gold)
PIEBALD -"We Are The Only Friends We Have" (US Emo, Jimmy Eat World / Get Up Kids)
PITCH BLACK -"This Is The Modern Sound" (US Horror Punk,TSOL/Wipers, ex-Nerve Agents)
PROPAGANDHI / CRIA CUERVOS - split (Canadian Punk legends vs French Punk Rock!)
RATOS DE PORAO -"Sistemados Pelo Crucifa" (legendary Brazilian fast HC/Thrash band)
RAW POWER -"Too Tough To Burn" (blasting HC from the oldest HC band in Italy!)
RAW POWER -"...Still Screaming" (the newest CD by this glorious Italian HC band)
REAZIONE -"Best Of!" (26 anthems of Oi/Punk from this legendary Italian band)
RIGHT BRIGADE - s/t (US oldschool HC, ex-American Nightmare, Fastbreak and In My Eyes)
SATANIC SURFERS -"Taste The Poison" (melodic HC, Bad Religion, Snuff, Face To Face)
SENSEFIELD - s/t (melodic Emo, think Sunny Day Real Estate, JEW, Jawbreaker, Revelation)
SENSEFIELD -"Building" (third album, US Emo between Jimmy Eat World, SDRE & Seaweed)
SHELL SHOCK -"Born To Kill" (NYHC, think Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Cause For Alarm)
SPAZZ -"Sweatin' II..." (sort of discography release for these US GrindCore masters)
SUBMISSION HOLD -"Waiting For Another Monkey..." (Post-Core on Ebullition + free sticker!)
SUBMISSION HOLD -"Sackcloth And Ashes" (Canadian political PostCore with female vocals)
TEXAS IS THE REASON -"Do You Know Who You Are?" (melodic Emo/Indie from NYC)
THIS MACHINE KILLS -"Death In The..." (excellent screamo HC from California, crazy!)
THREATS -"Demos & Rarities" (27 songs of great Scottish Punk Rock from 1977-1983)
THREATS -"Twelve Punk Moves" (new album, Partisans meet Abrasive Wheels meet GBH)
UNRUH -"Misery Strengthened Fith" (18 songs of Metal-Core from this legendary US band)
VOIDS -"Sounds Of Failure..." (fast Punk with female vocals, Avengers / Vice Squad)
VOIDS -"Kill A Generation" (fast Punk with female vox,Avengers/Cirle Jerks/Vice Squad)
YAPHET KOTTO -"The Killer Was In..." (chaotic US Emo-Core, Policy Of 3/Iconoclast/Current)
YAPHET KOTTO -"Syncopated Synthetic..." (2 guitar/2 vocals energetic Emo attack, Ebullition)
YAPHET KOTTO -"We Bury Our Dead Alive" (complex, screaming Emo-Core,Ebullition)

CD:                         9 euro

AMPERE -"The First Five Years" (30 song discography of their hard to find stuff, Screamo)
AMPERE -"All Our Tomorrows..." (wild, fast Emo-Violence meets Hot Cross, ex-Orchid, 3")
ANNIHILATION TIME - s/t (Californian HC/Punk in the vein of early Black Flag / Bl'ast!)
AS FRIENDS RUST -"A Young Trophy Band..." (FANTASTIC HC/Punk from the US,lots of melody)
AS FRIENDS RUST -"Won" (US HC/Punk with punch and melody, Dag Nasty,Shelter,Danzig)
AT HALF-MAST -"Fathers And Sons" (modern HC between Newschool and Oldschool, 2nd album)
BATTERY -"Whatever It Takes..." (GREAT anthemic oldschool HC with melody, Revelation)
BETTER THAN A THOUSAND -"Just One" (quick HC from the US, ex-Youth Of Today, Battery)
CHAIN OF STRENGTH -"The One Thing That Still Holds True" (superb oldschool SxE HC, Revelation)
CHANNEL 3 -"CH3" (legendary Los Angeles Punk band is back with the new material!)
CHAMPION -"Time Slips Away" (excellent oldschool HC you all know well, on Bridge 9 / CBR)
CHEIFS -"Holly-West Crisis" (early 80's original California Punk Rock that is hard to find on vinyl)
COHEED AND CAMBRIA -"The Second Stage Turbine Blade" (FANTASTIC Emo-Indie-Pop)
DAG NASTY -"Minority Of One" (melodic Punk/HC for this legendary band, Revelation)
DOWN BY LAW -"Fly The Flag" (longstanding melodic Punk band from California, ex-Dag Nasty, All)
DOWN TO NOTHING -"The Most" (energetic Oldschool HC between Gorilla Biscuits and Judge, Revelation)
FARSIDE -"Rochambeau" (the debut album for this great Emo-Punk band on Revelation)
FARSIDE -"Rigged" (an AMAZING Emo-Punk from California, melodic, heavy and powerful)
FASTBREAK -"Whenever You're Ready" (Boston oldschool HC with lots of melody, on Revelation)
FREEZE -"Land Of The Lost/Rabid Reaction" (first 2 albums + 7",26 songs,great Punk/HC)
FREEZE -"One False Move" (great legendary Punk/HC band from Boston, top release!)
GET UP KIDS -"Guilt Show" (the last album by this great Emo-Pop band, has videos!)
GOOD CLEAN FUN -"Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda" (great oldschool HC that's really fun!)
GOOD RIDDANCE -"Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection" (their last album, Fat Wreck)
GORILLA BISCUITS -"Start Today" (the best HC album EVER, don't miss it, on Revelation)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE -"Strange Wine" (28 songs of great Punk/HC from this legendary DC band)
ICONOCLAST - s/t (contains all the 7"s by this US band; chaotic, screaming HC, on Ebullition)
IGNITE -"Call On My Brothers" (FANTASTIC oldschool HC, one of the BEST HC albums ever!)
IN MY EYES -"The Difference Between" (the debut album, oldschool HC, artwork by Pushead)
IN MY EYES -"Nothing To Hide" (Boston oldschool HC with hints of melody, on Revelation)
INTEGRITY -"Sliver In The Hands Of Time" (rare Integrity songs from 7"s,compilations,...brutal!)
JIMMY EAT WORLD -"Singles" (the singles collection of this amazing US Emo band!)
JUSTICE - s/t (great oldschool HC between Youth Of Today, SSD, Warzone & Straight Ahead)
LAG WAGON -"Resolve" (the new album of this super melodic Punk/HC band on Fat Wreck)
LIVING HELL -"The Lost And The Damned" (Metal-HC, Cro-Mags/Judge/Ringworm, Revelation)
MAN IS THE BASTARD -"DIY" (US Grind, collection of splits, 7"s and unreleased stuff)
MAD CADDIES -"Keep It Going" (US melodic Ska-Punk on Fat Wreck, the newest album)
MAD PARADE -"Re-Issues" (first 2 LP's and 7"s, melodic US Punk a là Social Distortion)
M.D.C. -"Magnus Dominus Corpus" (new album by this legendary US HC/Punk band)
MXPX -"The Renaissance" (ultra melodic Pop-Punk, you'll soon be singing along to this!)
NO DOUBT -"The Beacon Street Collection" (early recordings by this US Ska-Punk band)
NOFX -"Wolves In Wolves' Clothing" (the newest NOFX album, if you don't have it - get it!!)
NOFX -"The War On Errorism" (one of their best albums, contains a video!!)
OI POLLOI -"Six Of The Best" (collection of 7"s for this great Anarcho-Punk band from UK)
ORCHID -"Chaos Is Me"/"Dance Tonight..." (2 albums on 1 CD, chaotic, screaming stuff, USA)
ORCHID -"Gatefold" (their last album, chaotic, screaming stuff, USA, on Ebullition)
PARTISANS -"Idiot Nation" (one of the best Punk bands ever is back with the new songs!!)
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES -"Loud Blaring Punk Rock" (see above)
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES -"Supermodels" (awesome melodic Punk)
R.A.M.B.O. -”Wall Of Death...” (pissed off political oldschool US HC with great choruses)
REFUSED -"This Just Might Be..." (their first full length from '93, great HardCore)
REVERSAL OF MAN -"This Is Medicine" (chaotic,harsh Screamo-Core from Florida, Ebullition)
ROUGH -"Indelebile" (discography of legendary Italian Oi/Punk from early '80s along w Nabat)
SHAI HULUD -"That Within Blood Ill-Tempered" (new album, great US melodic HC-Metal)
SHAI HULUD -"A Comprehensive Retrospective" (early recordings by this US HC-Metal band)
SHAI HULUD -"Hearts Once Nourished..." (debut full length for this US HC-Metal band)
SHAI HULUD -"A Profound Hatred Of Man" (great US HC/Metal on Revelation, new artwork)
SHOOK ONES -"Facetuous Folly Feat" (melodic HC between Lifetime & Kid Dynamite)
SICK OF IT ALL -"Life On The Ropes" (the kings of NYHC are still angry, the new album)
SICK OF IT ALL -"Outtakes For The Outcast" (outtakes + covers, Misfits, Sham 69,Husker Du)
SIDE BY SIDE -"You're Only Young Once..." (fast, 88 crew oldschool HC from NY, Revelation)
SIGNS OF HOPE - "First And Foremost" (US Oldschool HC,Chain Of Strength,In My Eyes,TYF)
SINKING SHIPS -"Disconnecting" (Seattle oldschool HC between Champion and Betrayed)
SKULLS -"Therapy For The Shy" (legendary Los Angeles Punk band, ex-Adicts, ex-Gears)
STALAG 13 -"In Control" (one of the classics of the 80's California HC, a must have!)
STRUGGLE -"Anthology" (rough DC style HC from the US, pre-Swing Kids, Unbroken, Locust)

Double CDs:                 9 euro

V.A. -"5 Anni Sulla Strada" (PHP,Rappresaglia,Los Fastidios,Derozer,This Side Up,Dint,...Punk, HC)
V.A. -"Punk E Contaminazioni" (Raw Power,Derozer,Peter Punk,Moravagine,Pornoriviste,...Punk, HC)
V.A. -"Punk E Contaminazioni 2" (Los Fastidios,Gamits,Klasse Kriminale,Travoltas,FFD,...Punk,Oi,HC)
V.A. -"Tribute To Poison Idea" (Kill Your Idols, Ratos de Porao,... digipack CD + HUGE booklet!)

Double CDs:               10 euro

CHAMBERLAIN -"Five Year Diary 1996-2000" (demos + hard to find tracks,US Emo/Indie Rock)
OFF MINOR / KILLIE - split (an INCREDIBLY beautiful release, both in music AND the
packaging, here we have New York Emo/Screamo vs Japanese chaotic Emo, a MUST have!!)
PHOENIX BODIES -"Too Much Information" (discography, US Grind/Power Violence, CD + DVD)

Double CDs:               12 euro

ECONOCHRIST -"Discography" (41 songs of superb political HC 1988-93,+ a huge booklet!)
ELLIOTT -"Photorecording" (Emo/Post-Core between Jimmy Eat World/Radiohead,CD + DVD)
NOFX -"45 Or 46 Songs..." (tons of rare recordings by NOFX on a double CD!!!)

DVDs:                    7 euro

KILLIE -"Ressurrection" (Japanese chaotic Emo-HardCore)
V.A. -"Ten Years Fight Fest" (live material plus interviews subtitled in English and Spanish with:
Purification, Kafka, Defdump, Downright, Evolution So Far, Headed Nowhere, Never Was,...HC/Punk)
V.A. -"The Way It Goes..." (Champion, Give Up The Ghost, Shai Hulud, Comeback Kid,...HC)

LPs:                     3 euro

DEEPWATER - s/t (members of Encounter, Point Of View & Policy Of 3, USA)
DING -"It's 97% Genuine..." (Emo-Punk with screaming vocals, USA)
MEATHEAD -"Street Knowledge" (international Alternative band, atari & stuff)
MIRIAMPLACE -"Get In The Sulky" (melodic HC in the vein of NOFX,Snuff)
NAKED ANGELS -"Pornocracy" (weird Punk/HC band from USA)
REALIGN -"The Urban Rock Addiction" (Newschool / Post-Core between Jr Ewing & Refused)
TVTV$ -"Blow Up The World" (melodic Punk Rock from California)
TRIP INSIDE - same (melodic Emo-Core with emphasis on Pop)
UGLY FOOD -"Seneca Boulevard" (weird Emo-Punk-Core)
V.A. -"Panic Now!" (NOFX, Good Riddance, Punkreas, Horace Pinker,...melodic Punk)

LPs:                      4 euro

ADAM DOVE -"Aftershock" (modern Rock/Indie Pop from ex-Split Lip / Chamberlain vocalist)
ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED -"When Potential..." (Canadian Emo-Punk, Grade / HWM)
ANGELS IN THE ARCHITECTURE -"The Distance..." (Emo-Pop, Elliott/Jawbox / Alkaline Trio)
ARNO DE CEA  -"Aloha From Cestas" (13 songs of cool Surf-Pop-Punk)
BABIES THREE -"A Hole Where My..." (Boy Sets Fire meets Twelve Hour Turn!)
FALLEN -"Eight Ways Of Domination" (fast, political HC-Metal HC a là Unbroken / Indecision)
JASON / RADIKALKUR - split (Agnostic Front style HC vs political Crust-HC/Metal)
KROMBACHERKELLERKINDER -"Audiophone..." (fast, melodic oldschool Skate HC/Punk)
PHILIPPE -"The Essence In Numbers" (complex Emo-Core like 400 Years,Kurt)
SCOTT RITCHER -"Nashville Geographic" (good mixture of Indie Rock / Pop,ex-Metroschifter)

LPs:                      5 euro

ALDERKNOT -"Barn Overload" (melodic & emotive Punk a là Game Face)
ANALENA -"Carbon Based" (screamy melodic Emo,female vocals,Further Seems Forever/Boy Sets Fire)
BACKLASH -"Inside"  (strong,heavy & furious HC from NJ, USA)
ENDWISE -"Hacienda" (melodic Indie/Post-HC, Quicksand, Hot Water Music, Boy Sets Fire)
FEAR MY THOUGHTS -"Vitriol" (Metal-Core between Converge, At The Gates & Shai Hulud)
HITTING BIRTH -"Love Me" (crazy music with its roots in Punk somewhere)
LOMBEGO SURFERS -"Seven Pleasures" (Surf/R'n'R/Punk, the newest album!)
LOMBEGO SURFERS -"Full Tank Of Tiki" (Surf/R'n'R, between Link Wray & Radio Birdman)
LONE WOLVES -"Eat Ya!" (Garage Punk from USA, on clear vinyl!)
LOST -"Fear Strach" (evil metallic heavy HC with powerful female vocals, hell on Earth!)
LUNCHBOX -"Juggernaut" (melodic Punk DC school a là Dag Nasty)
MEADOWLARK / SLAVE ONE - split (Post Emo-Core from USA)
PEACE OF MIND -"All Set To..." (great oldschool melodic Emo/Punk/HC)
PEACE OF MIND / STRANGE FRUIT - split (Crust-Emo-Punk from Germany)
PORTER HALL -"10 Month Soundtrack" (Canadian Pop-Punk, on orange vinyl!)
PRISON 11 -"Sidekicks" (great melodic Punk, between Leatherface and MC4)
V.A. -"Left For Dead" (Strychnine, Pressgang, Dutchland Diesel,...Emo/Punk)
WALTER ELF -"Dedication" (the band is playing covers on this MLP, melodic Punk Rock)

LPs:                     6 euro

ABSONE -"A Last Kiss Before" (brutal SxE DeathCore, Converge / Arkangel / 18 Visions)
ABSTAIN -"World Full Of Zombies" (ultrafast Californian Grind-Core a là Infest/Heresy/Disrupt)
ACTIVE MINDS / PETROGRAD - split (amazing political HC from UK / Lux)
BEER MOSH -"Pesadilla" (HC/Thrash/Metal from Spain)
BETWEEN THE LINES -"Wake Up Call" (modern oldschool HC between Sick Of It All + Strife)
CABLE CAR THEORY -"Fables And Fictions..." (great Emo, Samiam / Boy Sets Fire)
CONTRASTO / NAGASAKI NIGHTMARE - split (ultra-fast political HC vs Scandi-Crust/HC)
ED -"Nailed To The Board" (fast Skate-Thrash-Core between RKL, Indigesti and Hirax)
FLOP DOWN -"97/01 Fragments Of Life" (angry, fast melodic HC from Italy)
FOR THE DAY -"Love Isn't..." (Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music fans take note!great!)
FOR THE DAY -"Sofa So Good" (Jawbreaker meets Leatherface meets Hot Water Music)
FOUNDATION - s/t (acoustic side project of Ann Beretta frontman, Tom Waits / Johnny Cash)
JANUARY STAR -"Home Without A Heart" (Emo-Pop a là Jimmy Eat World / Get Up Kids)
JONES -"Gravity Blues" (melodic Punk a là Leatherface, ex- Leatherface / HDQ)
MUDHEAD -"Brutal Time" (powerful italian HC)
NULA / E.M.S. - split (Anarcho Punk / Oi Polloi from Croatia vs Austrian Screamo/Crust/Punk)
SONIC DOLLS -"I'm A Flower, Too" (Screeching Weasel meets The Queers, the new album!)
SONIC DOLLS -"Riot At The Sheep Dog Trials" (melodic Punk Rock, S. Weasel / Queers)
STILLICIDIO - s/t (intense HC / Grind / Power Violence from Italy)
STRAGE / EGOTISMO - split (Italian Grind from hell!!)
SUNSHINE -"Nice Songs..." (melodic Emo-Core)
SUPER DELUXE -"Famous" (Seattle Power-Pop,Lemonheads/Goo Goo Dolls)
THRASH BRIGADE / BURST UP - split (Italian Thrash-Core vs fast HC a là Spazz)
V.A. -"Maloka" (Agathocles, Petrograd, Charlie Don't Surf, Shears,...HC/Grind)
V.A. -"Monte Paradiso" (Crunch, Derozer, Scuffy Dogs, Nula, Apatridi,...Punk/HC)
V.A. -"Weeds In The Garden Vol.2" (Nerve Agents, Out Cold, Decay,...Punk USA)

LPs:                     7 euro

AFTERSHOCK -"Through The Looking Glass" (awesome HC-Death Metal mix from the US)
AMERICAN RUSE -"Break It Down" (Detroit Punk'n'Roll sound, Stooges, MC5, OUT OF PRINT)
BEYOND DESCRIPTION -"Acts Of Sheer Madness" (great longlasting HC/Crust band, Japan)
BEYOND PINK -"Jedan Dva, Jebla Te Ja" (all female 2 vox raging HardCore from Sweden)
BLEED INTO ONE -"Words Can't Save Us Now" (NYHC, DeathThreat, Hatebreed, Cro-Mags)
BOOGIE PUNKERS -"The Brooklyn Sessions" (Rock'n'Roll/Punk/Surf/Punkabilly, great!)
BROTHER'S KEEPER / DISEMBODIED - split (US Metal/HC, covers by Danzig & Quicksand)
BUTT TRUMPET -"Primitive Enema" (great Punk with female vocals, USA)
CATARACT -"Golem" (fast, roaring, pissed off HardCore with Metal riffs)
CINDER -"Sneaking Out" (great fast oldschool HC, think Life's Halt / Negative Approach)
CIRCLE -"Vaudeville" (rocking HardCore between Refused, Boy Sets Fire and Since By Man)
CONFRONTO -"Sanctuarium" (vegan Straight Edge HC a là Earth Crisis / Point Of No Return)
CONGRESS -"Resurrection" (legendary Newschool HC/Death Metal band from H-800 scene)
COMA - s/t (heavy Crust-Core/D-beat from Sweden, 15 songs, great art by Mike Bukowski!)
COPPER -"Drag Queen" (Emo / Pop with female vocals on Equal Vision records)
CORPUS VILE -"What Does It..." (fast metallic 80's Thrash/HC from the US, rare)
DAMAGED GOODS -"Fever" (Oldschool HC/Punk, B side etched eye-like, cool!)
DEAD CITY REBELS -"Trashed (Rare & Unreleased)" (Punk'n'Roll,think Ramones/Devil Dogs)
DISARM -"Mustard Gas" (Grind-Core/Power-Violence, think Assuck, Nausea, ENT)
DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS -"Los Dias..." (Post-Rock,Milemarker/Mogwai/Christie Front Drive)
DRIVING THE SALT -"The Ghosts...” (oldschool HC, Strike Anywhere/Good Riddance, BLUE)
FACE TOMORROW -"For Who You Are" (melodic Emo/Indie, At The Drive In / Boy Sets Fire)
FORCED TO DECAY -"Perkussive Perlokution" (cool heavy HardCore)
FORTUNATE SONS -"Burned Again" (great Punk'n'Roll a là Devil Dogs / Supersuckers)
GHOULIES -"Communication" (great, energetic R'n'R/Punk a là Hives/Zeke/New Bomb Turks)
GHOULIES -"Reclaim The World" (high energy, fast R'n'R/Punk,Hives/Zeke/New Bomb Turks)
HABEAS CORPUS -"Justicia" (legendary HC-Metal band, comes with insert)
HITCH -"We Are Electric!" (Post-Core, think Unwound, Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu)
I FARM -"IV" (US HC/Punk with 80's flavour, melodic but very varied)
I FARM -"Is Lying To Be Popular" (US HC/Punk, Leatherface meets Dillinger Escape Plan)
JILTED / MURDER DISCO X - split (Italian HC/Crust vs HC ex-Detestation, ex-CBU)
JUGGLING JUGULARS -"...For Humanity" (fast 80's HC/Punk, Minor Threat / Seein' Red)
LOST GOAT / GRINCH - split (dirty R'nR / Punk vs. Neurosis style Post-Core)
MALKOVICH -"A Criminal Record" (rocking chaotic HC, on RED vinyl!)
MARTYR A.D. -"The Human Condition..." (heavy, technical Newschool HC, ex - Disembodied)
MASSMORD / SHADES OF GREY - split (Scandinavian HC-Crust, ex-Beyond Pink)
MESS MESS MESS -"Could You Bet...?" (80's UK style Punk/HC a là GBH / Exploited)
MOTARDS -"Stardom" (wild, fast and very influential Garage Punk Rock band from Texas)
MR. MIYAGI - s/t (GREAT fast thrashy HC 80's style, Circle Jerks/Minor Threat)
NATIONAL ANTHEMS -"Before The Storm" (Swedish Emo-Pop, Jimmy Eat World/Radiohead)
NO MORE FEAR -"A Matter Of Choice" (oldschool SxEHC,Ignite/Chain Of Strength/YOT/Bold)
PANICS -"1980-1981: Please Panic!" (snotty US Midwest Punk Rock from 1980, on Hate!)
PETROGRAD -"Nine One One" (melodic Punk with male/female vocals)
PHOBIA -"Grind Your Fucking Head In" (Grind-Core/Crust from California,a must!)
PHOBIA -"Serenity Through Pain" (US Crust influenced Grind-Core, 23 songs!)
PHYSICAL CHALLENGE -"I Quit" (oldschool HC like GUTG, Carry On, Suicide File)
PRICKS -"Maximum S&M" (crazy, dirty, fast Punk/R'n'R, Zeke / New Bomb Turks / Hives)
RACETRAITOR / BURN IT DOWN - split (newschool Metal-HardCore from USA, on Trustkill)
REAZIONE -"Prohibited" (legendary Italian Street-Punk/Oi band, 14 new songs!)
RED LIGHTS FLASH -"And Time Goes By" (melodic HC, Anti-Flag meets Propagandhi)
REJECTED YOUTH -"21st Century Loser" (great Street-Punk, Rancid, Partisans, Blitz)
REMISSION -"Ninetyfive To Ninetyeight" (dual vocals fast, political, thrashy HC from USA)
RHYTHM COLLISION -"Clobberer" (the 3rd LP, melodic Punk Rock/HC, USA)
RHYTHM COLLISION -"Now" (the 2nd LP, out of print, melodic Punk Rock, USA)
RIOT BRIGADE -"Here's Our Answer!" (Street-Punk between Anti-Flag and Casualties)
RIVER CITY HIGH -"Won't Turn Down" (great Pop-Punk from US, Piebald / Jimmy Eat World)
RUIN -"Ghost Of The Past" (political D-Beat HC, ex-Doom, ex-Disaffect, ex-Scatha)
RUPTURE -"Lust And Hate" (ultra-Core/Crust/Grind, fast and violent, 24 songs!!!)
SAWN OFF - s/t (ultrafast, political thrashy HC-Crust from UK, on Active / Flat Earth)
SEE YOU IN HELL -"Utok!" (political Crust-Core in an amazing gatefold sleeve)
SHORT FUSE - s/t (fast,raw HC/Punk, think 80's Boston school, Minor Threat & Circle Jerks)
SICKNESS -"4 Bastards" (D-Beat/Crust'n'Roll, covers of Discharge, Motorhead,...)
SIX REASONS TO KILL / ABSIDIA - split (violent Black Metal/HC / brutal MetalCore/Carcass)
SOFA HEAD -"Pre Marital Yodelling" (fantastic female led Pop-Punk from UK, MC4/Snuff)
S.S.S. -"Short Sharp Shock" (Thrash-Metal-Core between Cro-Mags,SOD,Black Flag,Anthrax)
TAXI -"Yu Tolk Tu Mach" (rockin' Punk Rock a là Dictators / Dead Boys)
TERRORGRUPPE -"Fundamental" (excellent melodic Punk Rock, Bad Religion/Buzzcocks)
THE COLE QUINTET -"Get Off Your..." (San Diego style Emo-Chaos)
THE END OF SIX THOUSAND YEARS -"Isolation" (Metal-Post-Core, Isis/Breach)
THROBBIN URGES - s/t (super wild Punk Rock, Germs meet early Damned meet Dead Boys)
THUMBS DOWN -"Crossroads" (youth crew oldschool SxE like Ten Yard Fight / SOIA)
TREPAN NATION -"Banish Gods From Skies..." (fast melodic HC/Punk,USA)
V.A. -"No Time To Panic" (NOFX, Rhythm Collision, Gigantor, 7",Punk)
VANILLA -s/t (really cool French Emo-Rock that has influenced many bands)
WIPERS -"The Herd" (the band that influenced Nirvana, mighty guitar Rock/Punk)
ZOLI BAND -"Live At The MOD" (Ignite members, really good Alternative stuff, hard to find!)

LPs:                    8 euro

BLOODPACT / VARSITY - split (raw oldschool SxE HC from USA. +/- records)
BLUTTAT -"Liberte" (female/male vocals German HC/Punk from 1981, their classic debut!)
BOMBSTRIKE / REIGN OF BOMBS - split (Swedish Crust/D-beat, Mob 47/Skit System)
BREAK IT UP -"No Sides" (GREAT oldschool HC between Uniform Choice & Gorilla Biscuits)
BY NIGHT -"A New Shape Of Desperation" (Thrash/Metal a la Meshuggah, on RED!)
CHAINBREAKER -"Hetzjagd Im Nichts" (80's style HC / Negative Approach,silkscreened cover!)
CINECYDE -"Let's Talk" (cool Punk from Detroit, USA, LONG out of print and hard to find)
DEATH BEFORE WORK -"Messageboard Punx..." (Thrash-Core, 1 sided silk screened disc!)
DEFY FALSE AUTHORITY -""DFA" (pissed off fast Thrash from Canada)
DEGRADATION -"Homeward Bound" (fast oldschool HC Slapshot / SSD / Ensign / Judge)
DEW SCENTED -"Issue VI" (Death/Thrash for fans of Sepultura, Slayer, Sodom, on RED!)
DIECAST -"Tearing Down Your Blue Skies" (Metal-Core from Boston, on BLUE vinyl!!)
ENSTAND -"The Time Is Now" (screaming HC/Punk with a R'n'R touch and lots of melody)
EVERYTHING FALLS APART - s/t (Circle Jerks/Black Flag/Career Suicide type US HC/Punk)
EX-CATHEDRA -"2X4=" (phenomenal Ska-Punk from the UK, long out of print!)
FACE THE ENEMY -"These Two Words" (US oldschool HC, ex-Battery, Mouthpiece)
FACE THE FACT -"Romeo And Juliet..." (heavy stuff between Zao and Strife, clear vinyl!)
GAIA -"This One" (all-female Japanese HC-Crust band, on Sound Pollution records)
GAMEFACE -"Four To Go" (the latest offering from this great Californian Pop-Punk band)
GASCOIGNE -"Massive Assault" (energetic HC in the vein of Modern Life Is War, on RED!)
GHOSTLIMB - s/t (powerful HC with melodic edge from California, beautiful!)
GREEN DAY -"Insomniac" (Pop-Punk that you all know very well!)
GROOVIE GHOULIES -"Go! Stories" (melodic Punk Rock, Ramones / S. Weasel, white!)
GUERILLA -"Zona Antifascista" (political Punk/HC,Conflict/GBH/Violent Society, ltd. 500)
INTERNAL AFFAIRS -"This Is For You..." (rough 80's style US HC, ex-Carry On,Stand & Fight)
KLASSE KRIMINALE -"Stai Vivendo O..." (Italian Oi/Street Punk legends)
LATTERMAN -"No Matter Where..." (singalong Punk Rock, Lawrence Arms/Against Me,BLUE!)
LATTERMAN -"Turn Up The Punk..." (melodic Punk,Against Me meets Hot Water Music,RED!)
M.D.C. -"Hey Cop! If I Had A Face..." (legendary HC/Punk band from California)
MELTDOWN -"Demolition & Demo" (US HC, Cro-Mags, Integrity, Anthrax, ex-Verse, on GREEN!)
NEIGHBORS -"Negative Attraction" (fast US Thrash/HC, Spazz meets Capitalist Casualties)
NEVER SURRENDER / FACE THE ENEMY - split (US HC supergroups; ex-YOT,Mouthpiece)
OI POLLOI / NIKMAT OLALIM - split (Anarcho Punk from Scotland vs HC/Punk from Israel)
PIEBALD -"We Are The Only Friends We Have" (great US Emo,Jimmy Eat World/Get Up Kids)
PISSCHRIST -"Victims Of Faith" (D-Beat/Crust like Disclose / Warcry - new album!)
PISSCHRIST -"Nothing Has Changed" (D-Beat/Crust like Disclose, Warcry and Inepsy)
POINTING FINGER -"Milestone" (12 brand new songs in the vein of Battery, Better Than A
Thousand, In My Eyes. Mature, tuneful, aggressive oldschool HC, on GREEN vinyl!)
RAW POWER -"...Still Screaming" (the new album by this great Italian HC band,US import)
RENTOKILL -"Antichorus" (Strike Anywhere meets Rise Against meets Propagandhi,on PINK)
RISE AND FALL -"Hellmouth" (tough HC between Integrity, Madball, Ringworm and Cro-Mags)
ROVSVETT -"1984-1987" (angry Swedish HC from mid 80's, out of print stuff, 27 songs!)
SAY GOODBYE - s/t (fast/slow thrashy '80s style HC, Black Flag / Minor Threat / N. Approach)
SENSEFIELD / ONE LINE DRAWING - split (nice melodic Emo-Indie-Post-Core from the US)
SNIFFING GLUE -"We Are..." (fast HC like Government Warning/Circle Jerks/Direct Control)
SKIPLOADER -"From Can..." (Seaweed meets Sunny Day Real E., white vinyl!)
SPACE COWBOYS -"Dead End Streets..." (Punk'n'Roll like Hellacopters/Hives, on WHITE)
STRENGTH APPROACH -"Sick Hearts Die Young" (great oldschool HC, ltd. numbered edition)
STRONG INTENTION -"What Else..." (Thrash-Core, What Happens Next? / Negative Approach)
STRUNG OUT -"An American Paradox" (very melodic HC from California, Fat Wreck)
SUICIDE BLITZ -"Ride The Steel" (Crust-Core, ex-Severed Head Of State,Victims,Wolfbrigade,Detestation,...)
TARJAS - s/t (the Finnish answer to Ramones / Queers / Misfits, on WHITE!)
THE GREY -"Asleep At The Wheel" (Fugazi meets Drive Like Jehu, ex-Shotmaker, Lovitt rec.)
THE RITES -"Wish You Never Knew" (US 80's HC style, ex- Tear It Up, Down In Flames)
TOXIC NARCOTIC / MISERY - split (2 great US HC/Punk/Crust bands)
TRASHINGTON DC -"To Live And Die..." (fast HC, Negative Approach/Black Flag,on GREEN!)
U.G. MAN / CHARM SOME SECRET - split (2 legendary Tokyo bands, Skate-Core vs Thrash)
UNAVOIDABLE - s/t (HC/Street Punk between Rancid, Circle Jerks & Swingin' Utters,RED!)
USE TO ABUSE -"Jesus Made My R'n'R" (Punk/RnR, Hellacopters/Backyard Babies,SWIRLED!)
V.A. -"All Systems Go" (Bane, Ensign, Ten Yard Fight, Until Today, Eyelid,...SxE HC)
V.A. -"Decide On Change" (Scolastic Deth, Totalitar, Melee, Esperanza, HC)
V.A. -"I Can't Live Without It" (Botch, Amber Inn, Milhouse, In/Humanity,...HC)
V.A. -"In Our Time" (Gehenna,Congress,Timebomb,Final Exit,Jesuit,Damad,...Newschool HC)
V.A. -"Pasta Power Violence" (Cripple Bastards,Comrades,Grievance,Alterazione,...Grind/HC)
VIOLENT HEADACHE -"Bombs Of Crust" (Grind/Crust like Disrupt / Extreme Noise Terror)
WOOF -"Pride, Passion, Memories" (fast oldschool HC, SOIA meets Minor Threat, on WHITE!)
ZERO MENTALITY -"Invite Your Soul" (heavy HC, mix Entombed, Slayer & Bad Brains, PURPLE!)

LPs:                       9 euro

ALEXISONFIRE / MONEEN - split (great Canadian Emo,aggressive + melodic, picture disc!)
AS FRIENDS RUST -"A Young Trophy Band..." (FANTASTIC US HC/Punk with lots of melody)
AT HALF-MAST -"Fathers And Sons" (AMAZING modern US HardCore that mixes oldschool
and newschool influences, think Comeback Kid meets Shai Hulud, on BROWN vinyl!)
BASTARDS -"Jarjeton Maailma" (amazing 80's political HC from Finland, 19 songs!)
BROTHERS -"Black Friday" (modern HC like MLIW/Dead Hearts, ex-Comeback Kid, on GREEN!)
CIVIL TERROR -"Surrounded By Assholes" (powerful HC between SSD and Voorhees, on CLEAR!)
CONFRONTO -"Sanctuarium" (vegan Straight Edge HC a là Earth Crisis, ltd. edition of 100 on WHITE!)
COUNTING THE DAYS -"Finding A Balance" (US HC like GUTG/Count Me Out,black/blue swirl!)
CHAIN OF STRENGTH -"The One Thing That Still Holds True" (superb oldschool SxE HC, Revelation)
DOWN TO NOTHING -"The Most" (energetic Oldschool HC between Gorilla Biscuits and Judge, Revelation)
DOWN TO NOTHING -"Unbreakable" (22 songs of Oldschool HC, their out of print stuff)
EMBRACE TODAY -"We Are The Enemy" (Boston HC, mix Terror and Donnybrook, 1st press!)
FARSIDE -"Rigged" (an AMAZING Emo-Punk from California, melodic, heavy and powerful)
FARSIDE -"The Monroe Doctrine" (the last album, melodic US Indie-Emo-Punk, Revelation)
FIRST STEP -"What We Know" (Youth Of Today / Minor Threat / Insted / Uniform Choice)
FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER -"Hide Nothing" (great Emo, ex-Dashboard Confessional, on GREEN!)
GHOSTLIMB -"Bearing & Distance" (powerful US HC a là Born Against, ltd. RED vinyl!)
GORILLA BISCUITS -"Start Today" (the best HC album EVER, don't miss it, on Revelation)
HOMEFRONT -"Sacrifice" (modern US HC, ex-Have Heart/Verse/Guns Up, ltd. to 525)
HYPATIA / SOUTH - split (posi vegan Trash ex-RAMBO vs screamy HC, slikscreened cover)
HAMMERHEAD -"Cut The Melon" (rare/unreleased tracks, heavy Punk, ltd. edition on CLEAR!)
IGNITE -"Past Our Means" (a classic! oldschool HC that kicks ass. on Revelation)
IN MY EYES -"The Difference Between" (the debut album, oldschool HC, artwork by Pushead)
KAAOS -"Totaalinen Kaaos" (rare tracks of this great 80's HC band from Finland)
KAAOS -"Ismit" (the last recordings of this legendary Finnish band, 14 songs)
KILLED BY THE BULL - s/t (US Punk Rock, Armchair Martian/Against Me!, RED/WHITE vinyl)
KILLED BY THE BULL - s/t (A. Martian / Against Me!, on RED/BLACK/WHITE splatter vinyl!)
LET'S GROW -"Disease Of Modern Times" (fast angry HC, ltd. edition of 100 on CLEAR!)
LARM -"Straight On View" (classic HC record from 1984, superfast, political Dutch HC)
LIVING HELL -"The Lost And The Damned" (Metal-HC, Cro-Mags/Judge/Ringworm, Revelation)
MANGES -"Go Down" (great raw melodic Punk Rock from Italy, 1st press, US import!)
MILEMARKER -"Future Isms" (innovative Emo-Core/Math-Core/New Wave from USA, GOLD vinyl!)
MILWAUKEES -"This Is A Stickup" (great Emo a là Texas Is The Reason / Elliot, color vinyl)
OKTOBER SKYLINE -That's How Tripods Work" (complex Grind,slikscreened cover/BLUE vinyl!)
NOTHING DONE -"Power Trip" (aggressive 80's style HC, Agnostic Front/Black Flag, BLUE!)
NO TURNING BACK -"Damage Done" (great HC in the NYHC vein like Madball / Sick Of It All)
PAVERS -"Return To The..." (melodic Punk with ex-All singer, ltd. picture disc!)
PHOBIA -"Means Of Existence" (California Grind, their first album, picture disc!)
PHOBIA -"Cruel" (their latest album, amazing US Grind-Core, on PURPLE vinyl!)
POINTING FINGER -"Milestone" (12 brand new songs in the vein of Battery, In My Eyes,
BTAT. Mature, tuneful, aggressive oldschool HC, limited edition of 83 with embossed cover!!)
RENTOKILL -"Antichorus" (Strike Anywhere meets Rise Against, on BLUE, ltd. to 100!)
RIPCORD -"Discography III" (22 songs of this fast UK Thrash-Core band, pre-Heresy)
SEEIN' RED / JUDAS ISCARIOT - split (fast HardCore from Holland and New York)
SHAI HULUD -"That Within Blood Ill-Tempered" (new album, great US melodic HC-Metal)
S.S.S.P. -"For Life" (NY Oi/HC, ex-Warzone/Kill Your Idols, marbled grey ltd. to 200)
THREATS -"God Is Not With Us Today" (AWESOME old Scottish Punk band, limited to 100!)
UNTIL THE FALL -"Enslaved" (mix Slayer, DRI, Testament and Sepultura, picture disc!)
V.A. -"In Our Blood" (Starkweather,Blindside,Strait Up,Converge,...HC SE)
VOIDS -"Sounds Of Failure..." (female fronted US Punk band, on ltd. splatter vinyl!)
YOUTH OF TODAY -"Break Down The Walls" (the godfathers of SxE HC, inspiration to many)
YOUTH OF TODAY -"Can't Close My Eyes" (1985 debut of this great US oldschool SxE band)
ZANN / BURIAL YEAR - split (US/German HC, Unbroken and Chokehold covers, limited)

LPs:                      10 euro

AT HALF-MAST -"Fathers And Sons" (AMAZING modern US HardCore that mixes oldschool
and newschool influences, think Comeback Kid meets Shai Hulud, on BLACK vinyl ltd. to 100!)
DAY OF THE DEAD -"New Healing Process" (screaming HC,GUTG/Modern Life Is War, clear!)
HIGH CIRCLE -"Out Of Darkness" (melodic HC in the vein of Dag Nasty, long out of print)
INDIAN SUMMER -"Hidden Arithmetic" (influential US Emo band, quiet/loud chaotic Emo)
SHAI HULUD -"A Profound Hatred Of Man" (great US HCMetal on Revelation,PICTURE DISC)
SHAI HULUD -"Hearts Once Nourished..." (debut full length, US HC-Metal, PICTURE DISC!)
SHOOK ONES -"Facetuous Folly Feat" (melodic HC between Lifetime & Kid Dynamite,ltd. ed)
S.S.S.P. -"For Life" (NY Oi/HC, ex-Warzone/Kill Your Idols, light grey ltd. to 103)

LIMITED COLOR LP’s:       12 euro

AT HALF-MAST -"Fathers And Sons" (AMAZING modern US HC that mixes oldschool and
newschool, Comeback Kid / Shai Hulud, DIRTY BROWN vinyl / engraved cover ltd. to 53!)

TEST PRESS LPs:          20 euro

POINTING FINGER -"Milestone" (tuneful Oldschool HC, 10 test press LP’s made!!)
AT HALF-MAST -"Fathers And Sons" (AMAZING modern HC from South Carolina, US)

10”ers:                  5 euro

ACREDINE - s/t (80's style HC, members of Indigesti and Cripple Bastards)
ANAL RIP / HYPOPTALASIAS - split (Grind/Crust vs fast Grind, fantastic cover!!!)
ANATOL -"Balkone Laden..." (Emo-Punk between Weakerthans and Husker Du)
DENY / UNCONTROLLABLE URGE - split (fast & brutal Crust, Sweden/Germany)
FIVE DAY MESSIAH -"Best Of 1984-1989" (solid oldschool style Punk Rock, USA)
GARGANTHA / RIP ROARING - split (Propagandhi/Good Riddance style vs fast HC/ Intensity)
SPACEBOY -"The Force That Holds..." (Californian HC, ex-Blast, ex-Champs)
THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE - s/t (Euro HC in a great package)
TINY GIANTS -"The Best..." (the NYHC style a là Murphy's Law, SOIA,...)

10”ers:                  6 euro

ACRIMONIE / CLOUDBURST - split (heavy HC with metal elements, clear red vinyl)
ANTITHESIS / SANTANTONIO - split (great Screamo-Metal-Core on clear vinyl!!)
ATROX - s/t (good energetic & powerful European HC)
ATTENTAT SONORE -"Social Headache" (Anarcho Punk/Oi like Dirt, male/female vocals)
BETTER THOUGHTS TO COME / HOTSCONE - split (chaotic HC vs Metal-Core, clear vinyl)
CASANOVA ACTION -"Under The Sign Of Virgo" (Emo-synth-Punk-R'n'R, on white vinyl)
CINDER / 33 AT 45 - split (oldschool HC from Spain vs Portuguese Trash-Core a là RAMBO)
LONELY KINGS -"Ides Of March" (US Punk between Jawbreaker, Social Distortion and Samiam)
OHARU / NED - split (screamo noisy Jazz-Core vs noisy Punk, gatefold cover)
ROIL -"Mother's Day" (melodic US Punk between Husker Du, Jawbreaker and Social Unrest)
SCHLITZ - s/t (melodic stuff between Punk Rock and Californian HC, reminds of Bad Religion)
STALINGRAD - s/t (good powerful HC from the UK)
SUBKUTAN - s/t (fast and chaotic Punk a là Poison Idea)
TO DIE FOR / ENGRAVE - split (newschool metallic HC with screaming vocals)
V.A. -"Limited Options" (MK-Ultra,DeadStoolPigeon,Dillinger 4,Strike...+zine)

10”ers:                  7 euro

25 TA LIFE -"Keepin It Real" (1995 album on the first time on vinyl, brutal NYHC, BLUE vinyl)
BOMBSHELL ROCKS -"Love For The Microphone" (Punk'n'Roll like Rancid / Endstand, red vinyl!)
COMIN' CORRECT -"HardCore Pride" (powerful US HC with Metal influences, picture disc)
MALKOVICH -"The Foundation Rocks" (rocking chaotic HC on WHITE vinyl!)
RENTOKILL / RED LIGHTS FLASH - split (Strike Anywhere/Pennywise vs Rise Against,WHITE)
V.A. -"Let's Try Something Newer!" (Vision,Serpico,Violent Society,Submachine,...HC, on gold)

10”ers:                  8 euro

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE -"People Of The Sun" (an early release on Revelation records)
SHELTER -"The Power Of Positive Thinking" (great melodic SxE HC, picture disc!)

7”ers:                   1.25 euro

CORNUCOPIA - s/t (slow & original Emo-Core)
GARCON FATAL -"Fox On The Run" (rockish Punkfrom Italy, ex-Klaxon)
HARDHEADED SOUL -"Waiting for the..." (heavy Core/Noise from Holland)
HELP - same (the best German Emo, Ebullition sound)
MUDDLE - s/t (powerful angry HardCore with a message)
MULLENS - s/t (Punk Rock alike Dead Boys, from Texas, USA)
P.H.P. -"InCompletoDisordine" (oldschool / newschool screamy italian HC, imagine
Battery & Chain Of Strength playing with newschool approach and singing in italian)
RHYTHM COLLISION -"Jack" (melodic Punk/HC from California)
SCHWESTER SIOUX -"Schwanzmann" (Emo Core from Austria)
SCRAPY -"Utterly Wiped Out" (a fine Ska outfit on Ya Basta!)
SKINK -"...And Now The Sound Of..." (heavy Post-Core-Punk from Germany)
YA-NE-ZNIYOO -"The Dog Said" (Post-Core/Noise from NY, USA)

7”ers:                   1.50 euro

1 MAI 87 -"Frisch Und Billig" (melodic Punk band doing Techno-Dub)
4 SIVITS -"The Fire Still Burns" (oldschool HC similar to Minor Threat)
ASHFALL / CONTRITION / MIASMATA - s/t (3 newschool bands,some on blue)
ASPRO 5000 -"Boot" (Thrash-Core from France, ltd. to 500, clear vinyl)
BOB "BONDEX" JOHNSTON - s/t (melodic Punk with female vocals)
BUCHENWALD - s/t (chaotic and melanchonic Emo)
BUTTERCUP -"In Hand & Underfoot" (noisy Emo from USA)
CARRIONS  N. N.- "Attimo Di Libertà" (melodic Punk/HC, USA)
CORNFLAKES FREAKS -"Yellow Life" (HardCore from Italy)
CORNFLAKES FREAKS -"Suck My Worm" (HC from Italy, their 2nd EP)
COSMETIK SUCKS - same - (Emo-Core from France, male/female vocals)
COSMETIC SUCKS -"Double Face" (Emo-Core, male/female vocals)
FLOP DOWN -"Till The End Of..." (nice melodic HC a là Bad Religion)
FUSEBOX - s/t (good HC a là Yuppicide)
GAS-O-LENE - s/t (melodic, emotive Punk/HC, USA)
GENERAL FOOLS -"Pathetik Pik-Nik"(disjointed Punk,female vox,Canada)
GIPSS -"Vragoder" (weird Noise/Rock/Punk music a là Jesus Lizard)
IT'S NOT FOR SALE - same (hard-hitting HC with melody & Emo touch)
JILL -"Scary Thoughts" (melodic Punk, Green Day meets Dinosaur Jr, USA)
JIVE BIBLE - s/t (Indie Rock from USA, on ltd. white vinyl)
JUST SAY NO - s/t (heavy HC/Alternative/Punk from USA, red vinyl)
JUST SAY NO -"Failed The Test" (on limited burgundy vinyl)
KURORT -"Oslo" (original HardCore from Austria)
LOUD LUCY -"I'll Wait" (powerful Alternative Rock/Punk from USA)
MANIFOLD -"When Science..." (cool new school HC from Italy)
MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY -"Cowhill House" (heavy Post-Core, Italy)
P-1-9 -"Look  Again" (powerful Punk/HC from New York, USA) 
PANORAMA AFRO - s/t (good powerful stuff in the NYHC vein,A. Front / SOIA)
PAPYBOARDING -"Weapons Are Not Our Rescue" (fast & furious 80's oldschool HC attack)
PRIMEVALS -"Meet Tristan & The Rosewood" (60's Garage/Punk, good sound)
RUBBISH HEAP -"Path Of Lies" (powerful & moshy Post-Core)
SEUCHENHERD - s/t (Power Violence goes Grind, ultra brutal!!)
SHAA -"Meditazione" (Krishna Core a là Shelter)
SHADOWLAND -"Smoke" (psychedelic Pop stuff from UK on Twist records)
SIX MINUTE WAR MADNESS -"Holy Joe" (Noise a là Big Black ,Italy)
SKAFIELD -"Interdependence Day" (Ska-Punk like Less Than Jake/S. Pickle)
SMILING FACES LEAVE NO TRACES -"Those Who..." (German political HC) 
SNAKEWALTER -"Bubbleskinned" (powerful, melodic rockish Core)
SNOWFALL - s/t (great melodic & emotive Post-Core)
STAINLESS DELIGHT - s/t (oldschool HC, Swedish school meets Minor Threat)
TEARS OF FRUSTRATION -"No Retreat..." (Cro-Mags style HC from USA)
TEKKEN / PARKINSON - split (crazy Grind vs furious Crust-Grind attack, gatefold cover)
THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE -"25 Years" (HC in total DC style)
TIMMY -"Beautiful Unreality" (Emo-Core with male/female vocals from NY)
TOH! -"Compagni Di Merende" (melodic and emotive Punk/HC from Italy)
TOTEMPOLE -"Baby Robs Banks" (snotty Punk Rock from California, USA)
UP IN ARMS- same (crossover :Hate-Core and Rap, Germany)
USEFUL IDIOT-"Presence" (great melodic pop-emo-punk from UK)
V.A. -"Aggressions In An Emotional..." (Spit Acid,Peace Of Mind,...Punk)
V.A. -"Sound" (Sal 3 Fold, On My Mind, Page 27, Noise Between Stations,...)
V.A. -"Sounds From The Street Vol.2"(Outcry, Left Nut,...Punk/HC)
WHO ME -"Empower" (emotional, melodic HC/Punk)

7"ers:                     2 euro

7 INCH BOOTS - same (Metal-Grind from Germany)
7th LEGION -"K.F.L." (very rough finnish HC similar to Blood For Blood)
180° IN OPPOSITY -"I'm A Fucker" (melodic HardCore from Italy)
AIRFISH -"Porno Alieni" (Free Noise from Italy)
AK 47 / RACAK - split (brutal HC/Punk/Crust attack from Croatia & Germany, + a big booklet!)
ARIA DI GOLPE - s/t (political Rap-Core from Italy)
AUTONOMY -"A Faction Of Mercy" (political HC/Punk from California)
BAD JUSTICE / TOTALNI PROMASAJ - split (Anarcho-Punk from Cro/Yu)
BAD TASTE - s/t (aggressive HardCore/Punk)
BIG CHIEF BROOM MAN BAND -"Clockwork Angels" (dark Punk, Germany)
BLOWHARD -"Harsh" (cool Crust-Grind from USA)
BOOT DOWN THE DOOR - s/t (the new 7", speedy Crust-Core)
BOXED IN - s/t (excellent Discharge inspired Crust, ex Doom,Generic,Ebola...)
BOZO - s/t (good Italian melodic HC/Punk, ex-FDC, out of print)
BREZHNEV -"Rocket To America" (cool melodic HC/Punk from Holland)
BRICK -"LD 35" (10 songs of pure stop'n'go fast HardCore / Power Violence, US)
BUDDY BRADLEY -"The End Of The Day" (melodic Punk Rock from Italy)
BUFORD / LOOSE CHANGE - split (great melodic Pop-Core, USA)
BURNSIDE - s/t (melodic HC/Punk with a punch, between 7 Seconds and Circle Jerks)
BURT REYNOLDS -"We Came..." (Indie Rock with female vocals,red vinyl)
BUTTAFUOCO -"Post Mortem" (US Punk / Garage with female singer that sounds like Muffs)
BUxKxNONE - s/t (screaming HC, Vitamin X/As Friends Rust/Day Of The Dead/Black Flag)
CALL ME LORETTA -"Tarnished Angels" (mix My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Sonic Youth, green!)
CAMERAN / BASTARD IN LOVE - split (two melodic Emo bands,USA/Brasil)
CAPITAL SCUM -"Freak Show" (old style HC/Punk between Agnostic Front, GBH & Varukers)
CARBONA / BREAKAWAYS - split (Pop-Punk from Brasil/Italy, S. Weasel/Snuff)
CASANOVA ACTION - s/t (crazy Emo-synth-Punk-Rock'n'Roll. Unique in a genre on its own!)
CAST IN FIRE / KOMBAT - s/t (ex-Earthmover Beatdown style vs Mosh-Core)
CAUSE FOR EFFECT / ONANIZER - split (Grind / R'n'R vs Grind / Death)
CHARLIE DON'T SURF -"Six Songs To Die For..." (good HC/Punk, Belgium)
CHEAPSKATE / STEEKY - split (2 Punk bands from Ireland)
CHILDREN'S CHANNEL - s/t (Noise/Post HC from Italy,numbered & ltd. 1000)
CHINEAPPLE PUNX / URKO - split (melodic Punk vs Grind, both UK)
CONVINCED TRUTH -"Words Of Expression" (Swedish oldschool SxE HC)
COULIER - s/t (US Math-Rock a là early Don Caballero / The Fucking Champs)
CRANK - s/t (Post-Core alike Quicksand,... mighty)
DEAD DUCX -"In My Mind" (melodic HC/Punk a là No Use For A Name)
DIM MAK - s/t (brutal vegan SxE HC from Denver, Colorado)
DISARM / H.407 - split (Powerviolence from Italy vs. Grind-Core from Poland)
DISARM / MIGRA VIOLENTA - split (Crust-Grind-Core Italy vs Crust Argentina)
DISARM / OBBROBRIO - split (Grind-Core with covers of Wretched & Nabat)
DISCONTENT -"Chance To Live" (HC from NY, USA)
D.N.A. -"Zero" (powerful HC in the vein of NYHC a là SOIA / Agnostic Front)
DRIP TANK -Motherlode Shithouse" (limited edition 7" on Standard records)
DROWNING ROOM / VEIL - split (2 heavy newschool bands, NY/Germany)
EARTH TODAY / POSITIVE BASTARDS - split (Crust-Core vs devastating GrindCore)
EARTH TODAY / URINE SPECIMEN - split (Crust-Core/fast Thrash-Core,Finland)
ELEVATE / PEDESTRIAN CROSSING - s/t (Emo a là Boy Sets Fire / HC)    
EL SECONDHAND -"Blood And Aphorisms" (awesome melodic HC/Punk, USA)
EVERREADY -"All Time Low" (melodic Punk Rock from California)
FACTION ZERO - s/t (oldschool/newschool HC from New Jersey, USA)
FACTION ZERO / PREJUDICE - split (old-newschool US/Mosh-Core CH)
FAKE HYPPI - s/t (powerful HC with melody)
FALL TIME / MAR - split (metallic tinged HC from Europe)
FIG DISH -"Nimble" (similar to Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth, USA)
FLAPSDOWN -"Slickfast" (rockish Punk on Tim/Kerr records)
FLOPHOUSE - s/t (weird Punk from San Francisco, California)
FOUR! -"Hanger 18" (poppy Punk with an Operation Ivy influence, USA)
FUCKINGHAM PALACE -"Like Madmen" (cool melodic Punk Rock from Italy)
GIVING TREE -"Samantha" (strong, melodic stuff from New York City)
HEARTFIELD -"Il Mio Silenzio..." (oldschool HC from Italy)
HEARTSIDE -"The Triumph..." (Struggle meet Groundwork, crazy Emo)
INERDZIA / MERDONALDS - split (melodic Punk with female vocals vs Italian HC/Oi, on blue)
INSPECTOR 12 / DOUBLESPEAK - split (good melodic Punk/HC from USA)
INSTINCT -"Friendship" (oldschool Straight Edge HC a là YOT, Battery)
IOWA BEEF EXPERIENCE -"The New South" (powerful & heavy Noise,USA)
IRA ET DECESSUS / N.J.B. - split (ultra-fast HC a là Los Crudos vs oldschool/newschool HC)
IRA ET DECESSUS / AMONIAKO 87 - split (fast HC Los Crudos style / Grind/PowerViolence)
ISCARIOTE / COMPLETE - split (furious Hydrahead stuff vs Botch kind of stuff)
JURASSIC PUNK -"Brutt Bastard" (cool Punk/HC with a melody, Italy)
KOBAYASHI - s/t (fast HC fury from Europe)
KONSTRUKT / KITO - split (Power Violence / Post-Core, chaotic and screamed)
KONSTRUKT /  WASSERDICHT - split (angry HC on a Grind edge)
KONSTRUKT -"In Girum..." (22 songs of Grind / Power Violence!)
LOST TRADE CO. -"Desolation Land" (heavy stuff on Mantra, red vinyl)
LUCKY - s/t (good emotive Punk from USA, on Skene! records)
MAD CLOWNS / A REASON FOR... - split (melodic HC from Italy)
MADISON -"Rasputin" (good heavy but melodic Emo-Core from USA)
MALINDI BANGS -"Mondo Cane" (metallish HC from Spain)
MANFAT / HARD TO SWALLOW - split (hard, fast and brutal HC from UK)
MAN IN THE SHADOW - s/t (a nice mix of Emo, Punk and HC)
MAN IN THE SHADOW - new (the newest 7" by this Emo/HC/Punk band)
MEAT FOR DOGS - s/t (melodic Punk/HC from Italy)
MILKHOUSE / 2 MINUTOS DE ODIO - split (oldschool HC,female vox/fast HC)
NEW RADIANT STORM KING -"Mad Money"/"Xanax" (Indie Rock on Cargo)
NEW YEAR -"Tycho-1" (heavy HC between Undertow and Endeavor, USA)
NIGHTBLOOMS -"Never Dream At All" (Indie Rock, on Fire records)
OUTFACE -"TV Generation" (fast powerful HC with lots of energy)
OXBAKER / BATTLE UNICRON - split (furious Thrashy Power-Violence vs noisy Casio)
PHILIPPE -"Misamee" (cool Emo-HC between 400 Years and Rites Of Spring)
PHILIPPE / UNIVERSAL - split (Emo-Core vs brutal HardCore, Germany)
POG -"Faces At The Window" (acoustic Punk between  the Zounds &  the Smiths)
QUICKNOIZE -"Agorafobia" (fast and crazy HC from Torino, Italy)
RACHEL -"...Lost Songs" (melodic French Emo-Core a là Merel or Fingerprint)
RAINHOLD -"21st Century Fightsongs" (oldschool HC/Punk from Finland)
RECTIFY / KURU - split (fast Crust HC from UK)
RUNNING PARTY / CARDINALS - split (melodic Punk/Post Core)
RUSTY NAILS/SLUDGE - split (Detroit Punk first/melodic, noisy  HC latter)
SCALE SHEER SURFACE -"Speaker Killer" (freaky Punk-Core, Belgium)
SCALPLOCK -"Inculcate The Fear" (political HateCore/Grind/UltraCore,UK)
SENSELESS / SIRUP ZA ISKASLJAVANJE - split (Crust/HC Croatia/Slovenia)
SHAGGY HOUND - same (fast HC/Punk from France)
SCALLY -"Que Fue De Los Dos" (powerful and aggressive oldschool HC/Punk)
SHEARS / D.I.A. - split (2 good Grind / Power Violence bands from Italy)
SHITFIT - same (Grind-Core  from Canada)
SHITMAN & HIS COLD WARRIORS -"Hakle" (fast PunkRock/R'n'R/HC)
SHOOTER McGAVIN / DUGONG - split (melodic Punk from England)
SMILE -"Resin" (good poppy Punk from California)
SONE -"David's Sling" (Indie Rock from USA, on Candy-Ass records)
SPARE SNARE / LAZER BOY - split 7" (2 Indie Pop bands from UK)
SPOKEPOKER - s/t (Indie Rock with female vocals from UK)
STALEMATE - s/t (evil New School metallic HC on Alveran records)
STRAHLER 80 -"Das Kann..." (melodic,emotive Punk/HC,ex-7 Sioux)
STRANGE "Shake"/"Magic Spiral" (psychedelic stuff on Twist records, UK)
THUD! -"All Stress To Enjoy" (great Emo-Core, Samiam meets All)
V.A. -"Blue Beach Monster" (Butt Spencer,Skabide,...Punk/Ska, blue vinyl)
V.A. -"Compilation" (Funbug,Eastfield,Lubby Nugget,...Pop-Punk-Ska from UK)
V.A. -"FMDCS" (with: DDT, Condense, Pilgrims, Daddy Burns;French HC)
V.A. -"Ist Da Wer?" (Konstrukt,Prohaska,Kobayashi,Programm C,... HC/Crust)
V.A. -"Loud Sound From Silent Town" (Abyss Of Despair,Paraquat,...Crust/HC)
V.A. -"North Meets South" (One Step Beyond,Pole,Stroke.. straight edge HC)
V.A. -"Only A Dummy" (Queer, Milk, Scar Crow, Smut...Punk/Indie Rock)
V.A. -"Resistance Is Futile..." (Grievance, Stalingrad, Konstrukt,... HardCore)
V.A. -"Second State" (Davenport,Montgomery Burns,Ick,...HC/Punk/Emo)
V.A. -"UPS" (In Vain,Know Nothing,Thinner,Council Of 5... -great Emo)
WEEP - s/t (melodic screamed Emo-Core like Julia)
WOOD -"Five Rainy Days" (the new awesom 7" by this italian Post HC band)
WORDBUG -"Locked In" (Pop-Punk in All/Dag Nasty/Dinosaur Jr vein)
YARDMAN -"Another Blue One" (good Punk Rock on Damaged Goods)

7"ers:                   2.50 euro

1/4 MORTO -"La Semina E Il Raccolto" (fast HC/Crust, WHN? meets Indigesti meets Tragedy)
1/4 MORTO -"Annusarsi, Scegliersi, Lamentarsi" (fast HC/Crust, Indigesti meets Tragedy)
20 YEARS OLD -"Like A Pup" (melodic Punk/HC, ltd. to 500 numbered copies)
46 SHORT / KROMBACHERKELLERKINDER - split (good HC,Minor Threat/Black Flag, clear)
ACKERMANS -"Run Run Run..." (super melodic Punk/PowerPop from Sweden, ltd. to 500)
ACTIVE MINDS -"I'm Not A Tourist..." (fourth 7" by this legendary band)
ACURSED / BONDS OF TRUST - split (furious Crust-Core from Sweden)
ADVERSIVES -"The Search For..." (melodic, raw US Punk Rock akin to early Lookout bands)
AFFITTASI CANTINA -"Liberitutti!" (melodic PunK Rock from Turin, long out of print!)
AGE - s/t (oldschool SxE HC with melody, ex - Second Age, on Commitment records)
AM I JESUS - s/t (fast Pop Punk with some Ramones feel to it)
AMINIATURE / DRIP TANK - split (San Diego style)
AMYGDAL - s/t (Newschool/Emo HardCore with screamed vocals)
ANGELS IN THE ARCHITECTURE -"One Ten" (Emo Core from New York)
ANGRY FOR LIFE -"Shakin' In My Boots" (melodic US Punk,Social Distortion / Bad Religion)
APOCALIPSE HOBOKEN / OBLIVION - split (2 melodic US Punk Rock bands)
A TESTA BASSA -"Clone" (Italian oldschool HC)
ATLANTIC MONTHLY / DINA - split (Emo/Indie, Promise Ring vs Jawbreaker)
ATLAS SHRUGGED -"We Don't Stand A Chance" (good HC NY style, USA)
AUDIENCE OF THE END - s/t  (furious screaming HC with metallic guitar,USA)
BART'S REVENGE -"Straight From Your Mind" (great positive Skate-Core)
BATMAN'S REVENGE / ROTZLOFFEL - split (HC/Crust/Punk in your face)
BATTLE ROYALE - s/t (fast / slow HC-Metal-Mosh, ex-Miozan, Disrespect, Ironside)
BEYOND LICKIN' -"Lickers Revenge" (Garage/PunkRock/Surf mix that kicks ass!)
BLUID - s/t (crazy Italian Emo-Core, long out of print)
BOILS / BRIGATE ROZZE - split (2 cool Street Punk/Crust bands from USA/Italy)
BROKEN PROMISES / WATCH IT FALL - split (metallic Newschool from Europe)
CHAINBREAKER - s/t (classic 80's HC a là Negative Approach, with Solid Decline members)
CHAINBREAKER / MONSTER - split (aggressive 80'style HC vs Motorhead/D-Beat stuff)
CHURCH OF THE SATURDAY SAINTS -"Longboarder" (Folk-Punk, Against Me! / A. Martian)
CONTRASTO / SIN DIOS - split (powerful & angry Anarcho-Core from Italy & spain)
CRANKSHAFT - s/t (weird stuff on Nemesis records, USA)
CRESTFALLEN - s/t (fast but heavy fist-raising HC/Thrash/Grind from USA)
CROMWELL / SCOUT - split (Emo/HC from USA, ex Car vs Driver / Ricochet)
CRUCIFY YOURSELF / FULL BLADDER - split (HC-Crust vs Dropdead style)
DAILY RIOT -"Contrast" (raging new school Straight Edge stuff)
DAMITOL - s/t (emotive HC from early 90's, from Wisconsin, USA)
DAMITOL -"More" (emotive HC from the US, ex members of Demise)
DANCING FRENCH LIBERALS OF '48 -"Ain't..." (powerful melodic Punk)
DANGEROUS CHICKENS -"Shark Attack" (Punk'n'Roll/Motorhead attack, ltd. to 500)
DA SECT -"Borough Heavyweights" (heavy NYHC style SxE Mosh-Core)
DAS KLOWN -"The Day the Clown Cried" (Punk-Rock from California)
DAWNCORE -"We Are Young..." (Newschool a là Unbroken,Converge,S. Hulud)
DAY OF MOURNING / HARDTIME - split (Metal-Core / Intergrity vs HC,Cro-Mags / Madball)
DAY OF THE DEAD - s/t (awesome furious, raw oldschool SxE HC that sounds as if Bane went Crust, members of Time X and Seize The Day, from Portugal)
DAY OF THE DEAD -"Old Habits Die Harder" (GREAT rough HC, Give Up The Ghost / Bane)
DAY OF THE DEAD / DAMAGE DONE - split (fantastic oldschool SxE, Portugal / California, Bane / American Nightmare / His Hero Is Gone vs. Insted / No For An Answer sound)
DEAD PATRIOT - s/t (oldschool HC-Crust from California, free patch!)
DEAD THIRTEEN / DOWN FOUNDATION - split (newschool / youth crew HC)
DEAFNESS BY NOISE - s/t (tough Croatian HardCore inspired by NYHC)
DEFACTO OPPRESSION -"We're Digging..." (political and fast HC-Crust, USA)
DEGRADATION -"Still Screaming" (aggressive, fast oldschool SxE HC)
DEJA MORT / TEKKEN - split (Punk Rock vs Grind-Core, limited to 500)
DELIVER ME -"Edge-Ucate" (fine Crust-Core-Emo from USA, sky blue vinyl)
DEMARCHE -"Fucking Hangover" (D-Beat Crust-HardCore, Varukers / Discharge style)
DESIGNER FEAR -"Survivor" (Punk band from England/Canada)
DISCARD -"Death From Above" (brutal Swedish Crust influenced by Discharge)
DISCHORD -"Fuck Copyrights" (fine Crust-Grind from Brasil)
DISCO DRIVE -"Nice Price Rock'n'Roll" (mix Sleater Kinney, Hives, Hot Snakes & Fugazi)
DISCONTENT / 12 OUNCES - split (oldschool / Grind-Core from USA)
DISENCHANTED / STRIPED BASSTARDS - split (great Punk/HC from the US)
DISPENSE -"Nothing But The Truth" (old Swedish Crust from early 90's, good)
DISRESPECT -"Meriadan" (slow and heavy SxE Newschool HC similar to Earth Crisis)
DISSESTO - s/t (great oldschool HC like Battery/Minor Threat/Brand New Unit)
DISTRICT -"If Not Continued..." (Uniform Choice meets Minor Threat meets early 7 Seconds)
DIVIDE & CONQUER - s/t (good political HC/Crust from USA/France)
DIVIDE & CONQUER -"The Need To Amputate" (Crust-Core from USA/France)
DIVISIONS RUIN - s/t (GREAT HC with female vocals a là His Hero Is Gone)
DOWN TO FAIL -"The Monkey Suite pt. 1" (metallic HC, Botch meets Coalesce)
DREGS -"The Herd" (HC/Punk from New York City)
DROWNING NATION  -"Mouthful Of Shit" (old style HC, Circle Jerks/Negative Approach)
DURANGO 95 -"Another Day..." (oldschool Punk like Kid Dynamite,ex-Highscore)
ENEMY OF THE SUN -"Eclipse" (metallic & chaotic HC, Botch / Kiss It Goodbye, ex-Kindred)
ENFOLD / LINSAY - split (modern screaming metallic HC for both bands, on Per Koro)
ENGRAVE  - s/t (brutal and heavy metallic newschool HardCore)
ENTREAT - s/t (metallic screamy New School HC with Emo touch)
ESCUELA DE ODIO -"La Razon Del Pensamiento" (NY style HC from Spain)
EVOLUTION SO FAR / GARGANTHA - split (great raging HC with bits of melody a là Day Of The Dead vs HC/Emo attack between Lifetime, Boy Sets Fire & Kid Dynamite. A must have!!!)
EXECUTE -"Time Between The Fanfare" (heavy Emo from USA)
FACE TOMORROW / LEWISIT - split (melodic HC from Holland / heavy HC from Czech rep.)
FAIRFIGHT -"The Neverending Road" (oldschool HC SxE band from Holland)
FAIRFIGHT - s/t (melodic oldschool SxE HC a là Atari / Guiding Line)
FIGHT DA SUCKAS -"OC.PO.GO" (great chaotic Emo-Core with melody)
FIGHT FOR CHANGE -"Join The Fight" (great oldschool HC with melody,Count Me Out/Atari)
FIXTURES -"Screw The World" (DK's meet Misfits, California HC)
FLAMES - s/t (snotty California Punk Rock with the 80's sound, on RED vinyl!)
FORCA MACABRA - s/t (fast Crust-Core from Finland)
FOUR PIECE PUZZLE -"Civilized?" (Crust Core with Infest touch)
FOUR WHEEL DRIVE - s/t (good Emo-Punk between Hot Water Music and Leatherface)
FREE YOURSELF / FOILED AGAIN - split (Emo-Core from Europe)
GARGANTHA / LE TORMENTA - split (HC/Punk vs Metalic Grind-Core)
GENITALZ -"Defroid Eightyfour" (cool Punk Rock from Italy, S. Weasel style)
GNOSIS -"Disunion" (powerful, heavy, screamed HC, USA)
GONNA FALL HARD -"Slap By Gandhi" (fast HC, A. Front / Cro-Mags / What Happens Next?)
GOPHER / GRITZNER - split (two melodic Emo bands from Norway)
GRIN -"Part Of Me" (band of Mike Gitter of XXX fanzine,emotive HC,USA)
GRITOS DE ALERTA / JESUS CROST - split (brutal Crust/Trash/Core/Grind, Brasil / Belgium)
GROUND ROUND -"Painting Vulgar dreams" (melodic Punk, ex-Tilt, USA)
GUIDING LINE -"The Boyscout Revival" (positive oldschool SxE HC)
GUNGA DINS -"Misc." (diverse HC from USA, Crust/Screamo/PowerViolence)
HAIRIKOT -"Semilive" (melodic Finnish Punk, Misfits/Klamydia/Ramones)
HALF MY TIME -"My Voice, My Mind" (good oldschool HC from Italy)
HAPPY EVER AFTER - same (weird but melodic Punk ,ex-Social Unrest)  
HARSH -"From Manipulation To Torture" (Canadian Crust-Core with dual vocals, 6 songs)
HARSH / CONTROL MECHANISM - split (D-Beat/Crust vs Grind/Mince-Core, Finland)
HELLCHILD / GOMORRHA - split (well-known Japanese Death-Core vs Grind-Metal-Violence)
HERO DISHONEST -"Climbing Up On The Way Down" (heavy Finnish HC with melody)
HERO DISHONEST / REBOUND - split (2 good HC bands from Finland)
HIGH HOPES / I - split (US melodic oldschool vs oldschool Bane/Trial sound)
HIGHSCHORE / NOW DENIAL - split (oldschool skate-Core vs Crust-Core a là Tragedy)
HILLSIDE -"Rise And Shine" (good Emo Core on Bushido records)
HIT PARADE - s/t (Indie Pop from UK on Sarah records)
HOBOPHOBIC -"xxxCerte Situazionixxx" (oldschool HC from Italy)
HOLD REGAINED -"Die As Fast As You Can" (Emo Mosh like Shai Hulud)
HOMAGE FREAKS -"Sucker For A Happy Ending" (alternative, ltd. edition)
HOMEBOYS -"The Same Sunday" (fast, melodic HC)
HOMERUN -"The End..." (oldschool SxE HC from Germany)
HUNGER FARM - s/t (weird Punk/Post-Core on Nemesis records, USA)
IMBALANCE -"March Of The Yes Man" (aggressive melodic oldschool HC Ignite / 7 Seconds)
IMMACULATE HEARTS -"Everything Should Be..." (alternative Punk, USA)
IMMORTAL MAJORITY - same (Italian Straigth Edge)
IMPLICATE - s/t (heavy SxE HC from NY, in the vein of Integrity / Hatebreed)
INDIGNATION / URBAN TRASH - split (Crust/Thrash from Sweden & Canada)
INFANTICIDE -"Lunacy" (Swedish Grind-Core, total Nasum style, brutal!)
INSURRECTION - s/t (political HardCore from USA)
INTRUDER - s/t (oldschool HC between In My Eyes and Gorilla Biscuits, ltd. to 500)
INZIRLI - s/t (great raw melodic stuff a là Government Issue,Dag Nasty...)
ISOBEL - s/t (Punk/Emo/Post-Core between Fugazi and Kina with female vocals, ltd. to 500)
ISOLATION - s/t (metallish HardCore from USA, on Underestimated records)
IVORY CAGE -"TV HEAD" (Post Core from Italy)
JASTA 14 - s/t (New School HC w/ melody from USA, features an Avail member!)
JUST WENT BLACK -"Balancing Reasons..." (aggressive oldschool HC with melodic edge)
KAFKA / DEF DUMP - split (political HC from Italy vs Luxembourg's Newschool HC, on white)
KAPTEENI -"Mina Kiroan" (metallic HardCore from Finland)
KARENZA  - s/t (fast, brutal Grind/HC from Canada)
KASSANDRA - s/t (chaotic political Metal-Core, really nice package!)
KASTRAT / FUCK THE FACTS - split (ultra-fast Crust from Italy and Canada)
KENICKIE -"Skillex" (female lo-fi Indie Pop on Fierce Panda)
KICK JONESES -"Paint Box" (melodic Punk like Descendents/Dag Nasty)
KITTY BADASS / FUDGE DADDY-OS - split (great Pop-Punk from USA)
KNIFED / BASTARD YOUTH - split (fast, thrashy and angry HC 80's Boston style. Rules!)
KNOCKDOWN -"Down For An Eight" (catchy oldschool Straight Edge HC)
KOBRA XI / S.I.K.A. - split (Grind-Core vs oldschool Thrash HardCore)
KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERZ / LEGITIME DEFONCE - split (fast,melodic Punk US/France)
LABOUR - s/t (raw, in your face HC between American Nightmare and Chain Of Strength)
LEAGUE OF STRUGGLE -"The Nature Of The Pig..." (political Punk/HC, USA)
LEFT IN RUINS -"Fertilizing The Soil" (Power Violence stuff)
LEFT JAB -"Hate O Clock" (political HC/Punk from Germany)
LENSLOUNGE - s/t (powerful indie Rock from USA, red vinyl)
LOLA -"Ecstacy Girl" (all girl Pop-Garage-Punk from USA, ex- Smears, ex-Sugarfreaks)
LOMBEGO SURFERS -"All Strung Out" (Surf-Rock'n'Roll, between Link Wray & Radio Birdman)
LOS REZIOS / TODSCHICKER - split (HC/Punk from Peru and Germany, out of print!)
LOST -"Thoughtless" (brutal political Crust-Core)
MARDROM -"Deras Profit, Varan Dod" (D-Beat Crust in the Swedish/Japanese style)
M-BLANKET -"Safety" (melodic Punk a la Crimpshrine, Operation Ivy)
MIRACLE -"True Spirit" (oldschool SxE between Ten Yard Fight and Judge, ex-No More Fear)
MOL -"Dos Mundos" (heavy HardCore a là Victims Family)
MUTINY -"Lucifer's Mob" (USA oldschool SxE HC,Unit Pride meets N. Approach)
MY LUCK -"Endurance" (US oldschool HC band akin to Give Up the Ghost, Striking Distance)
NAILED DOWN -"Destroy Deceitful..." (Power-Violence from Australia)
NO MORE FEAR -"One Thing We'll Share" (4 songs of aggressive oldschool SxE HC, think
Ignite meets Youth Of Today, fast music, powerful choruses, fingers flying in the air!)
NORTH -"Perfect Body, Perfect Soul" (melodic oldschool HC a là Shelter, ex-Crivits & X Men)
NOTHING MORE - s/t (fast HardCore with melody)
NO TIME LEFT -"Zero Effort Solution" (youth crew oldschool HC w/ some heaviness)
NOT ONE WORD - s/t (oldschool SxE HC akin to Fastbreak, ex-To Die For)
NO WAY OUT -"Livin' Today" (oldschool Straight Edge HC from Italy, pre- Values Intact!)
ODK CREW -"Old School vs New School" (Cleveland style mosh Metal-Core a là Confront)
ON A SOLID ROCK -"Where Kids Don't Play" (emotional SxE HC, Verbal Assault / Endstand)
OUTCOME / DISBELIEF - split (Newschool meets oldschool HC, USA)
OUT OF SPITE -"Descending" (cool HC from USA, on Back To Basics)
OUTRAGE -"Between Brackets" (metallic HC/Punk/Emo with engaged lyrics)
OUTRAGE -"To Terrorize Ear And Mind" (the newer 7" on clear vinyl)
OVERFLOW -"Broken Knee" (melodic, fast, raw, powerful Punk from Croatia)
PEACE OF MIND -"Neuthron Bomb" (aggressive HC, Ebullition school)
PEACE OF MIND / UPSET - split (2 good HC bands from Germany)
PEOPLES COURT - s/t (good Punk/HC from Florida, on Skene! Records)
PERSISTANCE / OSSIFRAGA - split (Canadian political Grind and HardCore)
PETROGRAD -"Another Happy Tale" (Pop-Punk with female vocals, nice one!)
PILGER / BIFF TANNEN - split (fast, 80's style HC for both, Minor Threat/7 Seconds/SOA)
PLEDGE ALLIANCE -"Delusion To The Bitter End" (emotional metallic Screamo-Core)
POUNDAFLESH -"Cry From The People" (HC a là Varukers/Discharge/English Dogs)
PRAY SILENT / ANDROMEDA - split (heavy Newschool HC, Switzerland/USA)
PRESSUREFLIP / NUMBFIRE - split (nice melodic HC/Punk for both bands)
PRIMATES -"El Camino..." (HC/Punk with female vocals, Zeke meet Angry Samoans)
PRODUCT X -"Who Makes The Heroes..." (good SxE HC from the Netherlands,Commitment)
PSY - 9 / WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES - split (good melodic Punk Rock)
PUNJAB - s/t (Emo-Core from Chicago, USA)
RED NUMBER NINE -"Mary" (all girl California Punk Rock trio similar to Tilt)
REFLECTOR / STAHLHELM SURFERS - split (sludgy Metal/Assuck vs oldschool TrashMetal)
REJECTED YOUTH -"Awesome CBGB'S" (great Street-Punk between Rancid, Partisans & Blitz)
REJECTED YOUTH -"Don't Pick A Quarrel..." (Street-Punk, Clash/Rancid/Blitz, ltd. ed.)
REJECTED YOUTH -"No Police State Coalition" (Street-Punk, Rancid / Partisans / 4 Skins)
RESOLVE - s/t (US oldschool HC like Youth Of Today meets Turning Point, Commitment)
RIFIUTO / DEPRAVATI - split (Italian fast and powerful HC/Crust)
ROID - s/t (energetic HC from this up and coming band from Italy)
ROT -"Fatality" (fast and brutal Grind-Core from Brasil)
RUBBERMIND REVENGE -"My Zen" (cool Power Pop from Germany)
RUINED IN A DAY -"One Thousand" (Samiam meets Hot Water Music, USA)
SCARLET LETTER -"Pure, Unadulterated..." (furious US HC in the 80's style!)
SCARLET LETTER / SUICIDE PARTY - split (US HC, ex-Monster X vs ex-Let It Burn)
SCARRED FOR LIFE -"Far From Home" (Crust-HC, Discharge meets Varukers)
SCUFFY DOGS - s/t (great melodic Punk-Ska-Core, really good)
SEASICK -"Rache" (Crust-Core from Germany)
SEE YOU IN HELL - s/t (European political Crust-Core, + a DRI cover)
SEE YOU IN HELL / MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS - split (angry Crust, Japan/Scandi school)
SEE YOU IN HELL / THE PUBLIC - split (fast Crust-Thrash vs heavy HardCore)
SELF HATE -"Reality" (powerful political Crust-Core)
SHALL NOT KILL - s/t (sick screamo Metal-Grind-Core)
SICK DOGS - s/t (old style Punk Rock from Italy)
SICK TERROR / CATHODE - split (fast, thrashy HC from Brazil vs intense HC from Holland)
SIDESHOW -"Rust" (screaming, raw Emo from USA, on Caulfield)
SILVER SHINE - s/t (SxE band mixing HC, Punk and Psychobilly!!!, on Commitment records)
SIVIILIMURHA -"Tolkuton Tuho" (fast Finnish Crust-Grind-Core, 14 songs!!)
SKITYOUTH ARMY - s/t (superfast Thrash-Core like those 625 records bands)
SLINGSHOT AROUND THE MOON - s/t (Emo, Elliott,Appleseed Cast,early Jimmy Eat World)
SLOWPOKE - s/t (Emo/Punk/Pop from Texas, USA, RFTC meet Jawbox)
SONIC DOLLS -"Seeing Double" (melodic Punk Rock between Screeching Weasel & Queers)
SOUNDFISH - same (brutal and raw HardCore)
SPACE TO BEING / TASTE OF FLESH - split (Thrash-Core vs fast Skate-Thrash)
SPARKLER -"Discover" (poppy stuff a là Elvis Costello, swirled yellow vinyl!!)
SPLINTER -"The End Of The Belief"  (new school SxE HC from USA)
SPLURGE -"Exit/Stretch" (emotive and melodic Punk, a là Crimpshrine/Jawbreaker)
STALINGRAD / UNDERCLASS - split (HC attack from UK, 2 bands, 7 songs)
STATE OF MIND - s/t (NY style HC like Breakdown, Maximum Penalty, Burn, Leeway)
STATIC 84 -"Another Funeral" (rough Emo/Punk/HC, ultra-heavy vinyl)
STATUS//HYSTERIE / CONFUSED - split (HC/Crust vs HC with female vocals)
STEADFAST -"Home Is Where The Heart Dies" (heavy and emotional Straight Edge HC)
STEADFAST -"Everyday Life" (melodic Punk from USA)
STREET TRASH - s/t (pissed off Skate-Core from US, ex-Annihilation Time & Knife Fight)
STRONG INTENTION -"Each Day Lived..." (furious SxE HC from USA)
STRONG INTENTION / SOLID DECLINE - split (furious, brutal HC from USA and Germany)
SUBMERGE - s/t (fast and furious chaotic Metal-Core with some Grind elements)
SUBMERGE / KARRAS - split (two crazy and devastating Grind bands)
SUBMERGE / DEAD FOR A MINUTE - split (fast Metal-Core vs Crust-Core)
SUBMERGE / SUPERSTATIC REVOLUTION - split (fast HC vs. Newschool)
SUBSANITY / BURNPILE - split (Doom-Thrash vs. Grind-Thrash from USA)
SUBURBAN NOISE / ROOM 104 - split (2 emotional HC bands from Italy)
SUFFER -"On Sour Ground" (Swedish Thrash / Crossover from early 90's)
SUGARBOMBS / SCOREFOR - split (kick ass melodic PunkRock / HC)
SUNPOWER -"Total Control" (fast HC/Punk between Minor Threat, 7 Seconds & Circle Jerks!!)
SUPERSLEUTH -"The Hate Divides" (fast, melodic oldschool SxE HC, USA)
SYSTEM SHIT -"Hell-O" (intense raging Crust / Grind from Canada)
TEAR ME DOWN / OPUS DEAD - split (2 legendary political HC bands from Italy and Spain)
TEMPO ZERO -"Mondo A Parte" (HC with melody, a là Kina, Italy)
TEMPO ZERO -"In Gabbia" (rough, melodic & emotive HC/Punk)
THEMA 11 / GNU - split (Emo-Core vs chaotic HC with double bass)
THINGS THAT FALL DOWN -"Hey Joe" (heavy, recorded by Steve Albini!)
THIRD WORLD PLANET -"Air Quality Warning" (Power-Violence / Grind from Canada)
THOUGHT POLICE -"Content When..." (early 80's Boston HC/Thrash style)
THUMBS DOWN - s/t (oldschool HC between Ensign, SOIA and Bold)
TIGER LOU -"Gone Drifting" (acoustic heartfelt and EMOtive music you'll sing along instantly)
TRIPFACE -"This Foundation" (slow, powerful NYHC)
TROPIEZO / OPUS DEAD - split (fast HC from Puerto Rico vs fast Thrash-Metal-Core, Spain)
TUNSTIN GAT - s/t (melodic Punk Rock from USA)
TURBO LEMONS -"Klar Zum Entern" (German Fun-Punk, Toten Hosen / Goldenen Zitronen)
ULTIMATE WARNING -"Times" (powerful HardCore from Germany)
UMIGLIAZIONE -"Rabbia..." (brutal Anarcho-Grind-Core, Wretched / Assuck style)
UNDERSTAND - s/t (melodic, emotional HardCore from UK)
UNHOLY THREE - s/t (cool HC/Emo from USA)
UNIT 11:74 - s/t (screaming, fast HC/Grind from Australia)
UP RIGHTS -"Old School Revenge" (Youth Of Today meets Turning Point meet Battery)
UP TO DATE -"...Quanta Cenere" (fast and desperate HC/Punk from Italy)
URBAN BLIGHT -"Magnitogorsk" (original pissed off Punk from Holland)
V.A. -"Apathy Is No Excuse..." (Petrograd,Skol,.... Luxemburg Punk/HC)
V.A. -"Contralation" (Shutdown,No Contest,Tears Of Frustration,... USA SxE HC)
V.A. -"Homo Homini Lupus" (Gomorrha,Irritate,Pink Flamingos,Comatose,..Crust)
V.A. -"Neder-Thrash In Opkomst" (Seein' Red, Betercore, Cockroach,...HC/Crust)
V.A. -"Seven One Seven" (Brother's Keeper, Outcome, Option,... Newschool HC)
V.A. -"Strictly Ballroom" (Wat Tyler,Voorhees, Hard To Swallow, Suffer,...HC)
V.A. -"Taking Liberties" (Seein' Red, Opstand, Uhinged, Suffer. Political HC/Crust. ABC benefit)
V.A. -"The Sensational Octopus" (Manges, Pea Wees, Children's Channel,... Punk, out of print!)
VALLIUM -"Flagello" (political Crust-Core from Italy)
WALLRIDE -"With No Direction" (powerful melodic HC on B-Core records)
WARSORE -"Brutal Reprisal" (Australian Grind-Core legends, 7 songs, their last recordings!!)
WAR SQUAD - s/t (political, thrashy HC/Punk from NY with early 80's California sound)
WEAVING THE DEATHBAG - s/t (speedy HC/Punk similar to NOTA, ex-USV)
WHAT WENT WRONG -"Think About..." (awesome oldschool HC, ex-Time X)
WHEN MY AUTHORITIES FALL - s/t (great, melodic HC/Metal/Emo like Children Of Fall)
WHISKEY SUNDAY / SAINTE CATHERINES - split (Punk Rock from US vs Punk/HC, Canada)
WROUGHT: IRONSMILE - s/t (great Emo from Canada)
YOUNGANG -"Bastardo" (good Punk/Oi from Italy, 5 songs, has a free patch!)
YOUSSOUF TODAY - s/t (superfast HardCore a là Scolastic Deth / Limp Wrist)
YOUTH STRIKE CHORD - s/t (raging HC between Los Crudos / Born Against)
ZERO POSITIVES -"Last Contribution" (political metallic HC from Belgium)

7"ers:                     3 euro

ACTIVE MINDS -"Dis Is Getting..." (fast Crust-Core from UK)
ACTIVE MINDS -"The National Lotta E" (great piss on the national lottery)
ACTIVE MINDS / FREAKSHOW - split (political HC/Punk, UK/Spain)
ACTIVE MINDS / UMBRELLA TRIBE - split (Punk/HC from UK/Switzerland)
AGITATORS / HEARTACHES - split (good Punk Rock in the vein of Rancid / Clash/ Sham 69)
ALONE -"Kiss Dreams Goodbye" (Oldschool HC like Turning Point/Sinking Ships/Verse)
ANANDA / SUBMERGE - split (heavy metallic newschool HC for fans of Coalesce and Botch)
AUTORITAR - s/t (harsh Crust-Core from late 90's,influenced by Swedish Crust)
ATTENTAT SONORE -"Barricades" (political HC/Punk with male/female vocals)
BABIES 3 / HOUSTON - split (screaming Emo vs. Post-Core, white vinyl, ltd. 500)
BAN THIS! -"Creepy Crawl" (Skate-Core between Adolescents, Black Flag & Circle Jerks)
BETERCORE / OLHO DE GATO - split (oldschool HC/powerviolence vs CrustGrind,exBoycot)
BITCHIN' - s/t (melodic Punk Rock from Florida, ex-Pohgoh and Rumbleseat)
BOMBSTRIKE -"Livets Laga Slocknar" (Swedish Crust/D-Beat, think Mob 47, Skit System)
BUCK -"Hate Angels" (raw lo-fi power pop between Archers Of Loaf, Superchunk and Weezer)
C.AARME' - s/t (Punk Rock,mix Germs,Dead Boys, Bad Brains, Black Flag,signed to Epitaph!)
CIVIL TERROR -"Rising" (raging, fast HC between Infest and SSD, 10 songs!)
COMRADES / DEATH BEFORE WORK - split (Grind-Core violence vs fast Thrash-Core)
COMRADES / TEKKEN - split (legendary Italian Grind Core vs French Grind Punk)
DEAL WITH IT -"World Coming Down" (NY style HC, Breakdown, Cro-Mags, No Warning)
ENSIGN / FIG 4.0 - split (US oldschool HC vs fast melodic UK oldschool HC)
FAILED SUICIDE PLAN / AL FREDDO - split (Screamo-HC from Germany and Italy)
GONZALES / DROP THE I - split (R'N'R/Punk ex-La Piovra / Post Punk ex-Thrash Brigade)
GRIEVANCE / SOAR - split (Italian Screamo HC vs French Metal-Mosh-Core)
HIS IRO IS GONE -"Hope For Sale" (female vocals,Jingo de Lunch/Contropotere)
HIT ME BACK / CINDER - split (WHN?/Life's Halt style HC - California vs pissed off HC - Es)
L.E.A.R.N. -"First Lesson" (fast 80's style HC/Thrash, ex-Values Intact/Sonny Corleone)
LEIAH / HEBRIANA - split (quite melodic rockish Emo from Sweden / Belgium)
LICKITY SPLIT / SHARPSHOOTERS - split (the latter is Dave Smalley's band!)
LINK 80 / CAPDOWN - split (awesome Ska-Core from California and England, a must!)
PATH OF NO RETURN / THE CHANGE - split (2 great Swedish bands, New vs Old school)
SATIRNINE -"No Blessings" (foursome all-girl kickass Punk-Rock/R'n'R from Sweden!)
SECOND COMBAT -"What Has Inspired Us?" (oldschool HC, Gorilla Biscuits / Youth Of Today)
SECOND THOUGHT -"They Tore It Down" (fast political HC from Sweden)
SECOND THOUGHT / ASSEL - split (2 fast political HC bands from Sweden)
S.S.S. - s/t (Thrash-Metal-Core between Cro-Mags, SOD, Black Flag & early Metallica)
TAXI -"Dead Girl" (great Punk Rock, think Dead Boys / Dictators / Johnny Thunders)
V.A. -"Forever In Our Hearts" (Vitamin X, Reaching Forward, One X More,... SxE HC)
WHEN SEASONS CHANGE -"Time Will Tell Us" (oldschool HC, Chain Of Strength / NMF)

7"ers:                   3.50 euro

ABUSIVE ACTION -"Fueled" (aggressive oldschool HC between Madball and Breakdown)
ADORNO / SYN ERROR - split (good Emo, think Screamo vs Indian Summer/400 Years)
AGATHOCLES / MITTEN SPIDER - split (Grind, ltd. to 500 numbered copies)
AIDORU / OSSESSIONE - split (melodic Punk vs. Indie-Rock, clear vinyl)
ALCATRAZ / FINAL PRAYER - split (heavy HC from USA and Germany, on SWIRLED GREY!)
ALL GONE DEAD / BASTARDASS - split (US Power Violence/Grind + a Crossed Out cover)
ALONE -"Kiss Dreams Goodbye" (Oldschool HC, ltd. edition of 100 on RED!)
AMENDMENT 18 -"Every Knife..." (oldschool HC,ex-Chorus,Outspoken,Insted)
AMMUNITION - s/t (raw US oldschool HC, American Nightmare / Panic, on Western Front)
ANFO -"La Sangre..." (quick HC-Crust with 2 vocals from Peru, similar to Deathreat, on RED!)
ATAQUE FRONTAL - s/t (repress of this classic from 1988, the greatest Peruvian HC band!)
AT ANY COST -"Power Of The Mind" (heavy new school HC from USA)
AUTOMATIC -"Crossing Kill Creek" (melodic US Punk/HC like Dag Nasty)
BAM BAMS -"Tu E L'Estate" (female led Pop-Punk similar to Muffs, ltd. to 500)
BATTLE ROYALE -"Nicht Geht Mehr" (HC-Crust-Metal-GrindCore, ex-Disrespect, ltd. to 500)
BETONGBARN - s/t (melodic Crust, From Ashes Rise meets Scandi-Crust, gray cover)
BIONIC / HOMEBOYS - split (great melodic Punk bands,Bionic is ex-Doughboys!)
BLACK DAHLIA  - s/t (very harsh oldschool HardCore from USA)
BLACK REBELS / NEARLY DEADS - split (Portland, Oregon's Punk'n'Roll vs Punk Rock)
BOILING MAN -"Roadkill Museum" (screaming, political US HC/Crust between Crucifix / Filth)
BOMBSTRIKE -"Ackel" (Scandinavian D-Beat Crust-Core, Mob 47 / Skit System)
BLOODPACT / TIME X - split (2 good oldschool bands from USA and Portugal)
BREAK IT UP - s/t (angry, fast oldschool HC reminiscent of Bold, Judge and Ten Yard Fight)
BUZZOV-EN -"Useless" (heavy ripping Post Core from USA)
BULLET TREATMENT / IT'S CASUAL - split (2 Punk/HC bands from Los Angeles, California)
CAPTAIN EVERYTHING -"Bomb Song" (super melodic UK Punk/HC on PINK vinyl!!)
CARPENTER ANT / RACE TO DIE - split (fast Skate-Core / oldschool vs. thrashy HC, US)
CAVE CANEM - s/t (excellent screaming HC, great guitars and melodies)
CHAINSAW -"Just Need It" (Japanese HC a là Lip Cream, Deathside,... great stuff!)
CHAINSAW -"Monopolized" (classic Japanese HC with a hint of Poison Idea influence)
CINDER -"Breaking The Ice" (excellent Oldschool HC, has a Side By Side cover!)
CIV -"All Twisted" (ex-Gorilla Biscuits members, in the vein of "Start Today" song)
CIV -"Social Climber" (their second 7", ex-Gorilla Biscuits members, on Revelation)
CLUSTER BOMB UNIT / RAAGG - split (Discharge style Crust-Core vs. Japanese HC/Crust)
COMMON ENEMY / L.E.A.R.N. - split (skate Thrash/oldschool HC from USA and Italy)
COMPLETE STRATEGIST -"Willow Park" (catchy Indie Pop, Archers Of Loaf/Pavement, ltd.)
COMIN' CORRECT -"Alive & Kicking" (NYHC fury, + a Negative Approach cover)
CRIME IN STEREO -"The Contract" (melodic NYHC with oldschool edge as Strike Anywhere)
COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON - s/t (US crusty HC, His Hero is Gone / Discharge)
CRISPUS ATTUCKS -"Iyo Peho" (fast political Crust-Core from USA)
DEAD EMPTY - s/t (US Street Punk between Dropkick Murphys, Blitz and Rancid)
DEAD RED SEA - s/t (US Emo/Indie Rock, ex-Cross My Heart, pre-Liars Academy)
DEATHCYCLE / THE SPARK - split (fast US HC, ex- Kill Your Idols, CR / ex- Pulling Teeth)
DEF CHOICE - s/t (fast oldschool HardCore from Chicago, 10 songs!!!)
DETERMINATION -"They Who Step..." (Minor Threat/7 Seconds/Circle Jerks, ltd. to 300!)
DOWNSLIDE -"Unwired" (oldschool HC, Agnostic Front, Side By Side, Judge, ltd. to 520)
DRUNK -"Hate Songs" (HC from Norway, ex-Life...But How To Live It?)
EESCH -"Falling Down" (power Pop-Punk a là Game Face,purple vinyl ltd. to 330)
ELEMAE -"Sleeping With Adrenaline" (Emo, Jimmy Eat World meets Sensefield, on CLEARl!)
ENABLERS / BEDFORD FALLS - split (good Punk,Replacements/Social Distortion/Husker Du)
FABRIC - s/t (the greatest UK Emo band of their time, awesome cover!, on Machination)
FAIRFUCK - s/t (oldschool HC alike Minor Threat and Black Flag, grey vinyl)
FIELDS OF FIRE -"KCSB" (powerful oldschool Skate-Core from California,between Minor
Threat, Uniform Choice, Ill Repute and Gorilla Biscuits, ltd. to 520 copies!!)
FIX ME - s/t (furious HC between Poison Idea and Boston HC, ex- E-150)
FLIP-TOPS / GLORYHOLES - split (2 great Garage Punk'n'Roll bands from USA, on BLUE!)
FOUR LETTER WORD -"Crimewave!" (powerful Punk/HC, Leatherface/Snuff/SLF/Bad Religion)
FRANK CASTLE GONNA BREAK YOUR NECK - s/t (fast HC, circle pits and sing-a-longs)
FRANKLIN LAKES - s/t (Indie-Rock a là Interpol / Franz Ferdinand / The Hives)
FUCKIN' BRAINEATERS -"Brains" (Misfits style Punk, ex-Cinder, E-150...)
GAMEFACE -"Cupcakes" (great Pop-Punk-Indie from California, a must!)
GAMEWINNER -"...Out Of My Back..." (oldschool SxE HC from USA)
GRUPO TRASVERSALE - s/t (chaotic Gravity sound Emo-Core from Italy)
GUILT SHOW -"Those Who Do Wrong..." (HC, ex-Summer League, Ivory Cage, on WHITE vinyl)
HALFMAST -"Influence" (6 songs of positive oldschool HC from early 90's)
HARSH TRUTH - s/t (NY influenced HC, Breakdown, Sheer Terror, Killing Time)
HATE FUCK TRIO -"My Girl.." (good melodic Punk,ex-Descendents,blue vinyl)
HENCEFORTH -"An Ambush Among Friends" (HC, Comeback Kid / As Friends Rust,on RED!)
HOT WATER MUSIC / RYDELL - split (awesome Emo-Core from Florida / UK)
IN DEFENSE -"Twin Cities Crew" (youth crew style HC,Gorilla Biscuits/ 7 Seconds/ Warzone)
INSTIGATORS with Toshiyuki Hiraoka - same (powerful HC with melody)
KAKISTOCRACY -"And So You..." (political Punk/Crust, Aus Rotten/Pist, on blue)
KIDS OF CARNAGE - s/t (fast and snotty US Punk/HC, Black Flag meets Circle Jerks)
KILLED IN ACTION -"Self Abuse" (Power-Violence / Thrash-Core from Columbus, USA)
KILLER'S KISS -"Do It Again" (San Francisco Punk'n'Roll/Garage Rock,Stooges/Oblivian)
K-LINE -"Lessons Learned" (good Punk/HC, Rites Of Spring meet AOF & Embrace, on clear)
LEGION OF DOOM / ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR - split (US Crust/Grind vs US Crust-Core, rare)
LIAR'S ACADEMY - "Run For Cover" (Baltimore,US Indie/Emo/Rock outfit started by members of Cross My Heart & Strike Anywhere. PLAIN GREEN vinyl limited to 416 copies!)
LONE WOLVES - s/t (rough R'n'R/Garage/Punk from New York, pink vinyl)
LOOKS LIKE RAIN / CHERNOBYL KIDS - split (oldschool HC from USA)
LOOKS LIKE RAIN / INFAMOUS - split (two great East Coast oldschool HC/Punk bands)
MAKE IT COUNT - s/t (oldschool HC between Comeback Kid, Turning Point and Carry On)
MALLORYS LAST DANCE - s/t (dark and intensive screamo a là Yaphet Kotto)
McRACKINS -"It's Raining" (really beautiful Pop-Punk from Canada,great!!)
MELEE -"One Way Dead End" (Boston oldschool HC/Punk early 80's style, Lengua Armada)
MESSYHAIRS -"Skulls & Skateboards" (oldschool Skate-Core from USA)
MESSYHAIRS / GRINDERS - split (oldschool Skate-HC / melodic Punk/HC)
MICKEY AND THE BIG MOUTHS -"A 40 And..." (HardCore from California)
MILEMARKER -"Sex Jams" (a perfect match of New Wave, Post-Core and Fugazi)
MILWAUKEES / MICO - split (awesome melodic Emo,Samiam / TITR, green vinyl)
MIND GAME -"Opposite Ourselves" (Emo/Indie-Pop from USA, red vinyl)
MONSTER / DAYMARES - split (Tragedy-like HC/Crust, ex-Born Dead Icons/Highscore)
MORE THAN EVER / TURN AWAY - split (Shai Hulud/Poison The Well vs HC/Punk, on BLUE vinyl)
MURDER-SUICIDE PACT -"Lobotomy Kit" (fast, raging HC from US, on swirled grey vinyl!)
N.A.B. -"Collage Di Un Delirio" (Grind-Core, ex-La Piovra, Ohuzaru, on RED!)
NAMES FOR GRAVES -"Version 2.1" (fast, heartfelt, oldschool US HC, ex-Committed, ITR)
NEUTHRONE - same (heavy Post-Core/Metal crossover)
NEVER ENOUGH -"Our Will Is Done" (raw US oldschool, YOT / Modern Life Is War)
NEVER ENOUGH / SOLID GROUND - split (furious oldschool HC,Youth Of Today/In My Eyes)
NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY -"Talking..." (HC between Bane and Comeback Kid, on BLUE!)
NO TURNING BACK -"Rise From The Ashes" (pissed off HC, Madball / Cro-Mags style)
NO TURNING BACK / THE DEAL - split (fast NY style HC / Give Up The Ghost oldschool HC)
OFF MY CHEST - s/t (SxE HC, Carry On / Gorilla Biscuits / Day Of The Dead, orange vinyl!!)
OPPOSITE FORCE -"Against My Desire" (heavy new school SxE HC from Rome)
PILGER -"These Times" (tuneful HC, Kid Dynamite,7 Seconds,Minor Threat,on red/black vinyl)
PLAN III -"Wood Alcohol Is Not For Drinking" (HardCore from USA)
POINT AT OTHERS - s/t (urgent HC between Give Up The Ghost and Paint It Black)
POINTING FINGER -"Transcend" (great oldschool SxE HC from Portugal)
PSYCHO SISTERS -"Timberline" (ex-Bangles Vicki Peterson's band, on white vinyl!)
RAGING FUGITIVES - s/t (full speed, raging doomy Crust from Norway)
RASSOUDOK -"Sex, Droogs And Rock'n'Roll" (good Punk Rock a là Komintern Sect, ltd. ed.)
RECEIPT -"In Defense Of My Own" (good oldschool SxE HC from Rome, Italy)
RIISTETERROR -"Taabajara HardCore" (great Finnish/Brazilian HC-Crust!)
RUIDO - s/t (Thrash-Power Violence-HC-Grind from California, on Deep Six records)
RUIDO / FUCK ON THE BEACH - split (Grind/Power Violence from USA / Japan)
RYDELL -"Home" (Emo/Indie between Van Pelt, Hot Water Music and Lungfish)
RUTH'S HAT -"Sloppy Poppy Punk Band" (US Pop-Punk, Queers / Screeching Weasel,ltd. 500)
SAINTE CATHERINES / FIFTH HOUR HERO - split (great Canadian PunkRock bands!)
SAY GOODBYE -"Anti Social" (fast/slow thrashy '80s style HC, Minor Threat / Neg. Approach)
SCARE TACTIC - s/t (11 songs of fast, trashy oldschool HC from Canada)
SHORT FUSE -"Fruitless Efforts" (raw HC/Punk, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, Neg. Approach)
SHORTCUT TO NEWARK -"Heads In Hands..." (Emo, Saves The Day, Piebald, GUK,on blue)
SHUTDOWN - s/t (fine oldschool HardCore with late 80's DC influence)
SICK TERRIFIC NOSEBLEEDS -"No Way" (energetic Punk USA, green vinyl)
SIDETRACKED / SOME CAME RUNNING - split (oldschool HC vs. ThrashCore,on ORANGE)
SING SING TRIBU -"Anacronistici Falli" (good Italian HC a là NoMeansNo, rare!)
SLEDGEHAMMER -"Your Arsonist" (heavy HC with members of Integrity, Liar and Congress)
SOLEA - s/t (melodic Emo-Pop-Core from the US, ex-Samiam)
SPARK -"Fashion Rats And Status Whores" (fast trashy HC like Minor Threat & No Justice)
SPIRIT 84 -"Beyond The Call Of Friendship" (good olschool HC a là Atari)
STANDARD ISSUE -"Incite" (cool US oldschool HC with its late 80's sound)
STINKING LIZAVETA / HELL MACH 4 - split (Emo/Punk vs Touch & Go sound)
STOCKYARD STOICS / FILAMENTS - split (US Street Punk vs UK Ska-Punk, + sticker & zine!)
STRAIGHT A'S - s/t (flannel shirts and baseball caps, total 80's Trash-Core)
STRENGTH IN NUMBERS / TREPAN NATION - split (SxE and HC from Chicago)
SUPREME COMMANDER / TWO MAN ADVANTAGE - split (G. Biscuits+Dag Nasty / Op. Ivy)
SVARTENBRANDT -"Sista Dan I Rampljuset" (Swedish HC a là Asta Kask/Strebers)
TARJAS - s/t (fun melodic Punk Rock, Queers meet Klamydia, YELLOW vinyl!)
TEAM EFFORT -"The Third Age" (US oldschool HC between Uniform Choice and Slapshot)
TURN THE TIDE -"What's Behind..." (oldschool HC, Battery / Endstand / Dag Nasty)
TOASTERS -"Live In Sao Paulo" (one of the oldest and best known US Ska bands)
TRIGGERS / FLIP-TOPS - split (2 great Punk Rock bands from Portland,on swirled RED!)
ULTIMO RAUSEA -"Melhen" (crazy HardCore from this legendary Japanese band)
UNITED STATES OF MIND - s/t (fast melodic US Punk, multicolored vinyl)
UN PREMIER MAI - s/t (HardCore-Metal from Montreal, Canada)
V.A. -"Hit The Line Hard" (Until Today, Reinforce, No Comply,...US oldschool HC)
V.A. -"Internationally Pist 2" (Black SS,B.U.S.H,Taste Of Flesh, Tropiezo,...HC)
V.A. -"Messageboard Mayhem" (The Distance, Endgame, Time To Pay,...US HC/Oldschool)
VALUES INTACT -"Here Hearts" (screaming Oldschool HC, Give Up The Ghost / Carry On)
VIOLENT SOCIETY -"Negative Attention" (80's HC/Punk from Philadelphia)
VISIONS OF JOHANNA -"Swell" (Punk Rock from Holland, long out of print!)
VOETSEK -"Kick It" (US raging Thrash Violence, think Spazz meets Hirax, on Deep 6)
VOETSEK -"Tinea Cruris" (dark US Thrash a là Septic Death, 10 originals & an ENT cover!)
VOIDS / NARCOLEPTIC YOUTH - split (good Punk Rock/HC from California)
VULGAR PIGEONS -"Genetic Predisposition" (Power Violence/Grind, ex-Benumb)
YOUR NEW FRIEND - s/t (Lifetime meets Dag Nasty meets Starmarket, blue vinyl!)

7"ers:                   4 euro

ACTIONS ASIDE -"Do You Remember..." (oldschool HC,OMDB/In My Eyes, splatter GREEN!)
ACTIVE MINDS / URKO - split (fast political HC/Crust from England, comes with a zine!)
AMBER INN - s/t (great melodic Emo from California, slow and moody, on Ebullition)
ANTILLECTUAL -"Waves" (melodic Punk between Strike Anywhere and Propagandhi, PURPLE!)
ASTA KASK -"Till Sista Droppen" (unbelievable fast Punk Rock from Sweden)
AT HALF-MAST / VALUES INTACT - split (modern US HC between Shai Hulud / Modern Life Is War
vs phenomenal furious oldschool band from Italy, plain ORANGE vinyl ltd. to 300 copies!)
AT HALF-MAST / TO THE EMBERS - split (great US modern aggressive HardCore vs an amazing
energetic oldschool band like Stay Gold / Champion, DARK BLUE vinyl ltd. to 270 copies!)
BADAMPS -"Two Face" (Pop-Punk between Screeching Weasel, Queers & Ramones, 1st press!)
BAN THIS! -"Creepy Crawl" (HC, Adolescents, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, on ORANGE!)
BAIT -"Every Lie..." (gloomy, metallic Crust, ex-Deviated Instinct, ltd. to 400)
BETONGBARN - s/t (melodic Crust, From Ashes Rise meets Scandi-Crust, ltd. to 150!)
BIRDS OF A FEATHER -"Chapter 5" (oldschool HC,ex-Man Lifting Banner,Crivits,Mainstrike,...)
BLANK STARE - s/t (fast US HC between Youth Of Today and Cut The Shit, on CLEAR vinyl!)
BRAINBOMBS -"I Need Speed" (the newest release by this cult band, ltd. to 300 copies)
BREAD AND WATER -"Future Memories" (political Anarcho-Punk from Texas, USA)
BRING IT ON -"Only The Strong Survive" (80's style NYHC,Killing Time/Sheer Terror, CLEAR!)
BROWNEYE - s/t (Garage/Punk between Stooges, Hellacopters & Celibate Rifles, ltd. to 300)
CAVE IN -"Anchor" (real heavy Post-Core/Metal/Indie/Emo/Punk from USA)
CELIBATE RIFLES -"1969" (boot with 4 songs by these Aussies, red vinyl)
CONQUEST FOR DEATH - s/t (fast HC/Thrash from California, ex- What Happens Next?)
CONVICTED - s/t (early 90's political HC from Europe, quite rare record to find!)
COTIDE MORI - s/t (Screamo HC from Italy, comes witha FREE CD version of it!)
DAMAGED GOODS - s/t (80's style HC with Suicidal Tendencies influence,on WHITE vinyl!)
DEAD LIKE DALLAS -"A Story As Old As Time" (US Emo-Violence on WHITE vinyl ltd. to 300!)
DEADSETAGAINST / SLEEPLESS NIGHTS - split (fast HardCore from US and Sweden, on CLEAR!)
DEAD WRONG / THE BANNER - split (NYHC/Cleveland style vs. US screaming Horror-Core)
DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS -"Undercurrents" (Lifetime meets Kid Dynamite, on ltd. GREY!)
DETERMINATION -"They Who Step..." (80's HC Minor Threat/7 Seconds, on MULTICOLOR!)
DIE EMPEROR DIE -"4 Song" (screamy acoustic melodic Emo from Texas)
DODSDOMD -"Seven Deadly Sins" (Swedish D-Beat HC between Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade)
DOWNCAST - s/t (raging, pissed off political HC from the USA, on Ebullition)
DOWN TO NOTHING / ON THIN ICE - split (fast, urgent HC from USA and UK, heavy vinyl!)
DRUGSTOP - s/t (HC/Punk with Reagan Youth and GG Allin covers, ltd. to 250!)
ECONOCHRIST -"Another Victim" (their 2nd EP, political HC from USA, Ebullition)
ECONOCHRIST -"Skewed" (raging political HC from California, on Ebullition)
ENDSTAND - s/t (great oldschool HC/Punk from Finland, color vinyl!!)
EX-IGNOTA / BARCODE - split (HC/Emo/Post-Core...two great bands!)
FARSIDE - s/t (the second 7" by this great emotional band mixing Pop, Emo and Punk)
FEAR OF LIPSTICK -"Indie Band" (snotty Punk-Rock,Screeching Weasel/Queers,1st press!)
FORTY WINKS -"Sweet Sweet Frenzy" (melodic Italian Pop-Emo, on GREY vinyl!)
FREEFALL - s/t (melodic emotive HC from USA, on white vinyl, Redemption)
GET TO THE CHOPPER - s/t (Grind-Core from USA, on PINK vinyl ltd. to 205!)
GO! -"What We Build Together" (legendary US HC band, ltd. edition on YELLOW!)
GORILLA BISCUITS - s/t (melodic oldschool SxE HC from NYC, on Revelation records)
H100S -"Distort Cleveland" (ultra fast HC from USA)
HERESIA / GRITOS DE ALERTA - split (Crust a là Discharge, on grey vinyl!)
HOODS -"Once Again 1996" (good oldschool/hatecore from California)
HUMANIFESTO -"Don't Eat Meat" (melodic HC/Punk a là Propagandhi, ltd. GREEN of 200!)
HUMANIFESTO -"Don't Eat Meat" (melodic HC/Punk a là Propagandhi, ltd. ORANGE of 200!)
IDIOT BITCH -"Loser" (fast US HC/Punk w/ male/female vocals,out of print & on BLUE vinyl!)
IN DEFENSE -"Twin Cities Crew" (Gorilla Biscuits / 7 Seconds / Warzone, on clear BLUE!)
IN DEFENSE / GUNS N'ROSA PARKS - split (US youth crew HC vs 80's style HC, marbled GREEN)
ICONOCLAST - s/t (chaotic, screaming HC from the East Coast, Rorschach / Born Against)
INSIDE OUT -"No Spiritual Surrender" (powerful HC, pre-Rage Against The Machine, 108)
IPANEMA -"Je Suis Un..." (Pop Punk a là Doughboys/MC4, ex-Mega City 4,heavy white vinyl)
KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS / DEL CIELO - split (fast HC/Punk vs all female Emo-Pop)
KURBITS I.R. -"Inget Liv" (ultra-fast Scandinavian Trash-Crust-Core from 1996!!)
KRULL -"Anguish" (fast, rough, but melodic French HC, loooong out of print!, rare!)
LA MASCHERA DI FERRO / MARY POPPINS - split (Emo from Italy, this is a 10" not a 7”!!!)
LED BY EXAMPLE / GUNG HO! - split (US Posi-Core vs US Youth Crew, on SPLATTER GREEN!)
LIAR'S ACADEMY - "Run For Cover" (Baltimore, US Indie/Emo/Rock outfit started by members
of Cross My Heart & Strike Anywhere. SWIRLED GREEN vinyl limited to 125 copies!)
LA QUIETE / CATENA COLLAPSE - split (great Emo a là Indian Summer, Current, Saetia)
LAST CHANCE -"Where We Stand" (HC/Chain Of Strength, ex-In The Clear/Good Clean Fun)
LOSING STREAK -"Cracked" (fast, pissed off HC between Shark Attack & Outbreak, WHITE!)
MANUMISSION - s/t (desperate, screamy HC/Emo from California, on Ebullition)
MANUMISSION -"Diego Rivera" (screamy HC with early Emo influences, Ebullition)
MIRACLE MILE -"The Future History" (heavy oldschool HC, GUTG meets Judge, clear vinyl!)
MONOCHROME -"Prozac Barrio" (indie USA band similar to June of 44)
NAMES FOR GRAVES -"Worst Kid Ever" (fast pissed off US HC,Minor Threat/Comeback Kid)
NEON MANIACS -"Rip Em Up" (cool British influenced old style Punk from USA)
NEON MANIACS -"Transplant Baby" (snotty Californian Punk, Adolescents/TSOL/Zero Boys)
NEW GRANADA - s/t (powerful & intense Chicago HC with a melodic edge, Lengua Armada)
NIGHSTICK JUSTICE - s/t (furious US HC between Minor Threat and 80's Boston school)
NINJA DEATH SQUAD / FAGATRON - split (Grind vs Fast HC from USA, pink vinyl!)
NO FRAUD - s/t (legendary HC band from Florida, this is an early 90's one!, rare!)
NO MORE FEAR -"One Thing We'll Share" (4 songs of aggressive oldschool SxE HC, think
Ignite meets Youth Of Today, fast music & powerful choruses, on orange vinyl ltd. to 100!)
NOTHING TO HIDE - s/t (modern HC a là Comeback Kid, on SWIRLED vinyl!)
NOT NOW NOT EVER - s/t (modern HC a là Comeback Kid / Bane, on WHITE vinyl!)
OTOPHOBIA -"Source Of Confusion" (furious, scary Thrash-Core from the US)
OTOPHOBIA / REASON OF INSANITY - split (Thrashy-HC between Ripcord & Heresy, grey!)
OVERFLOW -"The Worm" (melodic Punk from Croatia, ltd. edition on colored vinyl!)
ONE STEP FORWARD -"Positive Thinking" (US oldschool HC, 7 Seconds / Betrayed, on YELLOW!)
PHOENIX FOUNDATION / RED CABARET - split (Leatherface / Husker Du, heavy red vinyl!)
P.H.P. -"InCompletoDisordine" (oldschool / newschool screamy italian HC, imagine Battery & Chain Of Strength playing with newschool approach & singing in italian, ltd. to 77 on red vinyl)
PRAY SILENT - s/t (aggressive & screaming, heavy Metal-Core on Genet records, on BLUE)
PUNCH IN THE FACE - s/t (furious HC between Minor Threat & N. Approach, ex-Los Crudos)
PUNCH THE KLOWN / GRUDGEHOLDER - split (brutal US HardCore, on red vinyl!)
REINFORCE -"One Life Thug Free" (great Posi-Core from North Carolina, USA)
REINFORCE -"Youth Shall Sing!" (awesome melodic oldschool SxE HC, USA)
REIZIGER -"Grab And Nailed" (nice Belgian Emo, ex-Kosjer D, on ORANGE vinyl)
RENTOKILLER / THE PROCESS - split (heavy HC from Sweden, Refused/Snapcase, on white!)
RETARDED -"Judy Wants To Be My Girl" (total Ramones/S. Weasel style)
RUINER -"What Could Possibly Go Right" (pissed of US HC, With Honor / Moder Life Is War)
REPROACH -"Is What It Is" (really fast thrashy Skate HardCore, on CLEAR vinyl!)
RUBBER CITY REBELS -"Young And Dumb" (70's US Punk, Dictators/Ramones, 500)
SAVING FACE / ALMOST THERE - split (US Pop-Punk vs US fast Punk, on clear RED vinyl!)
SEEIN' RED -"Marinus" (angry political HC from Hollnad, ex-Larm, on Ebullition)
SEEKERS OF THE TRUTH / TRIBAL ZONE - split (newschool vs oldschool, CLEAR vinyl!)
SETUP -"Nine Kinds Of Pain" (agressive HC,Mouthpiece,Hope Conspiracy,Suicide File,on red)
SEX SEX SEX / SCARECROW - split (Horror Punk Sweden/Finland, Dwarves/Misfits, yellow!)
SHAI HULUD -"A Profound Hatred Of Man" (early stuff by this amazing US Metal-Core band)
SIGNS OF HOPE - "First And Foremost" (9 song EP. Oldschool HC from Connecticut akin to
Chain Of Strength, In My Eyes and Ten Yard Fight. limited edition of 406 on PLAIN BLUE!)
SLAVES / NOTORIUS -"Teatro Sexy Movie" (US New Wave ex-VSS / chaotic Emo-Core, Italy)
SPIDER BABIES -"Comin' Unglued" (Garage Punk from Oregon, on MULTICOLOR vinyl!)
SPITBOY -"Rasana" (all female Punk band from California, rough and political)
STOP AT NOTHING -"Legends Never Die" (US oldschool HC, Carry On/Battery/TYF, green!)
STRUGGLE - s/t (rough DC style HC from the US, pre-Swing Kids, Unbroken, Locust)
TAKE CONTROL-"Tides" (heavy US oldschool HC, Justice meets Cro-Mags meets NYHC)
TAKEN BY FORCE - s/t (US HC with Metal influence, Madball, Hatebreed, Cro-Mags)
THE CHANGE - s/t (the debut 7", SOIA meets Agnostic Front meets Gorilla Biscuits)
THENCEFORWARD -"From Within" (newschool/oldschool HC on Phyte records)
THIS COMPUTER KILLS - s/t (screamo HC, Assfactor 4 meets 400 years,white vinyl!)
THIS SIDE UP / DOC HOPPER -"...And Then Were None" (oldschool melodic HC/Punk from Italy versus Pop-Punk from USA, ltd. to 800 copies, 2 different covers of 400 each)
THIS SIDE UP / WHITE FROGS -"Still Without An Answer" (great, melodic HC/Punk with positive attitude, Gorilla Biscuits, 7 Seconds, Bad Religion, Good Riddance, ltd. on color!)
THIS SIDE UP / WHITE FROGS -"Still Without An Answer" (as above, black US pressing)
THIS TIME AROUND -"What's In Your Heart" (Chain Of Strength/Champion, splatter RED!)
TIEBREAK -"Stand Hard 1998" (oldschool SxE HC in the Youth Of Today vein)
TRENDY BASTARDS - s/t (Metal-Grindcore, on unique silkscreened GREEN vinyl, ltd. to 350)
UNDERGROUND ARROWS -"No Chance To Escape" (legendary Mod band, super rare and old!)
UNTIL TODAY -"In The Distance" (oldschool SxE HC from USA)
UNTIL TODAY -"Hate Free" (youth crew style: YOT meets 7 Seconds)
UPSTAB -"With Report" (raging US Thrash HC, ex-H-100's / 9 Shocks Terror / Face Value)
UPSTAB -"Somebody..." (intense, raging US HC in the Necros / Poison Idea vein, ex-H-100's)
UP YOURS - s/t (oldschool HC from Holland, Uniform Choice / Tear It Up, on GREEN vinyl!)
V.A. -"Times Still Here" (Day Of The Dead,Time X,New Winds,Mad Rats,...SxE HC)
V.A. -"Do It Yourself" (Eversor, Point Of View, NIA Punx, Fichissimi, This Side Up: 5
of the best melodic Punk/HC/Emo bands from Italy...on splatter RED vinyl, 1st press!!)
V.A. -"No Bullshit Vol.2" (Cardiac Arrest,Wasted Time,Social Circkle,Warkrime,...US HC)
VERNON WALTERS -"Last" (melodic Punk from Holland, long out of print and rare!)
VICIOUS CIRCLE -"Pizza Rules" (imagine a cross between Cro-Mags and Straight Ahead)
VIOLENT FEMMES -"American Music"/"Good Feeling" (great legendary US Indie/Rock/Punk)
VOLENDAM DISEASE - s/t (fast thrashy HC, think Minor Threat/Poison Idea/Septic Death)
VOMIT -"Kate Moss" (Thrashy stop-and-go US HardCOre, fast and raw)
VOWS - s/t (US oldschool HC supergroup, ex-Champion, Ten Yard Fight, Unbroken, Betrayed)
WE'RE ALL BROKEN -"Ambrosia" (Emo-Core, Thursday / Sunny Day Real Estate, SPATTER vinyl!)
WHEN SEASONS CHANGE / MILES TO GO - split (oldschool HC Italy/Germany, on GREEN vinyl!)
WHERE FEAR AND WEAPONS MEET - s/t (fast, aggressive HC, ex-Culture / Morning Again)
WORDS THAT BURN -"Profits Of..." (US CrustGrindCore between Remission & State Of Fear)
YO MAN GO! -"Life Lessons" (US melodic stuff like Lifetime, ex-RAMBO/Saetia/Off Minor)

COLOR 7"ers:                 5 euro

ACTIVE MINDS / URKO - split (fast political HC/Crust, ltd. ed. of 210 on GREEN! + zine)
AFTERMATH -"Dumb And Unaware" (angry, shouted HC, Infest, Void, Sheer Terror, on gold!)
ALTERAZIONE / CONTAGIO - split (furious old style HC like Negazione)
ANCHOR / THE KIND THAT KILLS - split (for fans of Champion & Strife, SPLATTER vinyl!)
AT HALF-MAST / VALUES INTACT - split (modern US HC between Shai Hulud / Modern Life Is War
vs phenomenal furious oldschool band from Italy, SWIRLED ORANGE wax ltd. to 110 copies!)
AT HALF-MAST / TO THE EMBERS - split (great US modern aggressive HardCore vs an amazing
energetic oldschool band like Stay Gold / Champion, BABY BLUE SWIRL ltd. to 150 copies!)
BETTER NEVER -"...ever" (HC supergroup: ex-Dag Nasty, Negative Approach and Battery!!!)
BLOOD RED -"Bad To Worse" (emotional HC, Kill Your Idols / Rites Of Spring + free CD!)
CAREER SUICIDE -"Signals" (fast, snotty, early 80's style HC, FU's / Minor Threat, pic. disc!)
CARDIAC ARREST -"Life's A Dead End" (furious Boston style HC like Negative FX / FU's)
C.C.M. -"400 Fascists" (furious 80's Italian HardCore in its best tradition)
CIRCLES - s/t (Gorilla Biscuits meets Dag Nasty, ex-Go It Alone/Blue Monday, RED!)
CLOAK / DAGGER - s/t (80's style HC/Punk, ex-American Nightmare, Count Me Out, CLEAR!)
COMRADES / LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER - split (Ultra-Grind from Italy and Spain, WHITE vinyl!)
DAY OF THE DEAD - s/t (awesome furious, raw oldschool SxE HC that sounds as if Bane went Crust, members of Time X and Seize The Day, from Portugal, ltd. red vinyl of 98 copies!)
DEAL WITH IT -"World Coming Down" (NY style HC, Breakdown/Cro-Mags, RED splatter vinyl!)
DEATH SENTENCE / CTHUWULF - split (fast, angry HC vs Mob 47 style HC, on WHITE vinyl!)
DOUBLE CROSSED -"Your Attitude Bites" (modern SxE HC a là Carry On, on GOLD!)
DOWN & OUTS -"Forever Punk" (excellent Street Punk from UK, red/clear vinyl!!!)
DOWN TO NOTHING -"Higher Learning" (US HC, Gorilla Biscuits meet Judge, on BLUE!!)
DROP IT -"What The Hell?" (US HC, Black Flag/NYHC, produced by Vic DiCara, on green!)
FIELDS OF FIRE -"KCSB" (powerful oldschool Skate-Core from California,between Minor
Threat, Uniform Choice, Ill Repute and Gorilla Biscuits, on red vinyl ltd. to 70 copies!!)
FIFTY ON RED - s/t (furious oldschool HC between Bold, Judge & Side By Side, green vinyl!)
FIRE STILL BURNS - s/t (melodic HC ex-Lifetime, Ensign, Vision, ORANGE vinyl ltd. to 200!)
FIRE STILL BURNS - s/t (melodic HC ex-Lifetime, Ensign, PINK/BLACK vinyl ltd. to 200!)
FIRE STILL BURNS - s/t (melodic HC ex-Lifetime, Ensign, CLEAR vinyl, first press!)
FUCKED UP / HAYMAKER - split (Canadian HC/Punk ex-Ruination vs fast HardCore, CLEAR!)
HARMONY AS ONE - s/t (brutal SxE HC, white vinyl ltd. to 500, free stickers!!)
HEAR THE SIRENS -"...Anywhere But Home" (Lifetime style Punk/HC, on MULTICOLOR!)
HIDE OUT - s/t (old style Italian HC, released in 1991 and LONG out of print!)
HIRAX -"El Diablo Negro" (California fast Speed/Thrash Metal/HardCore, picture disc!)
HOSTAGE CALM -"Demo" (think Ignite meets Ambitions, on BABY BLUE ltd. to 200!)
HOSTAGE CALM -"Demo" (think Ignite meets Ambitions, on RED ltd. to 300!)
IN MY WAY - s/t (oldschool SxE HC from DC, Project X meets Chain Of Strength, on GREY!)
INSURGENCE -"Never Surrender" (Seattle Punk Rock a là Rancid, on multicolor vinyl!)
JENNY PICCOLO / SU19B - split (US fast/slow thrashy HC vs Japanese Grind/Trash, CLEAR!)
KIDS OF CARNAGE - s/t (fast & snotty US HC/Punk, Black Flag/Circle Jerks, CLEAR vinyl!)
KOSJER D -"True?" (one of the BEST Emo records EVER! great melodies! WHITE vinyl!!)
LIVING HELL - s/t (US HC with Metal influence, Ringworm / Integrity, on SWIRLED grey!)
MAZE -"Dentro Di Noi" (a classic of early 90's Italian HC, long out of print!)
MY SO CALLED LIFE / RYAN MILLS - split (Emo/Pop, limited edition on black/blue vinyl!)
NAMES FOR GRAVES -"Worst Kid Ever" (fast US HC,Minor Threat / Comeback Kid,on blue!)
NEON MANIACS -"Transplant Baby" (snotty Californian Punk,Adolescents/TSOL, on CLEAR!)
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN -"Join The Army!" (oldschool HC & circle pits,splatter ORANGE vinyl!)
NEVER ENOUGH -"Our Will Is Done" (US oldschool, YOT/Modern Life Is War, SWIRLED vinyl!)
NEVER ENOUGH -"Our Will Is Done" (raw US oldschool,YOT/Modern Life Is War,mailorder press!)
NO CHOICE / FIFTH HOUR HERO - split (melodic Punk Rock, ltd. edition of 237 on PINK!)
PIEBALD -"Just A Simple Plan" (melodic Emo-Pop-Indie from the US, a picture disc!!)
POLICE AND THIEVES - s/t (GREAT Dag Nasty/Rites Of Spring type HC, ex-Worn Thin, on YELLOW!)
POPSTERS -"The Scene" (great Ramones influenced Punk Rock from Italy, 1st press on BLUE!)
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE -"Mindset's A Threat" (unreleased songs from 1st demo, rare!)
REAZIONE -"Indelebile" (good Street Punk/Oi from Italy, rare and long out of print)
REBUILT - s/t (Oldschool HC from Seattle, Battery / Go It Alone / Champion, GREEN!)
SAY GOODBYE -"Misanthropy" (thrashy '80s style HC, Black Flag / Minor Threat, on WHITE!)
SELF ABUSE - s/t (angry HC, ex-Aftermath, ex-86 Mentality, on SWIRLED GREY!)
SET TO EXPLODE - s/t (furious US HC, ex-Worn Thin/Striking Distance/86 Mentality...)
SETUP / ZERO MENTALITY - split (heavy HC ex-Thumbs Down/Circle, on GREEN ltd. to 100!)
SHADOW SEASON - s/t (good US HardCore, ex-Turning Point, rare and long out of print!)
SHEER TERROR -"Asshole And Proud" (legendary HC band from NYC, numbered & limited)
SHOOK ONES -"Slaughter Of The Insole" (melodic US HC, Kid Dynamite / Lifetime, WHITE vinyl!)
SIGNS OF HOPE - "First And Foremost" (9 song EP. Oldschool HC from Connecticut akin to
Chain Of Strength, In My Eyes and Ten Yard Fight. limited edition of 108 on SWIRLED BLUE!)
SINKING SHIPS -"Ten" (HC between Champion, Comeback Kid , Gorilla Biscuits, on RED!!)
SINKING SHIPS -"Ten" (HC between Champion, Comeback Kid , Gorilla Biscuits, on PINK!!)
SLUMLORDS -"Drunk At The YOT Reunion" (NYHC with Oi touch, US East Coast, on RED!)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE -"Static Eyes" (US HC, think Black Flag/Angry Samoans,ltd. ed. on WHITE!)
S.O.D. / YELLOW MACHINEGUN - split (Thrash legends from NYC and Japan, YELLOW vinyl!)
SPITFIRE -"The Sideshow Whiplash" (US Metal-Core, ex-Norma Jean, limited picture disc!)
SPITFIRE -"The Sideshow Whiplash" (US Metal-Core, 1st press mispress picture disc!!!)
S.S.S.P. / PRIMA LINEA - split (Oi/Street Punk from USA and Italy, ltd. PICTURE DISC!)
S.S.S.P. - s/t (US Oi/Punk,ex-Warzone & KIll Your Idols,on GREEN/YELLOW ltd. to 104!)
S.S.S.P. - s/t (US Oi/Punk,ex-Warzone & KIll Your Idols,on RED/BLUE ltd. to 104!)
S.S.S.P. - s/t (US Oi/Punk,ex-Warzone & KIll Your Idols,on PURPLE vinyl ltd. to 105!)
S.S.S.P. - s/t (US Oi/Punk,ex-Warzone & KIll Your Idols,on PINK/RED ltd. to 104!)
STRENGTH APPROACH -"Piece By Piece" (modern oldschool HC, WHITE vinyl ltd. to 666 copies)
SUBMACHINE -"Mindless Device" (drunken Pogo-Punk/HC from US, their rare first 7", 1991!)
SUNFLOWER KIDS - s/t (metallic oldschool SxE HC from Norway,picture disc ltd. to 330)
THE BREAKS -"Get Saved" (fast, thrashy US HC, Neg. Approach/Life's Halt, on marble vinyl!)
THE IMPULSE INTERNATIONAL -"Hollywood Underground" (great Pop-Punk/Power Pop, ex-Dirt Bike Annie, on RED, ltd. to 200!)
THE IMPULSE INTERNATIONAL -"Hollywood Underground" (Pop-Punk/Power Pop, ex-Dirt Bike Annie, on WHITE, ltd. to 300!)
THIRTY 3 / LOS DRYHEAVERS - split (HC-Punk from US, on ltd. WHITE/BROWN color vinyl!)
THIS IS HELL - s/t (oldschool HC from NY,ex-Backup Plan,Scraps & Heart Attacks,on GREY!)
UPRIGHT -"Memories..." (modern oldschool, ex-Eyeball & Degradation, blue vinyl)
V.A. -"Still The Same Feeling" (Proud Youth, Dedication,...SxE, ltd. white vinyl)
V.A. -"X Marks The Spot" (Wide Awake,Up Front,Pressure Release - SxE HC,boot)
VOWS - s/t (US oldschool HC supergroup,ex-Champion,Ten Yard Fight,Betrayed,on RED/CLEAR!)
WARKRIME -"Give War A Chance" (fast, thrashy US HC,Septic Death/Accused/AOF,1st press!)
WISDOM IN CHAINS -"Vigilante Saint" (Sick Of It All/Warzone/Blood For Blood,on GREY!)
WITHOUT A CAUSE -"Nation Of Neglect" (NYHC from 1993, rare and long out of print!!)
WRATH -"It's Over, I'm Done" (Straight Edge HC from California, on SWIRLED BLUE!)
WRATH -"It's Over, I'm Done" (Straight Edge HC from California, on CLEAR vinyl!)
YOU'RE NEXT -"Pushing Forward" (Youth Of Today meets Side By Side, on SWIRLED PINK!)
YOU'RE NEXT -"Pushing Forward" (Youth Of Today meets Side By Side, on SWIRLED BLACK!)
ZATOPEKS -"Smile Or Move" (Pop-Punk-R'n'R that kicks ass, 1st press on GOLD vinyl!!)

VERY LIMITED 7"ers:                  ITALY:  6 €  /  EUROPE:  7  €  /  WORLD:  $ 9

BAIT -"Every Lie..." (gloomy, metallic Crust, ex-Deviated Instinct, ltd. to 100)
PROZACS -"Pieces" (Ramones/Queers/S. Weasel type Punk, ltd. to 100 on YELLOW)
PROZACS -"Pieces" (Ramones/Queers/S. Weasel type Punk, ltd. to 100 on WHITE)
SIGNS OF HOPE - "First And Foremost" (9 song EP. Oldschool HC from Connecticut Chain
Of Strength, In My Eyes, Ten Yard Fight. ltd edition US tour press of 50 on BROWN!)
SIGNS OF HOPE - "First And Foremost" (9 song EP. Oldschool HC from Connecticut, Chain
Of Strength, In My Eyes, Ten Yard Fight. ltd European tour press of 75 on ORANGE!)
SPIDER BABIES -"Comin' Unglued" (Garage Punk from Oregon, on CLEAR ltd. to 100!)

DOUBLE 7”ers:          5 euro

BLUUURGH -"Suffer Within" (crazy Crust-Core from early 90's)
TIMCO -"Birds, Bees & Cherries" (Indie Rock from the USA, on Communion)

TEST PRESS 7”ers:      15 euro

DAY OF THE DEAD - s/t (furious, raw oldschool SxE HC, 10 test presses made!)
LIAR'S ACADEMY - "Run For Cover" (Indie/Emo from Baltimore, 13 test presses made!)
P.H.P. -"InCompletoDisordine" (oldschool / newschool, 5 test presses made!)
THIS SIDE UP / WHITE FROGS -"Still Without An Answer" (HC/Punk, 5 test presses made!)

TEST PRESS 7”ers:      20 euro

AT HALF-MAST / VALUES INTACT - split (modern HC US/Italy, 10 test presses made!)
AT HALF-MAST / TO THE EMBERS - split (great HardCore US/Italy, 10 test presses made!)
DAY OF THE DEAD / DAMAGE DONE - split (oldschool HC from Portugal/USA, 10 test presses!)
SIGNS OF HOPE - "First And Foremost" (oldschool HC from USA, 15 test presses made!)

VIDEOS:                   8 euro

V.A. -"No Mental Effort #3" (Indecision, As Friends Rust, Fugazi, Burning Heads... PAL)
V.A. -"No mental Effort #4" (Neurosis,JR Ewing,Burning Heads,E-150,Standstill,... PAL)

TAPES:                     3 euro

25 TA LIFE -"Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment" (brutal Oldschool/Newschool NYHC)
46 SHORT -"Specimen" (California HC in the vein of Circle Jerks and Black Flag)
AMANDA WOODWARD -"Demo + Ultramort + Pleine De Grace" (Emo-Punk / Yaphet Kotto)
BORN / DEAD -"Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us" (US political HC, Final Conflict / Crucifix)
BORN FROM PAIN -"Reclaiming The Crown" (very influential MoshCore/MetalCore band)
CHAMPION -"Time Slips Away" (excellent oldschool HC from Seattle, their first 2 7"EP's)
CHAMPION -"Promises Kept" (last album by this awesome oldschool US HC band, 12 songs)
COMIN' CORRECT -"One Scene Unity" (17 songs of HardCore-Metal from New York)
COMIN' CORRECT -"Straight Edge Or Not" (22 songs,NY HC-Metal,covers by 7 Seconds,YOT,A. Front)
CONSUME - s/t (fast & angry US Crust-Core, members of Disrupt, State Of Fear and Shitlist)
DEADFALL -"2001-2004" (discography of San Francisco Trash-Core band on 625 records)
DEVOID OF FAITH -"Discography" (25 songs of this fast US HC band are here)
DISCARGA -"Sem Temorso" (violent Crust-Core at 200 mph, mix Contropotere & Tragedy)
DOGSHIT SANDWICH -"Discography 1999-2001" (UK Punk, Conflict/GBH/Infa-Riot/Business)
DR GREEN -"Skango!" (Ska-Punk between Less Than Jake, No Doubt and Bad Manners)
DS-13 -"Killed By The Kids" (great fast,uncompromising HC from Sweden,cover by Pushead!)
ENDSTAND -"Never Fall Into Silence" (rockin' HC, KYI / Strike Anywhere / Nerve Agents)
ENTROPY -"World Of Disgust" (US HC/Crust massacre, akin to His Hero Is Gone / Tragedy)
EU'S ARSE -"Adesso Come Allora..." (legendary 80's Italian HC band a là Discharge)
FAILURE FACE - s/t (thrashy US HC, Black Flag/Raw Power/Negative Approach, 20 songs!)
FREEZE -"Land Of The Lost" (their 1st album from 1984, great Punk/HC from Boston)
GOOD CLEAN FUN -"On The Streets..." (great US melodic oldschool HC with good lyrics)
HARUM SCARUM -"Suppose We Try" (all-female political Punk/HC from Portland, USA)
HIGHSCORE -"Unsuspecting Actors..." (17 songs of fast & furious oldschool HC, Germany)
I ADAPT -"Sparks Turn To Flames" (raw, angry, abrasive modern oldschool HC from Iceland!)
INTENSITY -"The Ruins Of Our Future" (super powerful Swedish Crust, an amazing band!)
KILL YOUR IDOLS - s/t (out of print stuff, ex-Warzone, Sheer Terror, CR, Deathcycle)
KRUSH -"Complete Discography 1997-2004" (Dutch brutal Crust influenced by Disrupt)
LEMONHEADS -"Hate Your Friends" (the 1st album from '87,melodic Pop-Punk, Boston,USA)
M.D.C. -"Anthology 1980-2000" (30 songs from 20 years of playing great US Punk/HC)
MELEE - s/t (rough, fast thrashy HC from Boston,mix Negative Approach,Necros,Raw Power)
MINOR THREAT / YOUTH BRIGADE -"Demo's" (first demos for these US HC/Punk legends)
MISFITS -"Famous Monsters" (18 songs from this amazing Horror-Punk band from USA)
MUNICIPAL WASTE -"Waste 'Em All"/"Tango & Trash" (Thrash/Crossover from USA)
MU330 - s/t (great US Ska-Punk, Less Than Jake/Voodoo Glow Skulls, 14 songs!)
MU330 -"Crab Rangoon" (awesome US Ska-Punk, Less Than Jake/Voodoo Glow Skulls)
R.A.M.B.O. -"Wall Of Death The System" (pissed off political US HardCore)
REGULATIONS - s/t (complete discography, Swedish HC/Punk influenced by 80's US HC)
REMAINS OF THE DAY -"An Underlying Frequency" (dark, gloomy HC, smilar to Tragedy)
REMAINS OF THE DAY -"Hanging On Rebellion" (HC between Tragedy & His Hero Is Gone)
SEVERED HEAD OF STATE -"Anathema Device" (evil sounding roaring dark CrustCore, US)
S.F.A. -"So What?" (Hate-Core from New York, original tape from Wreck-Age)
SHELTER -"When 20 Summers Pass" (US melodic Krishna HC, ex-Youth Of Today/Judge/BTAT)
SPINELESS -"...A Talk Between..." (heavy newschool HC attack from Belgium)
TRAGEDY - s/t (gloomy, dark and heavy US Crust-Core, ex-His Hero Is Gone)
UP FRONT -"Spirit" (excellent oldschool 88 style US HC, 7 Seconds / Gorilla Biscuits)
VICTIMS -"...In Blood" (Swedish HC/Trash/Crust, think Wolfbrigade/Skitsystem, on Havoc)
VISION -"One And The Same" (melodic but aggressive Posi-Core from NJ)
WITCH HUNT -"...As Priorities Decay" (screaming female/male vocals HC/Crust from the US)
ZEGOTA -"Reclaim!" (innovative, aggressive HC for fans of Refused, Catharsis,...)

TAPES:                    2.50 euro

720° / REDENCION 9-11 - split (powerful, rough HC, NY influence)
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING -"Avoid Hangovers..."(melodic HC a là NO FX)
ANOTHER ONE / PROTEST MOZGA - split (oldschool HC vs melodic HC/Punk 80's style)
AQUASOAP - s/t (great melodic and emotional Punk from Italy)
BAD BRAINS -"Live In Amsterdam, 1987" (furious HC & Reggae from the USA)
BAD RELIGION -"Live In Dusseldorf 1992" (great sound, great band, melodic HC, USA)
BRICK - s/t (very good HC/Punk from Germany)
BUG CENTRAL -"Punk" (old fashion Punk between Conflict & UK Subs)
CLOUDBURST -"96-97" (nice melodic emotive HC a là Dag Nasty/Kina)
CRUNCH - s/t (heavy noise/Post-Core a là Helmet, from Italy)
DAG NASTY -"Live, 1987" (band that wrote the history of melodic HC, USA)
DAY OF THE DEAD - s/t (AWESOME rough oldschool SxE HC with melody, American Nightmare / Bane)
ERPICE -"Urgenza" (oldschool HC/Punk from Italy, with an Indigesti cover)
FALSIES - s/t (great fast/slow HC USA, Battery meets Hot Water Music, USA)
FIRE SEASON -"All In The Knowing" (cool Emo-Punk Fugazi style, USA)
FLAGRANTS D'ELI -"Un Certain..." (French Punk Rock, raw, simple and political)
FREAK SHOW / HOMO ERECTUS - split (melodic HC vs HC/Punk)
GA.RA.DRO. -"Il Morso Del Mulo" (melodic HC/Ska/Punk from Italy)
GARAGE LOPEZ / HYPOCHRIST - split (French Punk/Canadian HC)
G.A.S. - s/t (melodic Punk Rock from Italy)
HENRY ROLLINS -"Live In Bologna, 30/11/89" (Post-Core, ex-Black Flag, USA)
HOBSON'S CHOICE / PIZDA MATERNA - split (oldschool vs. Crust-Core)
HOLDING ON - s/t (contains "Just Another Day" LP and split 7", US oldschool HC)
IDLE TALK - s/t (heavy, new school Straight Edge HardCore)
INDIFERENCIA -"Respirando Violencia" (powerful HC in NY style)
KIRSCH - s/t (melodic Punk with female vocals, Italy)
KURT -"Largaduracion" (beautiful screamy HC/Emo, Ebulliton school)
L'ALEPH - s/t (angry, raw, desperate old school HC/Punk with a melody)
LOW PUNCH - s/t (oldschool HC a là Turning Point / Outspoken)
MAISTER PROPER - s/t (melodic HC/Punk from Italy a là Lag Wagon)
NO COMPLY / GOLLIWOG - split (melodic HC a là NUFAN/Strung Out vs political melodic Punk)
NOJSBOJS / YESMEANSYES - split (crazy Grind-Core from Finland)
PENNYWISE -"Live Ranzanico,1/10/92"(melodic Punk/HC from California a là 7 Seconds/Bad Religion)
PILE OF EGGS -"Crowd Surfers Must Die" (brutal outer space attack, USA)
POINT BREAK -"Reason In Revolt" (oldschool SxE HC with lots of melody)
PROLETARIAT -"Soma Holiday" (early 80s Punk/HC from Boston, their first album, 18 tracks!)
S.N.F.U. -"Live In Lubiana, 3/12/88" (melodic, furious HC from Canaduh) 
SPUNKYBOYZ / SARRACAT - split (1st band plays melodic HC,2nd Emo)
STRESS - same (Post-Core, similar to Rollins)
THIS SIDE UP - s/t (powerful, melodic HC/Punk - Biscuits vs Bad Religion)
THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE -"A Plan.." (melodic emotive Punk)
TUMOURBOY -"The Girl I Love Is An Anarchist" (USA witty Punk Rock)
V.A. -"Asian Punk Lives # 2" (Refuse,Silent Majority,Deadly Ground,...HC)
V.A. -"Assez D'Etre Humain" (Battle Of Disarm,Rawness,...HC/Punk)
V.A. -"Brothers Of Italy" (Kontatto,Nikotina,Sickoids,..Italian Punk/HC)
V.A. -"DIY Benefit For CKCU"(Shotmaker, Ripcordz, Wad, Lockjaw,...HC)
V.A. -"E' Tornata L'Inquisizione"(Snap-Her,Timebomb,This Side Up...P/HC)
V.A. -"IV Feistraitz Punk Fest"(Debeli Precjednik,Absent Minded..Punk/HC)
V.A. -"Insane Society" (Decomposed,Chaotic End,Rat Race,R. Raker..HC)
V.A. -"On The  Prowl" (Blownapart Bastards, I Spy, Insult To Injury,...HC/Punk)
V.A. -"Stockholm HardCore 1983-1986" (Mob 47,Discard,Protes Bengt,...HC)
V.A. -"Stop The War" (Bambix,Impact,Crunch,Risikofactor,Affluente,...HC)
V.A. -"Unforgotten" (Rhythm Collision,This Side Up,Eversor,Blanks 77,...HC/Punk)
V.A. -"Witness Of The..." (Dead Ideas,Stand Point,Definite Choice,...HC)
VORTICE CREMISI - s/t (Noise/Post-Core a là Kyuss,Soundgarden,Prong)
ZAKARRAK -"Larga Vida..." (political Oi/Punk from Spain)

STICKERS:              0.50 euro           

DAY OF THE DEAD - skull + logo (yellow on cherry red)
GOODWILL RECORDS - skater + logo (yellow + white on cherry red)
NO MORE FEAR - "One Thing We'll Share" + logo (orange + white on blue OR black + white on orange)
NO MORE FEAR -"A Matter Of Choice" (yellow on black or green and white on grey)
POINTING FINGER - logo (white on cherry red)

PINS:                  1 euro          

DAY OF THE DEAD - skull + logo (red ink on silver pin)
DAY OF THE DEAD - skull + logo (black ink on silver pin)
DAY OF THE DEAD - "Old Habits Die Harder" (logo + skull, red and white on blue background)
DAY OF THE DEAD - red skull + logo (black and red on white background)
DAY OF THE DEAD - skull (red skull on black background)


ARGETTI - drawing + logo (white print on black T-shirt, M)
BORN DEAD ICONS - drawing + logo (white print on black T-shirt, L)
DISCHARGE - skulls + logo (white print on black T-shirt, XL)
GOODWILL RECORDS -"Bringing Tunes For The Circle Pit" (logo - front, Goodwill skater - back;
yellow, black and white print on burgundy, green or blue T-shirt, L, M, S, girlie size)
GOODWILL RECORDS -"Bringing Tunes For The Circle Pit" (logo - front, Goodwill skater - back;
blue, black and white print on grey or orange T-shirt, L, M, S, girlie size)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE -"Make An Effort" (white print on black T-shirt, L)
MISFITS -"Horror Business" (black and red print on white T-shirt, L)
MISFITS - logo (red print on white T-shirt, L)
NO MORE FEAR -"One Thing We'll Share" (yellow and white on blue or green T-Shirt, XL)
RAW POWER -"Live Danger" (3 colors on grey or black T-shirt, L, XL)
S.O.A. -"No Policy" (white print on black T-shirt, L, Rollins pre- Black Flag!)
THIS SIDE UP -"US Tour 1999" (green and grey on white T-shirt, front / back, L, XL)
VALUES INTACT -"Dear Hometown" (logo - front, Goodwill skater - back, gold and white print
on black T-shirt or burgundy, black and white print on grey T-shirt, L, M, S, girlie size)


BUTTERCUP - drawing + logo (black on yellow or white T-shirt, XL)
CRUNCH - drawing + logo (white or yellow on black T-Shirt, XL)
I THINK SO I AM - drawing + logo (black on grey T-Shirt, front/back, XL, XXL)
KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERZ -"European Tour 1998" (black and white on blue, L)
MISANTHROPIC CHARITY - logo + drawing (pink and white on black T-Shirt, M, L)
MULLSTATION - drawing + logo (black on red T-Shirt, L, XL)
SINK -"Drainpipe Jane" (back and front, white and orange on black T-Shirt, XL)

BOOKS:                    20 euro

IDENTITY PARADE (160 pages, photobook with: Agnostic Front, Bad Religion, Battery, Boy
Sets Fire, Civ, Descendents, DS-13,Earth Crisis, Floorpunch, Fugazi, Get Up Kids, Gameface,
Integrity, Ignite, Jets To Brazil, Locust, Misfits, Neurosis, Propagandhi, Refused, Samiam,
Shelter, Sick Of It All, Snapcase, Ten Yard Fight, Texas Is The Kristofer Pasanen)

BOOKS:                   7 euro 

RASH by Charles Romalotti (172 pages, novel about four homeless kids
surviving the city streets, with elements of thriller, horror, sex, Punk and Goth.
File under SplatterPunk genre. A good read.)

FANZINES:              4 euro

DIRECT HIT # 1 (Dropdead,DS13,Active Minds,SOA,Commitment recs,...+ A. Minds / Urko 7"!)E

FANZINES:              3 euro

PEE # 37 (Prevail, Bleeding Through, Dead Hearts, Emery, Away From Now,...+ stickers and
a free CD with: Comeback Kid, Dead Hearts, Love = Death, Some Girls, With Honor,...!!!)E
PEE # 38 (Converge, The Hope Conspiracy, Pointing Finger, DropDead,... + 2 CD's!!!)E
PEE # 39 (Terror, Values Intact, Say Nothing, Remain Opposed,... + FREE CD & stickers!!)E
PEE # 40 (Sick Of It All, Tiger Army, At Half-Mast,...+ FREE Epitaph comp. CD & stickers!)E
PEE # 41 (Signs Of Hope,Golden Age,Just Say Go,Watch Your Step,In The Face Of War,...+CD!)E
ZIPS & CHAINS # 10 (NOFX,Fugazi,Avail,Lag Wagon,Permanent Scar,Down By Law,Civ,
Nomeansno,Crunch,John Crawford,Slug & Lettuce,ecology,articles,reviews...84 pages)E

FANZINES:              2.50 euro
AT BOTH ENDS # 6 (Agnostic Front,Walls Of Jericho,Avail,Physical Challenge,...120 pages!)E
FLIPSIDE # 101 (US Bombs,Klasse Kriminale,7 Seconds,Scared Of Chaka, Zeke,...) E
INSIDE KNOWLEDGE # 5 (Bad Religion,Mighty Mighty Bosstones,Ray Cappo,Instil,...) E
INSIDE KNOWLEDGE # 7 (Poison The Well, Caliban, Randy, Sinai Beach, Right 4 Life,...) E
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 154 (Donnas,Motards,Stisism,Final Warning,...)E
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 155 (Cro-Mags,Anti Flag, 3rd Degree,Pussycrush,..)E
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 156 pt.1 (Lifetime,Crunch,Peter & The Test Tube..)E
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 156 pt.2 (Frenzal Rhomb,Blitz Babies,Fallout,...)E
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 160 (Business,Good Riddance,Automatics,...)E
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 162 (Phantom Surfers,Torches To Rome,R'87,...)E
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 165 (Blanks 77,Dropkick Murphys,No Talents,...)E
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 170 (Young Pioneers,Bristle,Meanwhile,Broken,...)E
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 171 (Violent Society,Strychnine,Race Traitor,...)E
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 179 (Boy Sets Fire,Dangerhouse Records,Idyls,..)E
RATS IN THE HALLWAY # 14 (Consumed,Anniversary,Still Left Standing,Guy
Smiley,... + free CD with: Snapcase,As Friends Rust,Saves The Day,Grade,...)E
SEND IN THE CLONES # 5 (Champion, The First Step, Breakthrough, A Step Apart, photos,...)E

FANZINES:               1.50 euro

A ROTTA DE COLLO # 3 (Food Not Bombs, Agnostic Front, Dario Adamic, Mata Ratos,...)I
ENGINE  # 6 (MK Ultra,Stitches,Feederz,Jean Seberg,Kill The Man Who...,)E
INTERPOL TIMES # 13 (Visual Discrimination,FYP,Mr.T Experience,...)E
INTERPOL TIMES # 14 (Avail,Boy Sets Fire,At The Drive In,Pridebowl,SOIA..)E
KILL FOR LOVE # 1 (Shai Hulud,Mainstrike,Catharsis,Extinction,columns,...)E
MY SCHEME # 1 (Stretch Armstrong,Strenght Approach,Strung Out,Woptime,Evolution So Far,...)I
RATS IN THE HALLWAY # 12 (Oxymoron,Messyhairs,Winston Smith,reviews,..)E
RUST # 4 (Today Is The Day, Sensefield, Kiss It Goodbye, Both Worlds, Roma scene report,..)E
SEND IN THE CLONES # 4 (The First Step,Damage Control,The Change,Outlast,reviews,photos,...)E
STEWEY'S STAR # 3 (Melt Banana,G.G.Allin,Reiziger,Raein,... fantastic!!!)I
STEWEY'S STAR # 4 (Black Heart Procession,Since By Man,Geoff Farina,Standstill,...)I
THE SHIELD # 5 (Champion, Over My Dead Body, Descendents, Black Friday 29, Legacy, Colligere,...)E
3 DRUGARA # 9 (Queers,Face To Face,Descendents,Biohazard,Neurosis..)C
WARPAINT (debate on pornography by different people involved with HC/Punk)E

FANZINES:               1 euro

ARMED WITH ANGER # 5 (Stalingrad, Kent McKlard, 4 Walls Falling,...)E
ARTCORE # 8 (Shawn Stern,Society Gone Madd,Pink Lincolns,J. Scratch...)E
BAPHOMET # 8 (Political Asylum, Decay, Noise Culture, Bedlam, C.O.V,...)E
BURIAL # 1 (Spirit Of Youth, Counter Clockwise, SE, lots of photos,...)E
COUNTER CLOCKWISE # 2 (Man Lifting Banner,Strong Event,photos...)E
DOGPRINT # 5 (Shades Apart,3 Mile Pilot,Backlash,Standpoint,Half Man,...)E
ELYSIUM # 3 (Leatherface,Monastery,Fudge Tunnel,Bad Religion,...)E
FLOUR POWER # 8 (femminism, politics, reviews, anarcho-Punk,...)E
ITSELF # 3 (Cop Shoot Cop,Crunch,God Machine,Green Day,Helmet,L7,...)I
L.A. BEAN # 8 (TSOL, Boy Sets Fire, Pointing Finger, Amok, Fight Back, reviews,...)E
L.A. BEAN # 7 (No Choice, Equal, politics, reviews, photos, gig reports,...)E
MAD MONKS # 10 (Misfits,Ten Foot Pole,WORM,Realm,Urko,reviews,...)E
MAD MONKS # 11 (Man Or Astroman,Panic,Atatris,One Hit Wonder... great)E
MURUROA # 3 (Grievance, Overkill, Demolition Doll Rods, Shellac, Uzeda,..)I
SIVULLINEN # 20 (great new issue of a zine dedicated to art,comics,poetry)E
SIVULLINEN # 21 (art, poetry, comics,... a kick in an ass, as always)E
SOUL REFLECTION # 1 (Fugazi,Goats,graffiti,photography,articles,...)E
SUSPECT DEVICE # 43 (Discharge, Intent, Assert, No Substance, reviews,...)E
UNDERGROUND # 6 (Alan Moore,Grant Morrison,Luther Blissett,comix,...)I
UNDERGROUND # 7 (W.S. Burroughs,Joe Coleman,movies,comix,...)I
VITRIOL # 3 (Cause For Effect, Apatridi,Lurkers,Verbalni Delikti,reviews,...)S
WHAT'S THAT NOISE # 4 (Raw Power,Hopeman Path,Skatta,reviews,...)E
WHAT'S THAT NOISE # 4,5 (Madball,Jugheads Revenge,Rykers,...)E
ZIVJELA KOMERCIJALA # 2 (Good Riddance,Snuff,This Side Up,D. I., ...)C

FANZINES:             0.50 euro

AGREE TO DISAGREE # 5 (Ten Foot Pole,Witness,McDonalds,reviews,...)E
ANTHEMS FOR A SOCIETY... # 1 (Man Lifting Banner, P. Park, Spain,...)E
ARTCORE # 7 (Th'Inbred, HDQ, Atavistic ,Slowjam, underground art,...)E
BALD CACTUS # 13 (Terminus,Scatha,Chineapple Punx,Mutt,scene reports..)E
BALD CACTUS # 14 (Bloodshot,External Menace,Eradicate,Quarantine,...)E
BALD CACTUS # 15 (Imbalance, Bug Central, Luddgang, reviews, letters,...)E
BLACK INK, WHITE PAPER # 6 (Black Flag, Kingdom Scum, reviews,...)E
CORE OF REALITY # 4 (Kazjurol,Plutocracy,Sadist,Possessed,reviews,...)E
ENGINE # 2 (Dan O'Mahony, Fred Hammer, Lance Hahn, old flyers,...)E
EVERYTHING FALLS APART # 1 (Blocko,Jets vs Sharks,Hot Water Music,.)E
EXTENT # 4 (Down By Law, Farside, Split Lip, Still Life, etc...)E
FECAL FORCES # 6 (Hellkrusher, Betty Bondage, Senseless, Blackbird,...)E
FUORI SEDE # 3 (Varukers,No Use For A Name, Discharge,PHP,Mach 5,...)I
HANGING LIKE A HEX # 7 (Earth Crisis,Coalesce,Rocket From The Crypt,...)E
HANGING LIKE A HEX # 8 (Unsane,Stillsuit,Harvest,Brother's Keeper,...)E
HOPES OF HARMONY # 2 (Integrity,Indecision,Dehumanize,Breakdown,...)I
I CAN'T BELIEVE # 3 (Green Day, Bloodlet, Grade, Mr. T Experience,...)E
IN MEINEM ZIMMER # 1 (Opposite Force,Bugiardi,articles,reviews,...)I
JOIN KAO # 3 (Counterblast,Mine,Punk Planet,Pakeni,reviews,photos,...)E
JOIN KAO # 4 (Dead Stool Pigeon,Frodus,Slug & Lettuce,Merzbow,Stale,...)E
JOIN KAO # 5 (Logical Nonsense, Phased, Harsh, Boris, columns, ...)E
JOIN KAO # 6 (Damnation AD, Knucklehead, Monochrome, Dawnbreed,...)E
JOIN KAO # 7 (Smorgasbord, Don't Belong, Rat Hole Sheiks, reviews,...)E
MAD AT THE WORLD # 2 (Yuppicide,Breakdown,Kill Your Idols,Out Cold,..)E
MEAN PEOPLE SUCK # 3 (smart fanzine with articles,columns,reviews,...)E
NEEDLE # 1 (Abhinanda,This Side Up,Kangaroos In Tilt,reviews,articles,...)E
NO BARCODES NECESSARY # 5 (Drop Dead, Mainstrike, Unborn,...)E
PEARL # 1 ( Spitboy , Undertow , photos and  articles )E
PERMANENT # 2 (Day Of the Dead,Values Intact,Thinking Straight,Sangre Joven,...)I
PROGRESSION # 2 (Trial,Serpico,Morning Again,Outlast,reviews,articles,...)E
PUDCHAIN # 4 (Chachi On Acid,Vermin Scum Rds,Clay,Pee-Tanks,...)E
PUDCHAIN # 5 (Toad Music,Clay,fuck religion,columns,reviews,articles,...)E
RIPPING THRASH # 12 (MDM,Aversion,Decadence Within..10th anniversary)E
RIPPING THRASH # 13 (Funbug,Spit,Problem Children,Spain,Lithuania,...)E
RIPPING THRASH # 14 (Forca Macabra,Global Holocaust,Assert,Rot,...)E
RIPPING THRASH # 16 (Dirthead,Hibernation,Terror Art,scene reports,...)E
RIPPING THRASH # 17 (White Frogs,Police Bastard,Grito De Odio,reviews..)E
RIPPING THRASH # 19 (4 Past Midnight,Power Of Idea,Blind Destruction,...)E
RIPPING THRASH # 20 (Dystopia,Warsore,Pizda Materna,Trottel,CFA,...)E
SANJAM # 2 (Naked Aggression,Shortsight,No Violence,review,...great!)E
SCHTUFFF # 2 (Rancid,animal testing, reviews, news,...)E
SCHTUFFF # 3 (McRackins,Tribe 8,labels,articles,reviews,...)E
SCHTUFFF # 4 (Down By Law,Pulp Fiction,reviews,telemarketing,...)E
SCHTUFFF # 5 (Pennywise,Scrape,Facepuller,Malefaction, reviews,...)E
SPIDER  MITES (sort  of  Cyber-Punk  comics , fun) E
SUBMARINE DREAM # 2 (Sicko,This Side Up,Hives,Detestation,Day After...)C
UNDERDOG # 1 (Eversor,Jets To Brazil,A. Frontali,Reiziger,Last Man Standing,.)I
UNDERGROUND # 3 (Madman,Rubber Blanket,Marvel Italia,reviews,...)I
UNDERGROUND # 4 (Robert Crumb,Peter Milligan,Sin City,comix,reviews..)I
UNDERGROUND # 5 (a great mix of music and comics!)I
UPS / SAMOKONTROLA (Submission Hold,Contrasto,Abuso Sonoro)E
YOU AND ME # 4 (sex, sexuality, pornography, homosexuality, prostitution,...)E
YOUR  SO  HIDEOUS # 3(Bugeyed,Fleas & Lice,squatting,letters,reviews,..)E

C=Croatian, E=English, I=Italian, S=Slovenian (letters after the parenthesis)